Who would win -- Katniss, Hermione or Bella?

Who would win -- Katniss, Hermione or Bella?
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  • http://@kellysastoque Kelly

    Definitely Bella would win!

  • Fruity

    HERMIONE HERMIONE HERMIONE. U all are such jerks. SERIOUSLY. What the hell is wrong with you @Kelly. Dumb much.

  • Dione


    Don’t know why I’m responding to you because you don’t seem to have the IQ to have a discussion but it said what do you think? No need to be a bully to other posters. That is JERKY.

    I say BELLA!!!!!

    She can’t die easily. If Hermaine is caught off gaurd she would be toast. not the same for a vampire.

  • abi lara

    hermione or katniss!!!!

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Hermione can Avada Kedavra those two.

  • amanda leigh

    Hermione and Katniss are actually strong young women, unlike Bella who is pretty much useless.

  • eh

    I don’t like Bella’s character and so does Hermione-Book, so I’ll go with Katniss.


    Vampire Bella would destroy Hermione and Katniss. Human Bella would just get Edward to do it.

  • gabby


  • Jason

    I’m sorry, I think I missed something… why are these three fighting?

  • ness


  • dg

    Hermoine all the wayyyy

  • peeta mellark


  • Jordy

    Katniss or Hemione of course. Bella would just bit her lip and call up one of her boyfriends to come save her.

  • Lauren

    Well I think we all have come to the conclusion of who would lose.

  • sam


  • Lorrayne

    Hermione ou Katniss!

  • Lorrayne

    Hermione ou Katniss!

  • mads

    how could bella win? Hermione probs … but I WANT KATNISS TO WIN <3 She can kick ass!! Hermione only can because she is a wizard but Katniss is AWESOME!!! but really….why even put bella up there…she can't fight!

  • http://www.youtube.com/popvideosz Val

    Bella can’t fight??? SHE IS A VAMPIRE NOW, did u get it? ;)

  • Carla

    HAHAHAHA. Bella would die.

    Katniss will win. Or Hermione.

  • http://Ronnie352 Ron

    Hermione any one should know that Bella is a light wight. and I mean very light she is soon skinny she would break anything part of her body that she used.

  • ariadne

    Hermione is my absolute favourite!!! She can fight physically and also use her brains. I love it when there are stories that show how strong and smart women are.. Katniss is also nice. :-)

  • Melissa

    bella being a vampire only put her more at a disadvantage what with Katniss’ wooden arrows and such, but Hermione does have magic and smarts on her side, bella and Katniss are complete opposites whereas hermione is more well rounded so i guess she wins. the question now on everybody’s lips is whos got the hottest husband?

  • lyle

    Hermoine for sure. If she can help defeat Voldemorte and his hoards I think she can handle a new vamp and a bow plucker. magic trumps all.

  • tabitoo

    They are all too smart to even want to fight each other. They’re to busy getting it on with hot guys to worry about it. :)

  • m

    Hermione for the win!

  • Emma

    @Fruity: THANK YOU.

    i don’t even understand how this is a question. hermione would win without a doubt.

  • lehogfarts

    HERMIONE HERMIONE HERMIONE. i like katniss too but defo HERMIONE for the win:D umm bella sucks to the max,k?:D

  • jdt


  • Casey

    Hermione or Katniss. They are both strong in different ways. Bella is just weak even in twilight she’s scared

  • Sami

    definately Katniss Everdeen

  • Troy

    Bella has absolutely no business being mentioned in the same breath with Katniss or Hermonine she’s worse then useless. All she would do is sob over how much she misses Edward. As far as the real battle (although I don’t know why there would be one) between Katniss and Hermonine is concerned I have to give it to Hermonine in a direct conforntation. As skilled as Katniss is with a bow and a arrow I don’t think it would do much good against Hermoinine’s magic. However it’s a a matter of stealth where Katniss’s survival skills come to play then the talented Miss Granger is going down.

  • charmaine

    Human Bella – would lose
    Vampire Bella – can block certain things with her find. Good for Hermione’s magic but not Katniss’ arrows. But then again she’s a vampire, she’s got speed and hard marble skin on her side as well.
    Hermione – a very smart wizard who is good with a wand
    Katniss – a straight shot with a bow and arrow. She’s good, but I don’t think she’ll be fast enough for Hermione’s wand or Vampire Bella.
    So I think it’s between Hermione and Vampire Bella.

  • Dani

    Even though I am a die hard Hunger Games fan… Hermione would win. Think about it. You can’t beat magic. Katniss would come in second because of her mad survival skills and skills with a bow and arrow. And Bella would lose because Edward is not there to protect her.

  • Dani

    and for those of you complaining that Bella is a vampire, Hermiones “avada-cadavra” would take out Bella in a 5 seconds


    hermione bitch !!! She is the most independent out of the three !!!

  • adriana

    1.Hermione can kill them from a considerable distance while katniss and bellas(even as a vampire)must be near hermione to kill her.
    2.you can argue that katniss can take hermione down by using her bow but hermione is reaaaaly fast casting spells and she can do the protection spell. Bella is not a competion even as a vampire.
    3.and guys didn’t you see the hp movies?hermione killed greyack,took on bellatrix and was a strong opponent to her.she killed dozens of death eaters with one spell,dueled and won while fighting in the ministry of magic the strongest and most dangerous deatheaters such as dolohov who killed families in one duel.
    4.hermione and katniss unlike bella experinced huge wars and had to deal with death everyday.bella’s problems are why edward can’t pleasure her in deb.

  • http://gaby.mori@ gaby

    emma , for sure!!!

  • Foster

    either hermione or Katniss would win,

  • aria

    Katniss all the way!!! Bella is completely useless and would just call on one of her boyfriends to beat someone up! Hermione is ONLY powerful because of her magic. But Katniss is a regular human will kick-ass surivival skills!

  • dizzy

    Hermione would bring the brains and Katniss would bring the hunting skills.

  • iwishthat

    HA. Hermione the genius all the way. She can fly over the runner and avada kedavra bella who would be too awkward to do anything.

  • iwishthat

    why is bella the top picture? 0.o UH. no.

  • Thechosenone


  • Thechosenone

    hmm just think about what would they do?
    Bella? what would she do? she does nothing in the movie, all she wants is edward, and she never fought in the movies and her only power when turned vampire was nullification which does not involve any movement..
    Im sure its Katniss or HERMIONE ALL THE WAY!

  • catherine

    are you joking me… obviously hermione… she’s got brains and a wand, Katniss would be a maybe because she has her bow and arrow… Bella….. uhh her special power is just to shield and protect… I mean she can do that but she can’t put up a good fight… so definitely Hermione

  • chloemoretzalltheway

    I really want Katniss to win but I guess it’s almost impossible against Hermione’s magic.. Then again, maybe Katniss can do something with her arrows. Hermione will be useless without a wand. So.. YEAH! KATNISS IS GONNA WINNN! and Bella??? Are you serious?? What can she do? Bet she’ll just be throwing rocks and get herself killed by tripping on her own foot.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/SaraHMilosevic9 Sara

    Because wizards are stronger than vampires! :D

  • sarah

    Hermione! she is a smart, strong woman!

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