Vanessa Hudgens: EJAF Oscar Party

Vanessa Hudgens: EJAF Oscar Party

Vanessa Hudgens glitters in gold as she arrives at the 2012 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party held at The City of West Hollywood Park on Sunday evening (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress brought along her handsome date Austin Butler and chatted it up with BFF Ashley Tisdale and her beau, Martin Johnson, inside the party.

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Vanessa (in Motel Rocks) and Austin were also spotted running some errands in Los Angeles a few days before. The couple stopped off at Music Box Studios before a quick run to an ad agency.

FYI: Vanessa wore a Georges Chakra Couture gold gown with vintage gold crystal mesh Swarovski clutch and Sutra earrings.

20+ pics inside…

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Credit: Miguel, Jamie McCarthy, Frederick M. Brown; Photos: FameFlynet, Getty, WENN, WireImage
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  • marie

    ew she looks very very old with her hair… and poor austin.. it’s the firts time that he attended at an oscar event.. and maybe the last.. lol

  • tfy

    I like how she didn’t receive any invites so she had to buy her way into a party.

    Move along with your boy toy Vanessa. You’re old news. Get yourself back to the gym and workout your body instead of working out your lips in front of the paparazzi.

  • peggy


    ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She attends Elton’s party every year and was also invited to the Vanity Fair party which she has been every year.

    She’s old news? lets see a hit movie, 2 more coming out and she looks great – what a pathetic, loser you are fat and unwanted.

    But it’s not our or her fault yuo’re parents didn’t want you and still don’t

  • peggy


    You go from post to post saying the same thing wha an empty, useless, unloved life you lead. All your posts do it tell us about you and how lousy you’re life is.

  • J.

    Wowww!!! She is so classy and amazing! She looks like a beautiful mermaid.

  • Sara

    i love the style but i think she just needs to lose a little bit more weight as with the shorter hair it can often highlight her round face

  • thetis


    shes a size 2 – its people like you who are why young women are dying of eating disorders more in the U.S, than anywhere in world – you ought to be ashamed of yourself and you are probably overweight to boot

  • juliana

    @marie: What?! She looks absolutely gorgeous. The hair could be better but other than that she looked stunning! Baby V the classic hollywood look fits you beautifully.

  • tina

    @Sara: You remind me of and ex who said of my 20 inch waist ( I was 5″7 104lbs) should be one inch smaller. NOTICE HE IS AN EX.

  • tina

    @tfy: If you could buy you way into this party, you wold have been there. Of course she was invited as she was last year and will probably be next year.

  • Sara

    @thetis im actually size 2 as well and i am only 15 so AND suffered eating disorders so im sorry if my mind has already been messed up by society

  • Vanessafan1

    Will all haters just shut up. She’s not old and all of u who say she needs to lose weight are just immature because alot of stars are losing alot of weight and they don’t look that healthy and love is louder than the pressure to be perfect so GROW UP. If u agree like it.

  • Xo

    I think she looks radiant. I can’t wait for filming to start for her this week.

  • demi lovesvodka

    way hotter than miley

  • http://google barbara

    Vanessa looks beautiful.

  • Haters Suck!

    she goes to this event every year. If you’re going to be an idiot at least be an idiot that knows what they’re talking about.
    She looks absolutley hot here

  • megan

    That dress is so unique! Favourite dress ever, hands down.

  • cosmos

    Look at that smile! That is one very happy, content blissful woman and honestly couldn’t love it anymore! Her Oscar dress is very unique and very old Hollywood just classic and she looks stunning! The photos with her and Austin as much as I hate that they are papped EVERYWHERE I could’nt love them more. That is one very happy couple and I still would like to thank Austin for bringing out that radiant smile of her’s and allowing Vanessa to love again. They are both putting in the time to keep their relationship strong and healthy and I can see this lasting a long time.

    @marie – just stop with the poor Austin thing. Seriously! He is doing great starting off a few years ago and has worked consistently. And at the age of 20 guess what? Vanessa and Zac hadn’t been to the Oscars yet so Austin’s actually ahead of the game. And are you one of those that spews all that hatred on twitter about him and too him? Stop judging and the hate! I am so happy and thankful he could care less about that and Vanessa doesn’t know or care and that this happy couple keep living and loving each other without a care in the world for those against them.

  • Xo

    @Haters Suck!: Lol exactly.

  • maria

    @tfy: Elton John’s event is an AIDS Fundraiser, and everyone “pays to get in” as they are donating to the cause. How lame to criticize.

    She looks amazing. The hair and dress just scream glamour. Love the whole look!! She left today to start filming Spring Breakers in FL. Must have been exhausted!

  • Angie

    I like it very Marilyn Manore.

  • mari

    She looks amazing, as usual.
    Haters sucks. Don’t you have anything more interesting to do?
    She is pretty, famous, rich. And you? Who are you? WHAT are you?

  • Haters Suck!

    what are you talking about?!?!? I’m a Vanessa fan I was defending her. What the hell????

  • joann

    I LOVE THIS LOOKS she looks amazing. she looks like a young rita moreno in west side story.

  • andrea

    if you don’t like vanessa don’t comment in her post.. if you don’t like austin, don’t write anything about him.. haters comments are just nonsense.. In my opinion she looks just great, and her hair is growing so what? she knows how to get used to everything that life brings to her and that’s something amazing for a person living in hollywood, with the perspective that the society have for “celebrities” i just adore her, and i don’t like austin but if she’s happy, i’m happy for her..

  • yets

    i love her!!!

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    This woman never fail to WOW us with her style.She is not afraid to try different looks.Very versatile!:))

    @marie I try so hard not to mind you but your strategy is the one getting

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Love it :D@tfy: Yeah,at least she can buy the ticket and attend to the party :) what about u? Absolutely no qualification :) so just shut the fuck up and read some moral books,it help u get better for ur moral value
    U r not her friends,u r just a nobody little girl :D so don’t wasting ur time here instead of WORKING OUT ur hand to type key board

  • zade

    @cosmos just to correct an error in your statement, Austin @20 is not ahead of the game by attending an Oscar, It is not the actual Oscar party, or event they paid to get in and Vanessa @ age 20 was invited for a performance. there is the difference. i wish her and Austin good times, it is only a matter of time when they break up what will Ashley position be? just saying.

  • nessa

    just Go Girl were here to support and pray for you always.

  • MariaTyler_

    @cosmos: Um…actually when Vanessa was 20 she went to the actual Oscars back in February 2009 & she had even performed there so Austin isn’t ahead of her game or anything!

  • evz

    Vanessa is unique. She looks differently in every event she attends to that you kind of wonder… Well, like she said, she’s like a chameleon. And that smile… I love her.

  • tree3000

    @cosmos: Vanessa and zac performed at the oscars and have been to after parties. So you’re wrong LOL Austin wasnt invited Vanessa was. He was her guest.

  • kelly martineau

    out with big lips! She dresses like a dog ever sense she’s been dating him.

  • Kat

    Shes looks awful im so sorry to say but its the hair her long her makes her look younger short makes her very old indeed, not a fan.

  • dend

    That dress is Amazing! Her shorter hair does give her a more mature look-but it looks good on her! You Go V!

  • Sunny

    @peggy: hahaha i love you

  • Sunny

    @peggy: hahaha i love you

  • Sunny

    @peggy: hahaha i love you

  • thetis


    then shut up and go away cause she looks great