Zac Efron & Taylor Swift Sing a Song for Ellen

Zac Efron & Taylor Swift Sing a Song for Ellen

Zac Efron and Taylor Swift pull out their guitars to sing a little tune for their pal Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in this preview for Tuesday’s (February 21) episode.

The Lorax stars chatted with the hostess about their non-couple status and what they really did for Valentine’s Day last week.

Taylor, 22, shared, “We are not a couple. He’s awesome, we are not a couple though. You hear people get together when they’re shooting movies, co-stars. But not like animated co-stars. You know what I’m saying. Oh my god, as we were recording out voiceovers on separate coasts we really connected.”

And after hearing how T spent her V-day, Zac, 24, said, “That’s so different then what single guys do. I went to a screening of a film that I did called Liberal Arts. Then cooked some dinner.’

Check out the preview below and check your local listings to watch!

FYI: Taylor is wearing an Oscar de la Renta floral cotton dress.

Zac & Taylor on ‘Ellen’ – 2/21 Preview

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Credit: Michael Rozman,; Photos: Warner Bros.
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Amanda @ 3:21 am on 02/21/2012

They’re really cute together. In a friendly, non-couple way.

Kated @ 3:37 am on 02/21/2012

they are cute, but it see that are just friends…why everyone thinks when see boy with girl that they are a couple…they can be friend only…
I like Zac and taylor, but i think that she dosent match to him

A @ 4:06 am on 02/21/2012

haha aww it was cute when Zac kinda got all shy.

Whatever @ 6:32 am on 02/21/2012

So he did spend V Day with Collins. I’d say he busted himself on this video, cause we all saw the pics of him leaving the screening with her that day. His behavior is shameful though, acting like he doesn’t want to be seen with her. How embarrassing for her. Notice she doesn’t hide though, cause she wants to be seen. That’s gonna work out well.

celestine @ 6:40 am on 02/21/2012

@Whatever: stop it! I’m sick and tired of you haters coming in and making pointless comments!

lauren @ 6:53 am on 02/21/2012

did you even watch the interview, he prolly knew that ellen was gonna ask what he did w/o asking who she is. get over yourself. and same for taylor. watch the video for yourself and yea.

Whatever @ 7:03 am on 02/21/2012

@lauren: Umm, you people need to watch it again. Taylor clearly tells Ellen that Zac “had plans” for V Day, and he goes on to say he saw the screening of Liberal Arts, and then cooked dinner with “the friend”. Ya don’t cook dinner with a friend of the opposite sex on V Day and get all shy about it.

And how is this pointless, celestine?? I actually have a point. I didn’t come and say he’s ugly, gay, or other pointless crap.

ella @ 7:30 am on 02/21/2012

We all know Zac doesn’t like talking about his personal life. He was trying to be discreet about who he was with. Ellen did the same thing last time he was on the show. They talked about that time Zac was “attacked” by a fan and it took Ellen like 5 tries to get Zac to admit it was Vanessa. He kept saying “a friend.”

I don’t think it’s that he’s ashamed- it’s that he’s there to promote his film and he wants to talk about his film. So much of his life is made public that he tries to hold onto what he can. Zac feels like talking about things to the public could come back to bite you, so he doesn’t say really anything.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him saying he was with a friend. A girlfriend should be your friend, too. A friend is someone you like and want to spend time with.

lauren @ 7:35 am on 02/21/2012

@whatever i did watch the video, he doesnt talk about his personal life, he’s not gonna say yea ”banging/hooking up with lilly”

ella @ 7:38 am on 02/21/2012

But it doesn’t matter, because no matter what he says he’ll be criticized. Now when he’s private, he’s ashamed. If he came right out and said he was dating Lily, people would say, “I thought he was private!”

