Vanessa Hudgens: Back in Los Angeles

Vanessa Hudgens: Back in Los Angeles

Vanessa Hudgens concentrates on the phone call she’s having while arriving back at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday evening (February 23).

The 23-year-old actress and boyfriend Austin Butler spent a little vacation in Europe after she wrapped up promotional duties for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

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“When the eiffel tower is sparkling, it truly takes your breath away. ??” Vanessa recently posted on her official site of her adventures.

DO YOU keep up with Vanessa on her website? 10+ pics inside…

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  • whatever

    What do you need to sunglasses for Austin? Nobody cares about you boo.

  • lei

    welcome back V we miss miss you..thank God your safe and looks happy.

  • yets

    nice to see you back Vanessa!!!

  • A

    @whatever: Haha LOVE this.

  • tfy

    @whatever: He’s a loser.

    The beanie, the sunglasses, the hoodie. Seems like he’s trying to imitate someone.

  • maria

    @whatever: Hi, lauren! Nice try. But we all know you have nothing else to do but sit and wait for Vanessa news, and always be the first to make a nasty comment. Just can’t help yourself, can you??

  • maria

    Lookin’ cute, hope to see her at the Women in Film Oscar event, cause she leaves to start filming very soon! She and Austin looked like they were really enjoying all the sights in Paris in the cute pics that were out, and hope they loved Rome and the Vatican, where they were spotted. Nice that they are home safely!

  • Elendur

    Saw Journey 2 and my sister and I both thought it was great fun. I hope we get some pics of the two from Rome and the Vatican, Maybe V will post some ob Facebook.
    i get the impression that Austin really dislikes the paps. Can’t blame him but I like the pics.

  • tula

    lol you care…

  • Emma

    I feel sorry for her

    Her boyfriend is penniless and she has to pay everything on date

    Still waiting for Vanessa to realise she’s making a mistake.. Austin is using her for money

  • em

    Every time I see him now, all I can think about is how she most likely pays for everything and how he is also getting his name out there. I have to hand it to him, clearly HE knows what he is doing.

  • peggy


    How do you know he is penniless? No he doesn’t have the career she has but he’s been working a long time.

    AND HERE IS A THOUGHT!!!!! Some actors come from money and therefore don’t have to worry about such things – shall I name some since you seem to know so little

    Finally have you so little confidence in Vanessa? She seems pretty well able to care of herself

  • Lauren

    Nice try but whatever is someone else

  • emma

    @Peggy: I know he’s penniless because he almost always puts on the same clothes and shoes

    In addition, You don’t know about them at all
    I liked her but because of Austin I am about to get sick of her

  • annii


    Vanessa is happy now, she was in a bad relationship for 5 years.. let her be happy, at least now someone loves her and RESPECT HER! stop living in the past, she is happy and we are going to get more and more from Vanessa & Austin for much longer

  • annii

    how cute!! i love how Vanessa has been looking! be in love makes her good!

  • annii

    and loved the Rome pictures! they are in the same sintony, fun people, same group of friends, the same outlook of life! <3

  • hudgens addiction

    oh… I guess Vaustin is getting a little bit cold… thanks God!

    whatever, Vanessa looks SO beautiful, it’s so good to see her in L.A. again, hope that her and Ashley hang out a little bit more. I love Vashley!

    Vanessa, you’re UHHmazing! HAHAHAHA

  • austinsucks;)

    Van looks BEAUTIFUL!

    austin urrgh! lmao he once says in an interview that he’s a private person that he’s uncomfortable because of the paparazzi. oh honey of course ur a private person paprazzi NEVER FOLLOWS YOU! they “FOLLOWED YOU” because of vanessa darling. lmao stop being stupid lol

  • thetis


    Funny that’s what they say about the founder of facebook that he always wears the same tee shirt and jeans (I frankly think he’s got a mess of them) and since intelligence is not your strong suite I think it’s also good to note that I know people (as we all do) who dress very well who have no money because they live above their means.

    And I can name quite a few actors who are wealthy and look pretty much like slobs most of the time. So If clothes is you judge money who know very little about wealth.

  • peggy


    Isn’t that how we get into trouble judging people on how they look and you sound like another zanessa fan who can’t seem to get over a relationship that was nor theirs.

    That’s actually kind of scary

  • florence2

    Exactly she is now in love properly she NEVER looked this happy or in love when she was with the ex but now she is and I hope that they stay together forever and have a long and happy life together they just fit together so well and connect on so many levels she is finally being treated like a lady and noit just arm candy.

