Nathalia Ramos: Not Returning to 'House of Anubis'

Nathalia Ramos: Not Returning to 'House of Anubis'

Nathalia Ramos shows her support for the Relay for Life Marathon as she arrives at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 31).

“I wore my @relayforlife Tshirt to the KCAs in support of my best friend. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to support an amazing cause,” the 19-year-old actress tweeted about her outfit choice. JJJ got the scoop on her story, so stay tuned!

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Sad news for House of Anubis fans — if the show gets picked up for a third season, Nathalia won’t be returning, her reps tell JJJ.

Instead, Nathalia is going back to USC to concentrate on her studies. She hasn’t quit acting altogether though — Nathalia is working on a new movie right now called Resident Advisor.

ARE YOU SAD Nathalia won’t be returning to House of Anubis? 10+ pics inside…

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  • susan

    It will be a bummer w/ out Nathalia. Her character, Nina, was the main character. I really do not know what they will do now. I love the show & all the other characters & actors, but I don’t know how it’ll work w/ out Nathalia/Nina… Unless they get someone else to play Nina.
    I do wish her luck on her studies, though!

  • Phoebe


  • max

    wonder why the other cast havnt said anythin?? seems a bit wierd…

  • catherine

    It’s sucks that Nathalies leaving, but it will be easier to explore a new story without her. shes not my favrite character anyway

  • Chris

    I’m really sad… I watched the German and Dutch show, and there Nina were still on the show. :)

  • laura

    I respect her decision 110%, but now a S3 is even more unlikely!

  • james

    okay i think nathalia is out of the show

  • Primrose

    Of course we’ll all miss her, but her education must be very important. Besides there are still all the other amazing characters. Maybe we’ll learn a bit more about Eddie or something, since he’s like the chosen one too… So, as @Susan said, lets wish her the best of luck with her new movie and with her studies! Hopefully she will deicide to return to HoA but until then let’s just keep hoping, hey? xx

  • mileysha

    this is so mess up . without nathalia hoa wouldnt be the same . i’ve been a fan of nathalia since she did the movie BRATZ . im happy for her that shes going back to her studies but cant she do hoa at the same time ? if nathalia is not going to be in season 3 of hoa , might as well cancel season 3 because nobody else could play nina martin better than nathalia ramos :)

  • mileisha

    this is so mess up i mean without nathalia hoa wouldnt b the same. im one of nathalias biggest fans ever since she did the movie BRATZ. im happy that shes goin to her studies but cant she do hoa at the same time ? if nathalia isnt going to be in hoa for season 3 , might as well not even think doing a season 3 because nobody could play nina martin better than nathalia ramos . she can not be replaced :)

  • Starstreaker

    All I have to say good luck to her.

    And good luck to the director, the writer/s of the script, and the producer I guess. Her leaving would make it really hard to keep up the awesome show.

    Their viewers expect nothing but the best from them.

  • http://@Tolaniachiaa Achiaa

    Ok Guys They Are Finding A Replacement for Nathalia So It wont continue without her im sure the replacment they find will be really good and No its Not and april Fools joke sorry. And The other Star Know On Her Last Day on set Jade Ramsey Made Her A Cake Its on Her Twitter And the Other Stars Are Respecting Her Privacy as She Personally Asked Them To Keep It Hush Hush I Hope This Helps Guys! I LOVE Nathlia Ramos Im A Ramosa!

  • mARIO

    No puede ser :( .

  • Mario

    No puede ser :(

  • alex

    gutted shes not coming back :( .. HOA won’t be the same without her :(

  • Wafflewafflez

    She better not leave HOA! It just wont be the same!! :( Her education is important, but I wish she would finish the show before she returns to her schoolwork! I hope she knows how dissapointed her fans will be! (Including me and other people!) Here’s a link, comment, put your name. This peition will be sent to Nick and Nathalia’s emails by May 24 2012. Help us keep her from leaving! And, if you dont have a Deviant Art, please make one JUST TO HELP US! I know some true HOA fans would! Please help all the fans, me and star46783 (Her DA account) Keep her from leaving!!! And also comment on my page: to keep her from leaving! Thank you all!!!! :)

  • http://@Tolaniachiaa Achiaa

    YOU CANT STOP HER FROM LEAVING! Her desicion has been made and Nick cannot change her mind if you love her as much as you say you do support her instead of making her feel bad she loves her fans and HOA Will just find a replacement for Nina Martin Rumour has It The new nina Martin will Be Brad Kavanagh’s Girlfriend Sam So I Know ittl be hard getting Used to a New Nina But Rember Nothing Lasts Forever And School Is Important So let her Be! Good Luck Nathalia
    Love A True Ramosa!

  • Abbi

    i think they should wait untill she is finished with her studies so she can come back and do a season 3 it won’t be the same without her and if they got someone to replace her it still wouldn’t be the same plzzzz come back xxx

  • http://gmail sarah

    my favorite character was nina in house of anubis even they have a new girl it will not be as good as natilia i love her i am her and house of anubis biggest fan well i think. This the saddest thing i ever heard house of anubis well never be the same without nina she is the main character i wish this comment would go to natilia pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse come and do house of anubis i love you

  • http://gmail sarah

    how could you say that without natilia house of anubis is diffrent i love natlia she is the main chaacter she is my favorite charcter

  • ???????????


