Percy Jackson Casting: Meet Thalia!

Percy Jackson Casting: Meet Thalia!

Congrats, Paloma Kwiatkowski!

The Vancouver native has just been announced as Thalia in the Percy Jackson film series.

According to Deadline, this was Paloma’s very first audition and attends high school in the area.

In the book, Thalia Grace is the daughter of Zeus who ran away from home at the age of 10. As she and her friends, Luke, Annabeth and protector Grover approached Half-Blood Hill, the monsters they were outrunning caught up to them. She sacrificed her life for her friends, and her father, Zeus, took pity on her before she died and transformed her into a white pine tree to prevent her death.

In other casting news, Nathan Fillion will play messenger God Hermes, and Anthony Head has replaced Pierce Brosnan as Chiron, the centaur who runs Camp Half-Blood.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Paloma as Thalia?

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Photos: via Deadline
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  • Nat

    First audition? Congrats kid!

  • Zhanez

    hah! ok.. Thalia appears LAST on the book.. as in the very last sentence! what will be she doing in this film?!?!

  • Serah

    This girl actually gives me hope. I’m definitely going to audition for the role of Rachel Elizabeth Dare now. <3 Congrats to her, and I can't wait to see how she does in the film.

  • Deathtobarbie

    Wow… congrats :) she’s good i think she deserves it.. dont worry at titan’s curse she’ll be shown more :)

  • Megan

    Thalia is suppose to look 16 or 17. That girl looks like she is twelve. I don’t think she is going to be able to pull it off.

  • nina

    @Megan: No, actually she is not. She is supposed to look young. Thalia was twelve when she was turned into a tree and five years passed BUT she aged different as a tree. The book states that she was actually fifteen in human years when she speaks with Apollo in the third book.

  • daniella

    I want to b Artemis! I am young have tan skin and dark hair and can b down to earth but very annoyed with an older brother (since I have one) bug I doubt it will happen :(

  • amanda

    i think she will play great in the film,s:) but with acting and if you want to to audition for Percy Jackson film,s you have to have a An Agent who will help you put you in to the film movies and audition’s. n With out one it heard to get in to a audition,s i know this because my cuz was in a tv show

  • kAt

    So there is gonna be a second movie?

    Anyway, I extremely approve of her being Thalia. I have total faith she will be able to pull of this role and truly be part of the cast. I do think she will do an awesome job as a Percy Jackson’er

  • Lilly

    I think she could be a good Thalia!! Thalia’s my favorite character

  • cate

    I met her a few days ago – This girl will be awesome, no doubt about it. Can’t wait to see her on screen!

  • priincessss

    i go to the same high school as her, and she’s such a nice person! she’s an amazing performer, and i wish her all the best. im looking forward to being able to say i knew her when she’s super famous in a few years! congratulations and good luck with everything paloma!

  • Ami

    I think she’ll be good! For anyone who’s doubting she looks old enough, in the book, when she sacrifices herself and gets turned into a tree, several years pass and when she’s reincarnated, back to normal, she’s technically nineteen, but still feels tweleve. In the third book, Apollo says she’s fifteen going on sixteen, but she takes the vow to become a lieutenant for Aretemis because she doesn’t want the Great Prophecy to be her’s.

  • Yeong Joo Lee

    Hey Where do you live???? I dont know where to audion for the roles because I live in Korea, but if you tell me where the auditions hold, I can fly over there. Please reply. Thanks

    Yeong Joo Lee

  • Olga

    I thinks she looks too sweet to be Thalia, don’t fit well

  • Erica

    Logan Lerman is the hottest Jewish boy ever.

  • tori

    i just can’t see her as thalia unless they make her look a lot more punkish and colder.

  • Audrey

    I really look forward to see this girl act in the movie because Thalia has a really strange personality and Paloma fits this part . She does have short hair . Great choice for this movie ???

  • Kelly

    SHE SHOULDN’T BE THALIA! KAYA SCODELARIO SHOULD BE THALIA! GRRR! Gods. Hades, Why do they get her wrong?!

  • Quentin

    Where are the auditions for The Titans Curse going to be held?

  • Selina al Madanat

    congrats! now she is giving me hope to audition for Bianca di Angelo! thanks and Congrats! can anyone tell me where i can audition for Bianca di Angelo and how thanks!