Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Smoke & Mirrors Party!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Smoke & Mirrors Party!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler attend the Guess Hotel/Smoke & Mirrors Party during the 2012 Coachella Music Festival held at La Quinta Resort and Club on Saturday (April 14) in La Quinta, California.

The 23-year-old actress wore a Native American headpiece along with some face paint.

“I’m all Jeweled up for Coachella. Hehe. Who’s here this weekend? What bands are you excited to see?” Vanessa wrote on her official blog.

Also spotted at the party: Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson, who Vanessa attended the festival with last year.

FYI: Austin is wearing AllSaints‘ Muerte Cut Collar t-shirt.

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Credit: Tiffany Rose; Photos: Wire Image
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  • marie

    austin is so g-a-y

  • lola

    Wow what a trashy girl. She screwed Josh over! Feel bad for the dude! What a Wh***!

  • Haters Suck!

    F**k you, you don’t know Jack$hit b!tch. Josh just recently said they still talk to one another when they can. It wouldn’t surprise me if they hang around each other at this event.

  • xo

    She & Josh got along just fine during promo. Just check out the pics from their Bondi Beach photo stop, he still adores her.

  • bebe

    I don’t get it, does coachella have a certain theme or something. cuz she looks like Pocahontas.

  • winter

    ANOTHER NOSE JOB!!!! ……and major filler. This girl is addicted!!!!!

  • sigh

    i guess my comment was too mean to be posted? so lame.

  • thetis


    Its the same nose she’s always had you asshole. I don’t know about you but most peoples faces change as they get older.

    thats Ashley that had the deviated septum (supposedly) and had her nose worked on.

    Vanessa is quite a peace with her looks and herself – too bad you can’t say the same

  • peggy


    Josh said they dated a few times are are still great friends. And guess what you can actually date someone without sleeping with them – I know that’s a hard concept for a person like you but try it sometime

  • winter


    She had a previous nose job and another one recently, botox and filler your slow if you don’t see. You dont get more volume as you get older. Your IQ may be lower so I wont bother explaining it to you.

  • Haters Suck!

    youre either blind, dumb, or slow im just having a hard time picking one, it’s more then likely a three-way combination. She never had a nose job or any kind of surgery and unless you can prove that you should really shut the hell up.

  • evz

    @winter: Really? a nose job and botox? Believe it or not but if that’s true it would be news already…

  • sunny

    @xo: Josh really liked her, but she didn’t like him much

    I think Josh still likes her

  • eat me

    i don’t believe she’ll do the nose job or what so ever…. She said it before she might do that when she’s older but now i don’t think theres some changes in her face….

  • Zyonna

    what really annoys me is that i like her but this is way too much and personally i prefer her with josh and i can say that im not one of them who dissed him

  • Elendur

    Like the Native American theme.

  • yets

    i also love Josh for her..Josh is a nice guy also like austin and Zac maybe?

  • bella

    It’s better to have your own style than copy everyone else’s. Vanessa owns what she wears. Please get over it

  • nessa

    i miss Josh w/ her also.

  • shanghai

    Sometimes you date nice guys but the feelings are just not mutual and you prefer them as friends only. Austin seems a caring and attentive boyfriend.

  • jimmy.

    anyone else notice she’s been to Coachella 3 years in a row and each year she’s gone with a different guy.. lol Zac first time, Josh second and now Austin. haha. :)

  • mags

    @winter: she inherited her mother cheeks and do you know any photo of vanessa when she was younger like 6 or 8 yrs old, because i saw one her cheek is perfect rounded so cute, lol why im replying to yr stupid comment!

  • kamilla

    Josh looks CUTE!!! and Vanessa looks… uhhmm …… uhhh… blop blop……… idk?

  • kelly martineau

    nessa dresses like a hippy these days. To bad she wasn’t born in the 60′s. Big lips in gross looking. Nessa goes to these thing every year at this time. Give her something to do. Because she doesn’t have anything else going for her right know.

  • memememe

    i really wish i could understand her style these days, haha i guess sometimes, it’s just not my cup of tea. but her and austin look cute nevertheless and josh is HOT. MANNN.

  • telle

    @lola: josh is aware of his own actions, he’s no longer a baby as many of their ignorant fans believe and just for the record he isn’t doing anything wrong //// and btw vanessa & josh are awesome friends what can we do huh?

  • telle

    the comment of @winter confirms to me that people are damaged or just plain stupid…the one of the nose job was fine but my cousin who hates vanessa beat that one joke when he said vanessa did a eyes job .. lol LOL¡¡¡¡¡ ???? “` weirdos

  • Warren

    Vanessa looks ready for love. Hot!


    This girl and her style. Awesome. I found out Journey 2 made over 100 million domesticly in the US!!!!!!!!! YAY.

  • Estelle

    Her extentions are back she looks like her old self which I like.

  • mags

    Finally Journey 2 made 100 mil inthe U.S long journey ha!ha!, and still counting, 320mil worldwide, JJ any picture the 3 of them together?

  • Elendur

    More Vanessa and Austin pics day three

  • sigh

    @shanghai: austin seems attentive to the PAPARAZZI that the two of them always call. Not to her. He’s a fame w|-|0r3. and that relationship is fake.

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