Ashley Benson: 'Ridin' with Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens

Ashley Benson: 'Ridin' with Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens

Ashley Benson snaps a pic with costar pals Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens on motor scooters in Florida.

The trio are in the southern state to start filming on Spring Breakers.

Spring Breakers follows four gorgeous college-age girls rob a fast food restaurant in order to afford a spring break trip to Florida. When they’re arrested, they meet up with a drug and arms dealer (James Franco) who entices them to kill his arch rival.

“It’s a very exciting project to be a part of. Thank you all for your support :)” Ashley recently said of the role.

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Photos: Ashley Benson
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mmbop @ 6:33 pm on 02/29/2012

Excited for this movie. Hopefully we get lots of candids from the set!

Katty @ 7:13 pm on 02/29/2012

Who is the fourth girl in the pic? And who did they cast as the fourth girl in the film? I mean, they are beginning filming this week so they have to have the fourth girl casted and I don;t recognize her in this pic…

Natalie @ 7:32 pm on 02/29/2012

its heather morris from glee

annii @ 8:08 pm on 02/29/2012

the 4 girl is Rachel Korine (the blond/pink one), the director’s wife, she was confirmed since the beginning (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts and rachel Korine, then Emma left the cast…), Heather Morris just has an small part in the movie

Haters Suck! @ 8:30 pm on 02/29/2012

Don’t think chemistry will be a problem in this movie looks like everyone is getting along just fine. Let’s do this.

annii @ 9:05 pm on 02/29/2012

@Haters Suck!:
ik, Ashley and Selena are friends, Ashley and Vanessa know each other since 2005/2006, Vanessa and Selena are friends too..

annii @ 9:08 pm on 02/29/2012

i read on twitter that ashley tisdale is going to florida to see the girls? why? they are there working!!!! i guess she is going this weekend, because they start filming on monday.

Haters Suck! @ 9:16 pm on 02/29/2012

are you serious tisdales going? Why? crap

annii @ 9:26 pm on 02/29/2012

@Haters Suck!:
she said that on twitter… lol she is going to visit “her girls, nessa, @ashbenzo and @selenagomez #vaca”

Haters Suck! @ 9:32 pm on 02/29/2012

oh goodie, yes thats sarcasam. I guess she needs a vacation from her last vacation. whatever.

malu @ 9:44 pm on 02/29/2012

guess these girls are havin’ a blast!Goodluck girls.Prove your detractors wrong.Show them what you’ve got!:)

troy @ 11:41 pm on 02/29/2012

If the movie doesn’t start filming until Monday and Ashley Tisdale just hangs out with them for the weekend then she’s not really a disruption is she? What’s the big deal?

Haters Suck! @ 11:49 pm on 02/29/2012

yeah and im sure there aren’t things they need to do over the weekend to prepare for Monday. plus the fact i have no problem admitting i just flat out don’t like tisdale, yup thats pretty much the jist of it.

troy @ 2:11 am on 03/01/2012

And this stops them for doing what they need to what they need to do how exactly? This is flat out stupid and I feel like I’ve lost a few IQ points even commenting on it. Get a life seriously.

Ashley @ 2:56 am on 03/01/2012

This movie looks great. Love the cast and the director.

maria @ 6:35 am on 03/01/2012

One of the producers said in an article that they are ” thrilled with the cast” and that thiis film ” is magic” because of the chemistry the girls already bring to it. Looks like he’s right! They are going to have a blast.

As far as Ashley visiting, I have my doubts. Yes, she is a good friend. But I also feel she has ulterior motives. She may want to hang around and meet the director, or something like that. She’s never visited Vanessa on a film set before, so pardon for having some doubts. I do respect that she is Vanessa’s dear friend, so I will leave it at that.

yets @ 9:06 am on 03/01/2012

hope they enjoy doing this movie.

Haters Suck! @ 9:42 am on 03/01/2012

i think you missed my main point of I just don’t like tisdale, never have. I know she’s vanessa’s “friend” but i Just don’t like her nor do I trust her. That was preety much the main thing I was tryng to say. so ya get it now.?

winter @ 11:47 am on 03/01/2012

That’s too bad. I really love all of Selenas movies. I can’t seem to be able to sit through a movie with that other girl in it. The one who never looks like she brushes her hair. Something about her, I just can’t.
I hope Selenas next movie doesnt have that girl in it.

hermaione @ 3:25 pm on 03/01/2012

@winter: buhhh you’re such a snob ¡¡ obviously you’re a selens’a fan I DON’T KNOW WHY I SURPRISED

Xo @ 3:46 pm on 03/01/2012

@maria: IA with everything, she doesn’t need to be there. And a vacation from what? Getting her hair done?

emily johnson @ 6:22 pm on 03/01/2012

@Haters Suck!: not trust her? What? That’s just weird. What has she done to you?

It’s not like this film is going to be tough to film or really require any acting at all….proven by the fact none of these girls can really act (hello…did anyone see MONTE CARLO..from the box office it doesn’t look like it). I am sure if Ashley T isn’t going to keep them from preparing as this film doesn’t require much.

zac/vanessa/ashnessa @ 9:45 pm on 03/01/2012

James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson… I can’t believe three of my favourites are gonna be in a movie together. Can’t wait to hear more about this project!

Joochi @ 2:20 am on 03/02/2012

@winter: Don’t know how old you are but from the sound of your comment you’re young, too young to know that passing judgement means a reflection of yourself so be careful honey who and what you judge it’s looking back at you. Please
don’t comment smack about anyone it’s just classless on your

evz @ 4:25 am on 03/02/2012

I’m excited to see this movie only because of V plus James Franco in it.

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