Vanessa Hudgens: A Month of 'Moulin Rouge'!

Vanessa Hudgens: A Month of 'Moulin Rouge'!

Vanessa Hudgens walks side by side with Austin Butler as they grab a cup of coffee at Aroma cafe in Los Angeles on Friday morning (February 23).

The couple just returned from a mini-vacation in Europe the night before.

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Vanessa posted on her Facebook earlier today, “Ahhhh Nicole Kidman is doing a month of month of Moulin Rouge on her facebook page! Moulin rouge is one movie I can actually quote and sing every line to. I think this is the movie that made me turn into a true hopeless romantic…sigh…come what may!!”

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Credit: Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • lauren

    how is it even possible for the paps to catch her on a daily bases ?
    somthing is not right.

  • justme

    you are the one who is not right -___-

  • Em

    Oh back to daily pap ops we go. Shes looking so much older recently, more like a mum figure than girlfriend. Doesn’t help that he looks about 12.

  • Christina

    People who live in Los Angeles know where the stars like to hang out she goes to the same places all the time the way you all act crazy on Twitter and sites like these commenting night and day make her the person most likely to get papped at it’s not a deep intellectual thinking process. Vanessa Hudgens is allowed to buy coffee with her boyfriend it’s her money her car her life get one of your own.

  • lexie

    @lauren. It’s not possible to be caught EVERY time she steps out of her house- someone is calling them and it’s working for the both of them. I dont think many people knew who her boyfriend was before this. She’s not that big a celeb (I do like her!), the paps haven’t got time to be somewhere ‘on a hunch’. PR Stunts.

  • Haters Suck!

    don’t know and quite frankly don’t care. I could never get enough of seeing vanessa’s pretty face. And they’ve been gone for a while since they were in Europe.

  • whatever

    2nd day back and 2 pap ops already.

  • john

    she looks SO horrible these days.

  • maeli


  • Sophie.xx

    Convenient they start dating after never really hanging out before :/ .. now all of a sudden they’re “in love” and all that sh!t.. and whether we like them “together” or not.. we’re still talking about them, NICE WORK GUYS!

    Austin has been acting since 2005, yet he STILL can’t act.. he has no money, and he does always look the same…

    Now im not just gonna have a dig at them.. even though their relationship is about as real as santa.. because there is also another sham relationship.. Zac and Lily!

    Now answer me this! Who the hell would take a condom to a premier to their own movie, and drop it on the carpet in front a hundreds of cameras.. because i have a feeling it’s not an “accident”.. you’re an idiot for having it in your pocket anyway.. but i see it as a MAJOR attention move for two reasons!

    1. To get talked about just as much as his Ex, and have people asking “Who is he sleeping with?”

    2. To make Vanessa jealous? to show he’s “moved on”.

    Truth is NEITHER have moved on and this whole damn thing is for attention!! SORT IT OUT!!

    Other then that, i love both Zac and Vanessa.. and yes, i am a Zanessa supporter… but they are so ridiculous right now!

  • http://@APLUST03 mira


  • idiots

    cute couple! for those of you who still criticize Vanessa for dating a ‘poor’ guy………. he is an actor, he doesnt make as much as her but just enough to survive on his own and travel too. i dont see how you can say she pays for everything??? do you live with them? are you their friends? you know nothing!!!! you just want her back with your ‘beautiful hot boy’,,,maybe she doesnt want him back and neither him, have you thought of that? and if a relationship passes the 4 months is consider being in love already. Vanessa has every right to fall in love and date any guy she wants. she’s known Austin for so long already, they were friends even before they started dating. IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET OVER ZAC EFRON, not just because he has a hot body your gonna cry over and over for him to give you some attention. he already chose his destiny, his way of living. he wanted this life without Nessa and some of you think he’s not over her, please it’s been a year and he has slept with quite few girls already…Lily is probably next…as for the condom thing, i do think it was planned by his team….im glad Vanessa found a good guy who cares about her and not about himself. let her live her live, she can make her own decisions and even pay for Austin if she wants, he is her man not yours…get over it ! she is not getting back with her ex….paps will always follow her so dont say its pr because shes not the kind of girl to do this. if you were a true fan you should know Vanessa for real. Good to see her back with her man :) hope she had a great time in Europe.

  • lexie

    @Sophie. It could have been given to him by a fan lol which, is what my friend did when he was last in London.

  • maria

    @Sophie.xx: Ouch….your comments are a bit much. First of all, you, being a zanessa supporter, are having a tough time accepting the fact that they chose to end their relationship for good reasons. Ok, I get that, actually. Most of us were pretty shocked. Most couples in Hollywood are the kind that we are never surprised when they end. Zac and Vanessa truly shocked us with their split. But we have to respect they knew what was best for themselves. Just because they “looked good together”, doesn’t mean they didn’t have issues thrown at them by their business. It happens.

