Lily Collins: 'Personality Opens Doors, Character Keeps Them Open'

Lily Collins: 'Personality Opens Doors, Character Keeps Them Open'

Lily Collins is all smiles as she sits down for a chat on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday night (March 22) in Burbank, Calif.

“I firmly believe that personality opens doors, but character keeps them open. I never wanted someone to make a phone call for me [in this business],” the 23-year-old actress shared about using her family name to get ahead.

Lily added, “A lot of people don’t believe me when I say that but I truly…but it took me a lot longer to get to where I am because I wanted that.”

Check out the videos below!

FYI: Lily is wearing a diamond pinky ring by Jacqueline Nerguizian Fine Jewelry.

Lily Collins – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Part I – 3/22

Lily Collins – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Part II – 3/22
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marie @ 10:33 pm on 03/24/2012

wow you guys are posting about her so much lately.. well since she was caught with Zac Efron lol

OK @ 10:37 pm on 03/24/2012

With a statement like that you shouldn’t be playing Snow White , but pretty Little Liars instead! That and the help of your PR dept.

Lisa @ 12:16 am on 03/25/2012

Lily is so AWESOME, she becoming one GREAT actress

julie @ 2:13 am on 03/25/2012

Lily Collins is so beautiful and hardworking! She is my new favorite actress, and she seriously deserves her own talk show!

Whatever @ 7:57 am on 03/25/2012

@Lisa: Oh shut up, Lisa. “She’s so awesome”. Can’t you say anything else?? I think she’s unattractive, has no charm or charisma, and CAN NOT ACT to save her life. Sick of having her pushed down our throats, and now with these “I’m so much better than everyone else” comments. Awesome?? I think NOT.

Whatever @ 7:59 am on 03/25/2012

And that interview above is SO fake. So pretentious, so annoying, so a$$ kissing, it’s unbelievable.

Lisa @ 10:43 am on 03/25/2012

@Whatever: YES I can say somthing else YOU TWIT. Lily is soooooooo A W E S O M E , Lilyy is soooooo A W E S O M E . and just for WHATEVER you are NOT AWESOME

Lisa @ 10:46 am on 03/25/2012

@Lisa: You are soooooo JEALOUS of Lily, she has a GREAT life, you WHATEVER NOT, please get a life. you know WHATEVER JEALOUSY is very hard to control.

Zyonna @ 10:48 am on 03/25/2012

who cares if shes awesome or not, good actress or not, dating zac or not, she is STILL gonna make more money than us which can be quite irritating…jus sayin

Lisa @ 10:49 am on 03/25/2012

@Lisa: @Whatever: SORRY meant that for you WHATEVER, get a life.

ugh @ 10:56 am on 03/25/2012

Work it sillylilly Work it sillylilly….Fashions cannot disguise bad character. “Nicer” than what I remember in PA, but there was no camera

Whatever @ 1:59 pm on 03/25/2012

@Lisa: No jealous of her, honey. Not in the LEAST. Not of an unattractive spoiled rich girl, who now thinks she can act. LOL

kami @ 2:17 pm on 03/25/2012

“personalities open doors, but character keeps them open.” too bad her pr couldn’t come up with a better marketing sound bite. this girl has a hard road ahead of her. but i’ll giver her credit for saying “my mom and i” instead of the grammatically incorrect “me and my mom” that so many young ppl use now.

Whatever @ 4:24 pm on 03/25/2012

I can’t stand her self righteousness either. “I’m such a good girl, I have such great character, I’m so awesome, right?”

Please @ 5:53 pm on 03/25/2012

Sorry honey but I don’t believe you. You’ll only be known to a lot of people as Phil Collins’ (from the famous band Genesis) daughter. Some still haven’t hit their big break and you’re still young. That name made your journey at least a little easier.

kami @ 8:56 pm on 03/25/2012


yep, in every interviews she’s pointed out she’s a good girl. what the hell is that about? my take is she knows she’s a bad girl (or her view of that) and is trying to prove otherwise. comes across as immature.

simone @ 3:44 am on 03/26/2012

whatever I really do not understand why you have it in for lily so much.she and her mother are very nice and my mother knows her mum well.they are both very friendly people.her mother has done a lot to help the poor in LA.can you please stop making these comments about someone you do not know.and when in the whole interview did she say she was awesome.I never heard her say it once.

