Leven Rambin is Clarisse La Rue in 'Percy Jackson'!

Leven Rambin is Clarisse La Rue in 'Percy Jackson'!

Leven Rambin has been cast as the daughter of Ares in Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters.

Variety reports that the 21-year-old actress will star as Clarisse La Rue, one of the many children of Ares and the head of Cabin 5.

Clarisse is described as “hot-tempered, arrogant, big, tall, strong, and a skilled warrior” but isn’t the biggest fan of Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman).

Leven was seen arriving on a flight to Vancouver with Logan, Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson over the weekend.

DO YOU THINK Leven is the perfect Clarisse?

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  • Zhanez

    Oh God! I i magined Clarisee as this BIG, ugly and bulky girl.. and not as beautiful as Leven.. gosh.. what are they doing?!?!

  • diane

    didn’t imagine Clarisse to be like that. at all. i hope the sequel won’t be as bad as the first movie. it was so far from the book.

  • This is me

    they need to read the book before making the movie -_-

  • http://@kinkyemo stephanie-jay

    I imagined Clarisse to be big, strong bulky kinda more manly looking, The only thing she looks like she was born to fight was split ends! She is far too beautiful for a child of Ares!

  • RYE

    This is pure nonsense. Why must they always change the characters?!! Clarisse should look big and brutal. And Leven isn’t even close!!! The people casting her should really get their eyes checked!!!!

  • ffff

    haha, i think she’d be great as clarisse.

  • Hazel_alvarez

    You guys are mean. If you hate the movies SO much, then don’t watch it at all. The movie production cost millions of dollars, but then it turns out you hate it. It’s a good movie and book. They’ve done a good job. And a reply to “This is me”: Rick Riordan is helping DIRECT the film. Slut. And to Zhanez, “Imagined” Clarisse isn’t ugly. You just IMAGINED her to be. And for Diane, just FUCK yourself.

  • philomena

    Leven as a daughter of Aphrodite: oh yes!
    Leven as a daughter of Apollo: mmhm, maybe.

    I really like her, though, so let’s see how she portrays Clarisse or rather how her character will be written. Not having all too high expectations for this movie anyway, if we judge it by the first one.

  • viv

    @Zhanez: Same here. They’re messing up the books!

  • Kayla_12

    I like Leven, but not as Clarisse…
    But I trust that The Sea of ??Monsters going to be better than the first

  • floppyleo

    She would be perfect as Silena Bauregard (daughter of Aphrodite) though, don’t you think?
    Well, let’s just hope the movie will be a success.

  • eLA

    Wow, am I the only one that see this wrong, she is more of a daughter of Afrodite I think.

  • Lauren


  • Zhanez

    @floppyleo: yeah! Silena suits her better.. much much better..

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    relax…everything is going great in PJO:SOM. why don’t you all go in IMDB to see the message boards.

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @This is me: they did actually evan Rick Riordan himself supported SOM

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @Zhanez: she was badass in THG so I think she’ll be a great Clarisse. that doesn’t mean that you have to be bulky and big to be an Ares’ kid, but you have to be a skilled warrior.

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @RYE: of course she does, didn’t you watch The Hungar Games??

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @stephanie-jay: wrong about that, Ares had a daughter with Aphrodite named Harmonia(Harmony) and I’m guessing that she’s not big, strong bulky kinda more manly looking and the only thing she looks like she was born to fight was split ends.

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @Hazel_alvarez: man..I totally agree with you

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @floppyleo: that doesn’t mean if your an Ares’ kid you have to be ugly, look at Eros god of love and Harmonia they’re both children of ares and I don’t think they’re ugly.

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @Zhanez: no..I think this should be Silena http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1801841/

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    let’s just be thankful for not cutting Clarisse in the movie, and by the way, we have a Thalia

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @Kratonians: its better than nothing like in the first movie

  • Person

    i really can’t see leven as clarisse…..but i guess i have 2 watch the movie 2 b the judge of that!

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @philomena: Leven as a daughter of Aphrodite: oh yes!
    Leven as a daughter of Apollo: mmhm, maybe.
    Leven as a daughter of Ares: why not, I’m sure that a spartan like the god of war Ares would mate a lady that looks like aphrodite.

    its not the looks, its the skills

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @Lauren: oh yes

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @floppyleo: it will, Rick Riordan himself supported the movie and that’s why we now have a Clarrise and Thalia.

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @eLA: ah…no, anyway its not the way how she looks, but its how brutal and skilled during in battle, that is how you are determined as an Ares’ child, Leven Rambin would be perfect for the role, but it doesn’t matter if Clarisse looks bulky,strong and fearsome like in the books we read, all daughters of Ares can be beautiful.

    do you really believe that Ares would mate a crocodile?(a sprtan like ares..no way!!!)

  • Clarissa

    I think she was awesome in THG, but Clarisse? I don’t know, in the book she has always been DESCRIBED, not just IMAGINED, as a bulky, strong, intimidating character, Leven is not those things. I personally think they are trying to feed off the popularity of THG. Good marketing, not so good for keeping the original fanbase interested in the movies. :(

  • Zoe

    Ummm… has anyone seen her in ‘The Hunger Games’? She will be AMAZING as Clarisse.

  • jillian

    GLIMMER! What the hell is she doing as Clarisse?? she’s too… pretty to be an Ares’ daughter. Leven? bad choice. This movie already smells like fail.

  • http://imdb.com Kratonians

    @jillian: why? do you believe that Ares would mate a crocodile. no wonder he dated Aphrodite.

  • Mike Ehling

    Clarisse is my xxxooo fave character in the whole series. I refuse to watch the first movie because they cut her out. Now they’re hiring some pretty-faced starlet to wreck Clarisse’s character altogether? This is a disgrace!!!

  • Lucy

    OMG! I hate them! How do they make another movie when Luke dies! And shes pretty and she should have a breack after being in the hunger games!

  • Nessa

    While, appearance-wise, she doesn’t quite match up with Clarisse, she defiantly has the attitude for it. I think she could pull it off.

  • oznumberone

    Leven looks like she can deliver a smart ass line. She’s perfect.

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