    That being said, they both need to experience other relationships before they find the one that is right. Vanessa dated Josh briefly in April-May last year, and has been seeing Austin since August. Just look at the 3 guys she’s dated. They are all decent, nice guys, who are fun, attractive, and hard working. She could do MUCH worse. Seriously. Can we please give her credit for choosing good guys to date, instead of creeps? Austin is a nice guy and she liked him enough to trust him with her heart again, and that was a big step for her. No one knows what’s ahead, but she is obviously happy right now. Let it be.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    U haters are so rude…no comment for u all = , =
    And guys this call mature not old~~~~~~
    Before she cut her long hair,her hair obvious her sweetness,but right now she is in short hair,this just let her sweetness become mature that’s alll~~~ She is still nice,and not old,she is just 23 not 33

  • VanFan

    This is not the place to discuss anyone except Vanessa and Austin. You just start a lot of sh!t when you mention others.

  • yets

    admit it austin looking so handsome .

  • Sophie.xx

    Fair enough this is about Vanessa and Austin, admittedly i flew off the handle there.. but it is seriously getting annoying with posts everyday… she USED to be so private, i don’t know what happened to her.

  • Xo

    @lauren: Probably because people like you leave comments on her boards which lead to her being popular. She’s the most popular celeb here, and one of the most popular on the main site. Popular celebs get papped, especially ones whose films rank in over $200 million at the box office. I’ve noticed you on other sites too, seriously get a life.

  • leilani

    A lot of you post stupid comments here and don’t even know that the paps don’t have to be right in front of celebs to take pictures. Paps actually take pictures using telephoto lenses and can take pictures from a distance. Vanessa has the right to go where she wants to go. So leave her the fuck alone.

  • maria

    @Sophie.xx: Sophie, she is getting a manicure after breakfast with her BF and a visit to her mom’s. What is she doing wrong? Did you see the pics from these damn paps camped ouside her mom’s house AND ouside her own home?? How would you like to live that way? If you fault anyone, please place the blame where it is due. On the paps who follow her in her daily life, and the stupid rags and blogs who buy the damn pictures that piss off people like you. Yeah I hate it too, cause it’s over exposure, and it’s not her fault. She has things to do, a life to live, a career to attend to, and she is not going to sit in her house and be a monk. Frankly, I’m pretty surprised they still hound her like this. It’s shameless.

  • Devynn

    can they break up already?

  • Christina

    Austin does make money every time a tv actor does a tv show they get paid for each episode they are in. No he does not make as much as Vanessa but he does make more then anyone working at a desk job from 8 to 5 struggling to make anything from minimum wage to $13.85 a hour only making maybe $29,000 a year struggling to make it month to month and cannot afford to go out of state let alone Paris or Rome. If us hard working people were to date Austin we would be called the famewhores. Even Josh Hutcherson spilled the beans on her and said she was in love with Austin even at the cost of probably hurting him a little since he dated her he accepts and hung around Austin. You cannot force people to be with who they do not want to be with. Just like she got a tattoo first then Zac does. She does something then Zac does. She got Twitter first then Zac does who is the famewhore PR stunt lover now? Looks like he is he’s trying to catch up to keep interest in him. The Lucky One will only have people who are interested in seeing him take off a shirt or do a love scene not about talent that actress was a tv show actress. The other movies after that he filmed look more interesting and Lorax will make good because parents need to take their kids to a clean movie. Stop riding Austins tail he makes more then you or I do. Just not as much as her. She has cooled down the PDA since you all whine so much be happy.

  • maria

    @Christina: Good points. People also have to remember he is 20. Neither Zac nor Vanessa had as much money then, as their careers post HSM were just beginning. But since when does money make you a good person? Let’s not be so shallow. Lots of money does not make you a better person. And as far as PDA, it’s LA, not a private vacay spot where PDA is normal for couples on romantic trips. I hate that because of the paparazzi, people think that’s all she does, that she pays for everything cause she paid for one lunch, and that she’s a famewh*re cause THEY stalk her. They’re slime.

  • amtfan

    Let me explain something, paps in hollywood work together, when they spot a celebrity, they call each other. I only know this because I watched something on it. they go to “hot spots” and call each other to help out. So its not Vanessa’s fault. Nobody calls the paps. Just how Hollywood works.

  • maria

    @amtfan: Exactly. But people blame the celebs for living, and going about their day. The paps also know where she AND her parents live. It’s creepy.


    RAWWWRR! Vanessa stop this nonsense with this child PLEASE! You don’t have to go back to Zac (although I pray some day you two will realize how stupid you’re being) but my gosh get a boyfriend that suits your standers and is your age. o_O

    Let’s not bring lust into this.

  • cosmos

    @ maria @ Christina – THANK YOU! Couldn’t be more right or dead on as usual. :)