Vanessa Hudgens: Planet Blue Shopping Spree!

Vanessa Hudgens: Planet Blue Shopping Spree!

Vanessa Hudgens gets some help from boyfriend Austin Butler as they leave the Planet Blue boutique on Wednesday afternoon (April 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The twosome left the store with a ton of bags — JJJ counts at least five!

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Austin, 20, browsed around the store while Vanessa, 23, styled a new outfit for the Coachella Music Festival this weekend with the help of the boutique’s staff.

The group decided on a tribal print dress with layered feather necklaces. So trendy!

15+ pics inside of Vanessa and Austin

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Kay

    I love the dress! Looks like she bought a lot!

    go to: – it is a Vanessa Hudgens fan blog

    Looks like she also got hair extensions! They look good though.

  • me


  • xo

    that dress is super cute. Love her hair!

  • roxy

    cute couple! Vanessa looks Gorgeous, but when doesn’t she, right? Austin as always the gentleman. i love how they like to spend itme together :)

  • Joochi

    I love that she has long hair again even if it’s extensions, love it, love it. Dress looks super cute on her.

  • kami

    did she wear that dress out of the store? without washing it? i saw a tv show about how you shouldn’t do that. i won’t tell you what they found on clothes before they are washed. you can read it here.

  • yets

    i love the looks v.

  • Karen

    V soo beautiful. Last year at Coachella she was with Josh xD

  • ehryle

    Love birds so cute hanging out together without fear on what people say about them… there are not hiding or running but showing to be normal like us!! there relationship is look better than the way before!! YOLO love is in the air :)

  • Elendur

    Like seeing them together but I miss seeing her with Laura New. They should be seen together again this weekend though @ Coachella.I just hope we get pics like last year!

  • florence2

    Love seeing these two out and about and showing the world and hatrer.s that they don.t care who see’s them, they are young, in love and not running and hiding Vanessa has done that in the past and looked miserable about this. Now she look’s so carefree with Austin and they obvioulsy love each other very much I for one can’t wait for the festival pictures to come out.

    And I can’t wait for the engagement to be announced which will surely be by the end of this year if not sooner.

  • Sara


    i do think they are cute and now shes carefree and all but i dont see them staying together for that long. I feel it will last till the end of spring, the summer the latest. why i say that? because 8months or no 8months i still feel this is based on lust. thats just my opinion

  • muse

    I love that Vanessa has this amazing style and she owns it well and wears it well. She likes to take risks and shows us what she can do with fashion. I love it :)
    Its great that she gets time off for Coachella. Cant wait to go one year. And it will happen!!!! Lol.

  • Emma

    I hate her

    Josh told that she broke his heart

    She used Josh & made him think that she liked him then went off with that Austin dude.

    Apparently Josh was really upset

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    @Emma: Wow! Ur mother really give u a gift that can read people’s mind!
    Josh is just kidding ok?! They are best friends now dude!

  • nessa

    just wow!!!!

  • kyla

    austin really loves V ha.

  • kyla

    i love you Van.

  • merlin’s mum

    @florence2: It does me laugh when you talk about be care-free from what the haters say! Considering that YOU are one of the biggest haters on JJ!!

  • druevalentine

    @Emma: let’s face it josh didn’t do enough to make the relationship flourish did he ??? don’t get me wrong i love josh but he was very passive because if the wanted her so much as some of you say he would have done their best to not let her go.

  • druevalentine

    btw girl can’t help it.. she’s BEAUTIFULˇˇˇ

  • Enna

    Austin’s blooming into a handsome dude! He can now stand up to Zac’s good looks!

  • merlin’s mum

    @druevalentine: No Josh’s problem was becoming more high profile than miss Wonderful.

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mum
    oh go back and take your meds and babysit your dog and cat. Don’t complain about Florence when you’re the same way. While I will admit Florence is kind of crazy it pails in comparison to your obsession with the little “golden boy” so piss off. And just a FYI Josh admitted that he and Vanessa still talk when they get the chance so blow it out your ass. I rarely do this but it’s Ms. Not miss.

  • telle

    @merlin’s mum: sorry but you’re DOPE ˇˇˇˇ most of the vanessa’s haters are mentally damaged.
    maybe this sounds ridiculous for many of you but I keep thinking that vanessa would make cute couple with Harry S. even if he’s underage like she said age is just a number right?

  • Truth

    @merlin’s mum:

    Honey, please. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    Josh and Vanessa broke up last summer, WAY before Josh became big. Also he says that he and Vanessa are still good friends, which is more than can be said for your “golden boy”. Whatever he did to screw Vanessa over must have been pretty bad since she doesn’t even talk to him anymore.

    Regardless, it’s funny how people are suddenly so concerned for Josh when this time last year they were hating on him because of how much time he was spending with Vanessa. Josh has always been a great guy and it’s obvious he holds no ill feelings towards Vanessa. Quit trying to start drama where there is none.

  • Haters Suck!

    i should’ve coined the phrase “golden boy” for zac a long time ago. Oh well it’s kind of funny how lots of people use it now which is cool by me.
    BTW when is coachella. I thought it was next weekend but is it this weekend?

  • xo

    @Emma: Josh was out of the picture way before Austin came along. There were at least 3 months where we didnt get any sightings or mentions of him. And you dont need to worry about his ‘broken heart’, he’s obviously fine with how things are between them these days. He even teased her about Austin during promo.

  • kelly martineau

    Big Lips isn’t wearing his augly green sweatshirt like he always in. Does he live at nessa full time. looks like he doesn’t have a place of his’s own. what do they do behind close doors make out and have sex. doesn’t she care about her friend and her sister anymore.
    She’s allways with him 24/7.
    And she needs to make up her mind about her hair short middle or long enough with the hair pieces.

  • Haters Suck!

    you have to be the most absurd, brain dead, clueless people I’ve ever met.

  • xo

    @kelly martineau: Pictures like this are just an hour or two of her day. You have no idea what goes on the rest of the time when she’s at home. You dont know what she does or doesnt do just because there arent pictures or she’s not constantly tweeting about what she’s up to. She’s been away from her family and friends for the majority of 2012 with promo and filming, she’s most likely been catching up the last few days. She and all of her friends are going to coachella in an RV btw

  • telle

    she looks beautiful

  • Iluv2bme!!!!!wathaterz

    Can you guys stop acting like kindergardeners and learn to spell right ok and stop freaking cussing each other out got it!!!!!!~!!!!!!! :-) hehehehe!!!!!!!

  • http://@ASTRIDFCC astrid

    seriouslly love this dress :O
    when u want br the best dressed need watch vanessa she is so hot and fasion icon

>>>>>>> staging1