(Same with Vanessa. Private w/ Zac and now Open w/ Austin. She’s been criticized for both.) If Zac came out and went, “Yeah, I’m seeing Lily Collins,” he’d get all kinds of hate for it.

lauren @ 7:44 am on 02/21/2012

i agree with you completely
like ive always thought and think i highly doubt zac would go ever public with who’s he’s dating/seeing/hooking up with.

Whatever @ 8:18 am on 02/21/2012

@lauren: He doesn’t have to “talk”about it. We know he’s banging/hooking up with Collins now. Friends, my a$$. Quit lyin’, Efron.

lauren @ 8:23 am on 02/21/2012

can you please explain why you clearly hate him so much? he’s done nothing to you at all, for all you know him and lilly could be fake ***** pr thing just to get attention? what is your deal? you just sound a bitter douche who’s got nothing to do besides go on here and hate him.

eat me @ 9:02 am on 02/21/2012

@whatever What’s the big deal???? Yes i agree on celestine it’s really pointless…. Every one knows in this thread that zac is a very private person and he doesn’t need to elaborate to anyone what he’s doing on his personal life it is his prerogative to keep it private and ellen not even drilling him who is the ”friends” he’s talking about.. So why make a fuss about it?? And what shameful behaviour your talking about??? He is so nice and having fun doing this interview….how do you know he cooked for a woman? Are you in his house? BS

Don't Ask @ 9:35 am on 02/21/2012

He told the truth he went to a screening with lily other people were there. NO dinner.
He had dinner with a special someone , not Lily. ( what he wants kept private)
I’m not hinting at anything bad , just he doesn’t want the glare of the spotlight to ruin a relationship.

eat me @ 9:41 am on 02/21/2012

@lauren whatever doesn’t need to explain anything it’s pretty obvious he’s doing a revenge and his loving it that we are responding to him so it’s useless to give him attention…. He’s a attention freak…

Don't Ask @ 9:47 am on 02/21/2012

He wnt to a sreening no Dinner like everyone thought.
He had a private dinner , with someone else (Not Lily)
One is PR the other someone he wants to keep private as nott to ruin the relationship.

peggy @ 10:15 am on 02/21/2012

Oh Everyone wake up!

He made sure to say he was “single” and liked the shirt “We only hooked up once” which mean he may not be looking for a permanent partner yet.


She only asked him twice about the THeater with Vanessa – watch the tape

thetis @ 10:19 am on 02/21/2012

@eat me:

I think you would have a point except Collins is making no attempt not to be seen by the paparazzi. We have him hiding and her in full view.

Makes me wonder about her motives, sorry

OK @ 10:24 am on 02/21/2012

He went to a screening not Dinner with Lily
He had a private dinner with someone else.

lauren @ 10:57 am on 02/21/2012

the fact that people think zac and lilly (mostly lily part is a fake pr thing?

amelia25 @ 11:50 am on 02/21/2012

Beautiful Zac!

Brad @ 1:12 pm on 02/21/2012

First of All Can’t wait to see Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Singing together on the Ellen show today. 2: This Zac and Lilly Collins Relationship I don’t know weather or not they are dating or Just Friends But if they are dating then That’s Good It’s time for Zac To Move On If their Friends then that’s awesome. But the Timing seem off to me A Little bit Because they both have movies coming out next month.
I Have seen A Lot of people saying that Zac and Lilly Collins are just a Fake Relationship or some PR Move I don’t really know what’s going on between them but whatever it is I Hope they are both Happy. Only Time will tell If Zac and Lilly Collins are Dating or Some Damn Pr Move just to be Promoting Their Movies who knows But I Guess A Lot of people who live in LA Knows what Happens In PR.

None @ 6:21 pm on 02/21/2012

This was funny :) even tho they aren’t dating they still are kinda cute together ;)

Whatever @ 6:22 pm on 02/21/2012

@lauren: You’re a bitter douche too, just in case you haven’t read any of your crap on Vanessa’s posts. I have good reasons to hate him, like you hate Vanessa. So when you stop, so will I. Get it??

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