    So glad to that J2 is doing so well since splitting with the ex she is finally getting known as a individual in her own right long may it contiune.

  • amtfan

    I really love how some of you still are obsessed with zanessa after a year of them breaking up but whatever. Anyway, Austin has his own career, hes been on countless tv shows and movies, no not as successful of Vanessa but that’s okay, Austin takes care of her, that’s all that matters. Shes happy. Love it.

  • http://google barbara

    you need to read this pissoff you will learn about pr, there several of stars are doing this, and vanessa and austin, are among them, including zac and lilly, and several others.this how hollywood does things. espiecaly when they have a movie coming out.

  • taylor

    @florence2:What are you talking about she never looked so happy with zac, she looks freaking depressed in these pics of above. Have you seen pics of zac and vanessa together they were the definition of love, her and austin relationship is just lust.

  • megan

    @annii: how can you her relationship was bad, she wouldn’t have stayed for 5 YEARS if the relationship with Zac was bad. You could tell they were in love with each other. Austin is just using her to get fame, its just a PR stunt.

  • tree3000

    @annii: you all sound like idiots… you dont “stay in” a “bad” relationship for five years. I understand its her life, but it has nothing to do with zac at all. Obviously it was a good relationship if it lasted that long. Whatever happens is none of your business. I dont like Austin, but that doesnt mean I gonna hate on Vanessa. Its not because he isnt zac, im not insane like other people. I just never liked austin even before he dated her.

  • Haters Suck!

    @a barbara
    Wow pissoff hollywood, looks so reliable. Now there’s info u can take to the bank and trust for sure. Yes this sarcasam. Really barbara that’s what u rely on for information? That’s pathetic. Its been 6 months how much longer are u going hang on to this pr crap? Vanessas movie has been out for a while nd they’re still together and were together long before.
    Considering how u treat ur idols new boyfriend maybe u should take ur own advise.ur just as bad if not worse then they are.

  • whatever

    @maria lol no I’m not lauren.
    @tula lol you are right. I guess I do care that he’s a loser.

  • Sophie.xx

    Convenient they start dating after never really hanging out before :/ .. now all of a sudden they’re “in love” and all that rubbish.. and whether we like them “together” or not.. we’re still talking about them, NICE WORK GUYS!

    Austin has been acting since 2005, yet he STILL can’t act.. he has no money, and he does always look the same…

    Now im not just gonna have a dig at them.. even though their relationship is about as real as santa.. because there is also another sham relationship.. Zac and Lily!

    Now answer me this! Who the hell would take a rubber to a premier of their own movie, and drop it on the carpet in front a hundreds of cameras.. because i have a feeling it’s not an “accident”.. you’re an idiot for having it in your pocket anyway.. but i see it as a MAJOR attention move for two reasons!

    1. To get talked about just as much as his Ex, and have people asking “Who is he doing it with?”

    2. To make Vanessa jealous? to show he’s “moved on”.

    Truth is NEITHER have moved on and this whole damn thing is for attention!! SORT IT OUT!!

    Other then that, i love both Zac and Vanessa.. and yes, i am a Zanessa supporter… but they are so ridiculous right now!

  • maria

    @Sophie.xx: Ouch….your comments are a bit much. First of all, you, being a zanessa supporter, are having a tough time accepting the fact that they chose to end their relationship for good reasons. Ok, I get that, actually. Most of us were pretty shocked. Most couples in Hollywood are the kind that we are never surprised when they end. Zac and Vanessa truly shocked us with their split. But we have to respect they knew what was best for themselves. Just because they “looked good together”, doesn’t mean they didn’t have issues thrown at them by their business. It happens.

    That being said, they both need to experience other relationships before they find the one that is right. Vanessa dated Josh briefly in April-May last year, and has been seeing Austin since August. Just look at the 3 guys she’s dated. They are all decent, nice guys, who are fun, attractive, and hard working. She could do MUCH worse. Seriously. Can we please give her credit for choosing good guys to date, instead of creeps? Austin is a nice guy and she liked him enough to trust him with her heart again, and that was a big step for her. No one knows what’s ahead, but she is obviously happy right now. Let it be.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Love her!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie.xx


    No it’s not a bit much at all.. Vanessa has dated two other people since Zac, one she did a movie with (Again) and then Austin, where did he come from all of a sudden?

    After all the reports about Austin being “a player” and being “broke”.. don’t tell me he’s a good person… a good man would either pay or pay half any given time.. Vanessa pays for everything, but that’s her problem.

    Josh is a good person, if she was gonna move on.. it shoulda been with him.