  • http://facenook Nina Mak


  • Nina

    who else would hate her if she quit i literally cried

  • dalia

    Her studies are more important but it’s a bummer she is leaving. It’s just like that tv show Dead Like Me when they made a movie they took out characters and re-casted one. But, it was still pretty good. I hope whoever will play Nina does a good job.

  • http://gmail nina

    please please let natilia be on the show i llllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her natilia do you have to go to school you will let all your fans doown they will be sa just like me.

  • http://gmail nina

    i know right ?????????????????????.

  • courtney

    WHAT ABOUT FABINA!!!!! :( :( :( :(

  • ashley girlby

    they are already filming for the 3rd season so its so sure that she will not be coming back.its sure that HOA will lose some viewers :(

  • brin

    NONONONONONO! I am OBSESSED with HOA. NINA AND FABIAN are the best couple in t.v history(besides Buffy and ANgel and all my my btvs couples and booth and brennan)ok maybe not the best in all of t.v but in nickolodien. PLEASE! I WANT TO CRY! THis cant be hapeening. NONONON. PLEASE NO! How can i go on with my life?

  • rhian

    i will miss nina martin she i nice

  • rhian

    i will miss nina martin she i nice

  • rhian

    i will miss nina BYE NINA


    I think nathalia is amazing and i really dont want her to go because she is a really really great actories in house of anubis and i love watching her xxxxxxxxxx pleasee doont goooooooooooooooooooo !!!!

  • http://lilygoddard26 LILYY

    I think nathalia is really amazing and she should leave i understand about her studies but no one would do a better job than her xx pleasee dontt gooo :)

  • Emma

    HEY!!!! it said her REPS said she was leaving, MAYBE ITS ALL FAKE. still they could at least have her film during summer break, then shed get her other breaks and WE ALL WIN!!!
    less then than three

  • Piper

    It really stinks that Nathalia won’t be on the show, but she is going back to school. In CALIFORNIA. of course she can’t be on the show and go to school. They film in ENGLAND! Her education is more important. And who knows? Maybe she WILL come back to HoA. Hollywood is made up of rumors.

  • Hoa fan 4ever

    They should have her come back in the first episode, and have her be kidnapped or something, and have the new person come in. Then the sibuna’s could search for her through out the season, and find her in the season finale. That way she can focus on school, and everybody would be happy because she’s still involved in the show. Just an idea! (:

  • mehreen

    house of a anubis will suck without nathalia but i do not want hoa to end i mean i am a hoa fan and a nathalia fan well not tht much of a nathalia coz i don’t much about her except from hoa but she does good acting i agree it would’t be the same but nobody should want hoa to end who agrees? :) XD

  • Ze pieluvr

    House of Anubis WILL NOT be the same without her!!!! Shes the main character!!! She can ‘resume’ her studies AFTER the fourth season!!! If ana (AKA Amber) leaves, i WILL NOT watch the show any more!!!!

  • Claire

    I hope this was an April Fools joke, season 3 has been confirmed, but Nina was THE main character they cant just throw her off the map without a goodbye! They shouldn’t have confirmed season 3 until Nathalia was on board, wait a year for all I care! It’s better to wait forever than to have a crappy last season, when the reviews will dramatically drop, and then have it canceled, and we never see it again!

  • mish

    ha! good luck HOA trying to make a season 3 without the STAR OF THE SHOW! sure she aint the best but you can’t make a season 3 without her! anyway GOOD LUCK

  • Itsknizzle45

    Guys…she probably leaves the house of anubis in a episode…and eddie will take her role. hes the boss! im a boy so thats why hes soo cool to me. but seriously. eddie will take her place. good luck nathalia!

  • jeremy

    i just got into liking this teen show it wont be the same i dont like natahlia i like nina well the mystery should continue i loved s2

  • Upset

    Im not watching HOA season 3 cuz shes not in it, its gonna suck without the chosen one, and if they make the new character the chosen one, i will never watch anymore season of Hoa. Just sayin’

  • lollipop

    It wont be the same without her

  • Kat

    Yeah, this is pretty heart breaking for HOA fans like me. But, keep in mind that she may change her mind. (on second thought I’m not sure about that anymore because…) When I saw this article my heart sank….

    I leave the fans a link:

    Im not sure if she will take Nathalia’s place or if she will just become part of the Sibuna crew. Also, I think its not the best idea to have an actor replace Nathalia because it would be really awkward (in the one of the first episodes, she should have a reason to leave and mabey come back later in the show)
    Soo what do YOU think?

  • Kat

    @???????????: ya same

  • haylee

    i can’t live without nathalia , but it was mention on a website that rumour has it that nathalia may be a off screen character(which means that she will not be on screen but will be in the story,MAYBE,HOPEFULLY)

  • haylee


  • haylee