Selena Gomez: New Heart Tattoo!

Selena Gomez: New Heart Tattoo!

Selena Gomez shows off her new ink in this photo taken on Wednesday (February 22) at Under the Gun in Hollywood.

The 19-year-old actress had a small heart tattooed on her wrist by tattoo artist Louie Gomez.

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In case you missed it, check out photos from Selena‘s recent meeting in New York with fans who helped her put the finishing touches on her debut fragrance which is due out in May at Macy’s.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena Gomez’s new heart tattoo?

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  • Chosen One

    Why did she ruin her perfect skin with a tattoo …

  • kelly

    RICHARD: What’re we looking at? That blue freckle?

    PHOEBE: OK, that’s my tattoo.

    RACHEL: That is not a tattoo, that is a nothing. I finally got her back in the chair, bairly touched her with a needle, she jumped up screaming, and that was it.

    PHOEBE: OK, hi. For your information this is exactly what I wanted. This is a tattoo of the earth as seen from a great distance. It’s the way my mother sees me from heaven.

    RACHEL: Oh, what a load of crap. That is a dot. Your mother is up in heaven going, ‘Where the hell is my lily, you wuss

    ROSS: You got a tattoo?

    RACHEL: Maybe. But just a little one. Phoebe got the whole world.

  • winter

    So sad, I always thought she was so adorable.

  • javi

    its just a little hart people that dosen’t mean the end of the world and dosen’t mean she’s a bad girl good go justin has a few and even the best people out there has one either religious or with there kids faces. people chill its just one in her hand and there are lasers that can erase them.

  • dsafdf

    @kelly: haha friends that ep was on about a week ago where i live haha

  • Jason

    @javi: Just Jared Jr. asked, “WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena Gomez’s new heart tattoo?” And people gave their opinions.

    You’re right, it’s just a little tattoo, it can be removed, it doesn’t make her a bad girl, etc. But at the same time, it can lead to others, it might NOT be removed, it could be the start of her bad girl phase, etc. For every positive thing you say, I can think of a negative one.

    *My* opinion? I don’t like tattoos and I’m sorry to see Selena follow the same trends as a lot of other celebrities. She was such an individual before… now her tattoo just makes her blend in with the rest of them.

  • Jenna

    Guys who cares if she gets a tattoo! its her choice not yours geez..

  • amtfan

    …its a tattoo. it doesnt make her a bad girl omg. what the hell?

  • Michelle

    I find it funny that people can so easily judge someone else on their personal choices. No one knows why Selena decided to get the tattoo… for all we know, it could very well be related to Mandy’s miscarriage. Or it could just be a heart tattoo. At least it’s not Justin’s name or a giant face.

  • roshan

    i raelly liked her because i thaght she is one of the best girls.i really liked her in the past,before she started her relationship with bieber.her behavior was changing.

  • cookycookie

    i don’t have a problem with tattoos, or people who get tattoos, it’s just a tattoo, it’s just ink on your skin, stop judging people based on a tattoo.

  • lol

    WOW! I heard the world is coming to an end – ALL because of this little heart tattoo.

    Grow up people – this is a girlie thing – NOT a tattoo freak thing. Gosh – let this girl have a life will ya.

    Now on to real news….gas prices are at the $4.00 and over mark in some states…. what are the idiots in Washington going to do about it?

  • em

    I like it ;)
    personally, I wouldn’t get a tattoo because of my needle phobia like many.
    its cute ;)

  • Lee

    I bet this is just the first one…

  • troy

    I don’t know what I think of the tattoo because I can’t see it LOL. There’s another wrong a little tattoo and there’s abolutely NO reason to think it will lead to bad things. As the people who are suggesting that it it does know perfectly well.

  • Stephanie


    Tattoos make you a bad person? Tattoos are an expression of who you are, nothing more and nothing less.

  • What?

    PFFT What tattoo? You can barely see it!

  • mimi

    that wimpy little thing??? that doesn’t even count as a tat. it looks like she drew on herself with pen. i’d like to see her get a REAL tattoo, one that people can actually see..

  • Sara

    is she related to him? cuz they have the last name n stuff

  • http://gmail jaclyn

    its only a little tattoo u cant even see it

  • amanda leigh

    “is she related to him? cuz they have the last name n stuff”

    By that logic, she must have thousands and thousands of relatives around the world.

  • demi lovesvodka

    i hate tattoos but at least she didn’t get one on her boobs like those sluts demi and miley

  • http://@demil_Australia some one worth knowing

    guys… she got the heart tattoo because Demi has a heart tattoo on her wrist as well… LOL na i think selena can do what she wants if she wants a tattoo then good on her its really your own decision no one elses

  • http://@demil_Australia some one worth knowing

    @demi lovesvodka: um Demi does not have on on her boobs.. so get your facts right before you accuse someone of something

  • MK

    @demi lovesvodka: the tattoos aren’t ON their boobs, you gauche. the tattoos are on their ribcages. Actually LOOK at the pictures, k?

  • Sophie

    why r yall freaking out??? its a music note tattoo for gosh sakes…..she got something she loved and cherished in ink on her skin…..not some big olll dreamcatcher like good ol miley….

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