    Zac and Vanessa are both being ridiculous.. and if i have my opinion, yours doesn’t effect mine in the slightest.

    Now tell me, after a solid 5 year relationship, could YOU start dating someone else and go public straight after? .. because honestly, i couldn’t.

    She’s a role model for young people.. and i don’t think a role models should be all over their boyfriends ALL the time.. it was even wrong with Zac.

    Zac’s starting to get worse too…

    Never the less, i don’t care what they get up to in their private lives.. just as long as they keep it PRIVATE!!

    I used to support Zanessa .. they are long over now, i accept that.. i just wont accept the stupidity after it.

    They need to grow up and keep their private lives out of the media. And before you tell me that’s hard to do… she did a good job with Zac, but now we see her EVERYWHERE with Austin.. she knows how to be private.

    And the condom thing? RIDICULOUS!!

  • Sophie.xx

    I apoligize for my harsh tone… but i’ve lost respect for them as role models… but as for their private lives, they can do whatever. I still like them, because they’re humans.. they do what we would probably do and i respect that.. but in the public eye, growing up with these people.. its a shame to see such behaviour.

  • Haters Suck!

    please show me these “reports” of Austin being a player or broke and not a good person. I’d love to read them. You’re not the only one who’s looked him up and I’ve found nothing of the sort.

  • maria

    @Sophie.xx: I guess being older and wiser, I don’t see how their behavior is so terrible. They are almost in their mid twenties, and doing their best. They may not be the picture perfect couple who seemed so in love anymore, but they are trying to move on in life. Life does not end after a 5 yr relationship is over. She briefly dated Josh in late spring, and in hindsight, seems like it was a rebound kind of thing. I think she leaned on him heavily after the split with Zac, and thought it could be more than friends, but wasn’t. That happens. She’s known Austin probably for years, since he’s been good friends with Ashley, her BF. that tells me she knew EXACTLY the kind of guy he was, that he was a good guy. That’s not exactly coming out of nowhere. They started dating in August, 8 months after last being with Zac. How long did you think she should wait? I think that’s more than appropriate.

    So, just how do you know who pays for everything? You’re assuming an awful lot, based on ONE lunch she was seen paying for. Seriously, how can you make those assumptions? I imagine he pays for a lot more than you think, because in an interview a while back, he was pretty adamant about paying for dates. And where do hear reports of him being a player? On Zac fan sites? I’ve never heard any such thing, never seen him wh*ring around, nothing. He sounds quite intelligent, based on his tweets, interviews, etc, always opens doors for her, has been supportive in spite of suddenly being thrown into the glaring spotlight, and he’s pretty cute.

    As far as PDA, it’s a personal choice and everyone has a different comfort level. She obviously enjoys him and his company, feels happy, and probably is in love. She’s a very affectionate person, always has been. Some people see that as too much, but that’s just how she is. She was quite limited in her relationship with Zac, cause they spent half that time under DIsney constraints, and then found it difficult for people to accept that they weren’t Troy and Gabriella anymore. She feels free being herself now, and I can’t fault her for that. No, I don’t love the PDA, but where it was happening was a mecca for PDA from lots of couples, not just them. It’s appropriate in tropical locations. Again, I’ve said this before, if I see them straddling or going deep throat on the streets of LA, I’d be disgusted too. Keep in mind, if the paparazzi had not caught them, you NEVER would have seen all that, and you’d think they were just fine.

    The role model idea is just wrong, sophie. She is an actress, she’s 23, and is an adult. She did not sign on to be a “role model”. NO actress should be a role model for young kids, cause they all grow up, and will disappoint people as they exhibit adult behavior. Look at Miley, and that’s pretty much what Selena is going through. She is dressing more provocatively, going on trips with her BF, and pretty soon we’ll see her partying and hitting the bars. There goes her role model status too. That’s why I think it’s wrong to pin that on young girls. They grow up and live their lives as they want. Sad that people hate for that, and overly criticize.

    So if you want to hate a young woman who is respected for her work ethic, has great raw talent that will be seen in her coming films, who adores her family, loves and supports her closest friends, quietly supports her favorite charities, is enjoying a new free relationship with a nice guy, is happy and positive, isn’t falling out of clubs drunken or sleeping her way around Hollywood, then go right ahead. I see far more positives in her, love her spirit and how people love working with her and her outlook on life. She has made mistakes, owned them, and has made something of herself in spite of the hate she still gets. Sorry, but she is someone to root for, and I do.

  • annii

    i love you! <3

  • http://comcast sofronia sheehan

    Vanessa, i am wondering if you and zac will make a picture together someday. I miss the two of you.