Whatever @ 6:50 am on 03/26/2012

@simone: I don’t have to “know” them. Having a “nice” rich mom, who volunteers does NOT make her anything great. It doesn’t help her acting, her bragging, or her snotty attitude. And the way she uses people for fame. Notice clips of her new movie are all Julia, cause her acting is SO bad.

nicky @ 7:58 am on 03/26/2012

@Whatever: I really met a lot of annoying people in my life but you’re one of the most annoying one all over the world. You judge all people. It completely doesn’t matter who it is. Your idiotic hate towards Zac and all his friends and people around him is so sick. Have you ever listened to your yourself? I don’t think so.

If you’re such an amazing person why NOBODY has ever seen you on the big screen? Aren’t your acting skills good enough for Hollywood or what?
Before you judge other people look at yourself. And if Lily is attractive or not is none of your damn business. And she also didn’t decide who her parents are. I don’t think she has demanded to be born as the daughter of Phil Collins.

simone @ 12:57 pm on 03/26/2012

Thankyou Nicky for your comments.I really cannot understand what whatever has against Lily she is a lovely very friendly girl and her mum is so nice my mum has known lilys mum before Lily was even born. so a very long time so I know what I am talking about.It is a shame how people can judge someone they have never met.yes there are difficult people out there in this world but I can assure everyone Lily is certainly not one of them.she just wants to do what she loves and that is for julia roberts being in the trailer more then lily.Of course she is going to be she has been acting for years .

Whatever @ 10:02 pm on 03/26/2012

And I don’t understand nitwits who blindly think someone is so awesome wothout knowing them either. That’s no different than me judging them negatively. And I call it as I see it. A little rich girl, bragging about how good she is, who has never acted and now thinks she can. And why does this have anything to do with Zac?? He’s just the latest pretty boy darling Lily wants to be attached to. I see a user, or a famewh*re, whatever you want to call it. Whatever will further her career. It’s disgusting.

Sorry if having a differing opinion of a talentless rich girl makes me annoying. If you think I’m annoying, you don’t have much life experience or tough skin. This girl is a slap in the face to every other actor who actually has talent, has worked hard in the business, and doesn’t have rich parents who coddle her.

@simone: I don’t really care if your mum knows her mum. It makes not a hill of beans difference.

nicky @ 7:42 am on 03/27/2012

@Whatever: The only thing I hear is jealousy. Here a rich girl there a rich girl. If you want to be rich do something for it. You brainiac should look how many movies she’s done in her live. She can’t have the experience of a Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock or any other actresses who are playing in movies for more than 20 years or even longer.

I don’t know how old are you but you sound like a jealous little kid who wants to have the stuff that all others have you can’t have. Grow up. And do all people a favor go to the threads of your favorites and leave all other celebs alone. They are just lucky people that they don’t have to know and deal with you.

And a good advice. Got o Hollywood become a famous and worldwide known actor/actress and then you can start talk about other people acting skills and judge them until then, shut the hell up.

simone @ 10:36 am on 03/27/2012

I only said my mum knows her mum because otherwise I sound like you whatever.someone who has never met someone and has not got a clue really what they are like.My mum and I know lots of people some famous and some not.some rich and some not.we try to get on with people to make this place a nicer world.It does not matter to my mum or I how rich or poor someone is as long as they are nice genuine people .jill and lily are and that is all I have to say

nirvana @ 8:30 am on 02/05/2013

i like her face and personality but dating zac efron is terrible

nirvana @ 8:32 am on 02/05/2013

@Lisa: i agree

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