Demi Lovato: Strawberry Festival Sweetie

Demi Lovato: Strawberry Festival Sweetie

Demi Lovato takes over the stage at the 2012 Strawberry Festival on Friday night (March 2) in Plant City, Fla.

The 19-year-old musician, who rocked ripped jeans for her performance, pulled out her guitar for a slow song and showed off her piano skills at the concert.

Demi recently chatted with Teen Vogue about her upcoming MTV special which airs tomorrow.

“It’s hard because I know people who do have problems, and it’s really hard to confront them,” Demi shared about opening up to people. “I would try to talk to talk to them about it, and if they want help, they’ll open up. And if they don’t, you can’t really help them and it’s not in your control.”

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Rachid Ait; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ego

    HI, I am a typical Demi Lovato hater. I spend most of my days hating on Demi Lovato and giving her stupid insults like “shut up” even though I can’t stop talking about her for the life of me. My general IQ is equal to that of a plank of wood since I can’t comprehend certain things like common sense, basic grammar, contradictions and for the most part I act like a self entitled brat who thinks that famous people owe me their lives. MY existence is pretty Vapid so most of the time I’m living my life through those who are better, richer and more popular than me, hence why I spend my time at celebrity gossip sites, and for the most part I contradict myself in ever post I make. Remember when I accused Demi of her wanting people to feel sorry for her? Well that’s pot calling the kettle black seeing as how Im making this post! Lol. So talk with me, the typical moronic Demi Lovato hater. We’ll have fun J

  • ego

    IN all seriousness I’m about to debunk EVER argument the simplistic Demi haters come up. And here they are.

    “She is irrelevant.” well if she is irrelevant then you wouldn’t be posting about her. Fail harder kid. NEXT!

    “ the only reason she pretends to be mentally ill is to get sympathy” Reality check idiot you can’t pretend to be mentally ill. It would show. Also you cant pretend to have bipolar. Get a clue moron. Also she’s doing this for publicity which YOU are giving her. So good job feeding her more free PR. You suck as always ;-)

    “She just wants attention.” Yeah no s**t Sherlock. What celebrity doesn’t want attention? She’s a PUBLIC FIGURE. Her CAREER DEPENDS on ATTENTIOn. You know who else wants attention? Doctors, lawyers soldiers other people? How else do people become successful WITHOUT ATTENTION? Congrats to you. Your argument holds no water.

    “She’s spoiled.” spoiled implies someone doesn’t work. She does. Dealing with internet moron detractors is work but her real job shows she is NOT spoiled. Seriously guys there is no shame in suicide. Please do the right thing and kill yourselves J

  • Menna

    @ego: The only thing you’ve proven is that you need a life dude…no offense. How long did you sit there typing all that up?

  • Brin

    Well the date for her special is wrong dosnt air until tuesday….at least thats what it says on my dvr

  • sarah

    She looks great! I love that she has the rocker look again

  • Brin

    I really hope she hosts the mma awards this year….then my vision would be right that itll be hosted by the former disney trio in order of thier seniority thier shows had on tv.

  • ego

    @Menna: You mean the entire TWO minutes this took me to write? Oh yeah..two minutes I will never get back. What oh WHAT SHALL I DO?…in case you missed that, that was sarcasm lol. Not big on time concept are you?

  • ego

    I wonder when that idiot “demi lovesvodka” is gonna post here lol. That moron always makes up the most idiotic hater comments. I always get amused by their stupidity :). Come on now don’t let me down! lol add to her exposure you moron haters ;-)

  • http://justjared Doug

    We flew in to Tampa on Thursday , flew out on Saturday back to the grand ole’ North State ( NC ) ….In between I fell more in love with the most beautiful woman on the planet– Demi Lovato. Thank you Strawberry Fest for having her at your place. And Thank you Demi for asking everyone to move down closer. I cannot wait til the documentary tommorow night.

  • http://justjared Doug

    Just one more thing — At the end of ” Fix A Heart ” when Demi smiles..That is the Demi I love.

  • http://justjared jewells

    We left Atlanta and drove to the Strawberry Festival in Florida to see Demi. Hee Hee I saw Doug ( I had met him at the Dec. 1st 2011 Atlanta show) …Demi when you sang “Fix A Heart” I asked Doug if that was tears and he said “No I just have allergies”….Gawd it was so sweet. He really loves you.

  • SandryLin

    The truth is that Demi has a beautiful and powerful voice.
    She really fells her music, and I admire her because of that.
    All famous people career depends on attention, it’s not a big deal.
    Just stop fighting please

  • http://justjared Kerrie

    The East Coast Lovatics are TIGHT. I met Doug and his gang on Facebook they are so sweet. Julia is their wild child , Michelle is the responsible one. And Doug he never takes his eyes off of Demi. Speaking of his eyes WOW that blue its crystal. If you guys come back to Florida again you can crash on my couch anytime.

  • http://smiley333666 smiley123321

    you guys can you plz stop talking about demi like she killed someone,she went trough alot if you don’t liker her and when you think about her it’s like she ruining your day why think about her,everyone has a

  • amy

    Love her, don’t get me wrong. But i think that if you know someone who has a disorder and they don’t open to you, you should at least tell someone else about it. It doesn’t do much good if you just leave them there to suffer. Anyways, so excited for Stay Strong, Demi is an amazing role model.

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