Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Last Day Kisses at Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Last Day Kisses at Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens reaches up to smooch boyfriend Austin Butler during the last day of the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Sunday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress wore a fun and flirty bandeau top while enjoying concerts with pals, including Kim Hidalgo.

Vanessa was even spotted dancing out in the grass to some tunes.

“I’m all Jeweled up for Coachella. Hehe,” she wrote on her official site, showing off all the rings and jewelry on her wrists.

WHAT WAS YOUR favorite piece that Vanessa wore this weekend?

15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Rocstar/CPR/Premiere; Photos: AKM-GSI, FameFlynet
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  • a

    She looks ridiculous as usual.

    Another year. Another boyfriend at Coachella. Another ridiculous, attention-seeking outfit.

  • Zyonna

    i love her but i’m sick of them! i really never thought i’d say that, it all started with zac and her at coachella and u only saw them a little bit , then her and josh was a tad more but not by much, now her and austin is this big thing which is sad cuz it makes her look cheap and I KNOW she isn’t at all. i’m sorry but they need to break up, its starting to make her look fame wh*rish even though she isn’t :’(

  • a

    I guess that her creepy, delusional stans finally abandoned her..

  • Candela

    I’m sick and tired of this posts!!!!!
    si ella de veras lo amara no andaría haciendo esas muladas en publico!! yuuuukk!!!!

  • Candela


    i’m agree!!!!!

  • My 2 Cents

    I think they are adorable. She is happy and in love, so what she is kissing her BF. If you saw all the other celebrities there they are are kissing their BF’s too. You people are just Haters I’d rather see pretty young people kissing that fighting or being distant and cold. If you don’t like her stay off her posts.

  • anastasia

    i feel like she always goes to coachella just for the attention!!!

    not cuz she knows or likes the music/bands.

    she’s just there for the publicity every year with another boyfriend.

  • Joochi

    So sick of all these hater’s that constantly bash her for everything and anything that she does, Let’s face it, she’s in Hollywood, she’s
    working hard to get her parts for films, she is one of the most true
    to character that I’ve seen in a long time so why are you hater’s knocking her?, kindly drop it already, none of you know her so you
    don’t know her and judging her by only pics that JJJr. n JJ post up
    we all know it’s because he needs the hits! Vanessa has done not
    a thing wrong and has learned from her past and I must say she
    is becoming a very beautiful young lady in her own right so….. leave her alone.

  • roxy

    @Joochi -Amen!

    Vanessa looks beautiful as always, love that smile of her. I’m happy to see her happy. if you dont like to see her happy with someone who you dont like then dont even bother to comment here, go away and dont waste your time. it’s that easy! she is living her life the way she wants to, she’s in love again, yes IN LOVE and she seems very happy this way,,,decision that she and her ex made 2 YEARS AGO-maybe it’s time for you people to move on too. And no, she is NOT an attention seeker. Paps are far away from her and she keeps doing what makes her happy. I have met her in person and she is the sweetest, she doesnt care about cameras—they get annoying most of the time though i seen them a few feet from her, it’s crazy. Haters need to get a life, seriously….why waste time here? i wish Vanessa the best, i know she’s happy, she found herself a good MAN (her soul) who cares about her and she doesnt care what others think…..learn from her. peace! im glad she had a great time with her friends, she deserves nothing but the best.

  • shanghai

    They look happy and in love so why all the hate. Did bother me a bit in I think it was Vegas when they really should have taken the PDA indoors and her clothes are not my taste but if that’s what she likes who are we to say anything about it. As for the paps those lenses are getting more and more powerful and the people probablly cannot even see them so far away.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    It makes me wonder why Vanessa and Zac were never like this.

  • xo

    lol at the haters in here. No matter what you say she’s still happy with her life and going to do what she wants. I dont get what you think the point of making comments like that is, but whatever, more hits for her so, again, she wins.

  • winter

    I think she sleeps with the photographers too. Usually mags n sites hate this attention whoo or attitude. Something seems off. Hmmm. That guy better be happy with her cause no one will touch him after he’s been with her. She’s been around too much!

  • kelly martineau

    Making out with big Lips again. can’t keep there hands of each other. Hopefully they have condoms with them. because they can’t stop making out. There hormons are in over drive.
    See how long it takes nessa to go spend sometime with her family. Don’t those two get sick of each other. They are together 24/7.

  • emma

    I am sick and tired of people complaining about them.

    She is 23 and she can do whatever she wants to do

    I bet she would be always hated as long as she’s not Zac’s date

    If you don’t like her, stop coming to this board

  • maria

    There are sad people in the world, who just hate seeing others happy. I agree with My 2 cents. Isn’t it nicer to see people happy and loving, instead of b*tching, fighting, and hating? Isn’t the world a better place when we love and tolerate, instead of hate and criticize?? There is nothing sweeter than a beautiful couple who care about each other and show it.

  • Haters Suck!

    Haters can go screw yourselves. I know we’re not used to seeing Vanessa with a guy who cares about her and wants to be with her and is not ashamed of her and is proud to be her boyfriend so I understand it getting some used too. But get over it.

  • Sam

    YES! finally she dress good at coachela, first two outfits were horrible

  • Arjay

    @ kelly. Advising condoms for them? I’ m sure they have , not that it’s any of your business. But i guess it’s better hidden than being thrown or dropped off in the open for the world to see. I don’t hear her family complaining, so she must have spent quality time with them too. Oh i get it you want pictures with her and her family but having a picture would make her a fame***** then again right? You’re pathetic

  • tina

    I like the first outfit and this one. Why all the hate? It’s an outdoor music festival not a premiere. Some one wore a designer dress, they’re the one’s who would be out of place. Like wearing a formal dress to a picnic. THEY ARE SITTING ON THE GRASS .

  • yets

    i love you V.

  • Boji

    Exactly, nothing wrong with being public in your display of affection. I think there is just too little of it amongst Hollywood couples. My guess is that they’re just too cautious and wary of paps. I admire Vanessa and Austin for being themselves. Come to think of it there seems to be a spade of other celebrity couples showing PDA e.g, Ian and Nina, Emma Watson and her boo.

  • sigh

    @zac/vanessa/ashnessa: because it was a real relationship, they didn’t have to stuff their tongues down each others throats every dang time there was a camera on them.

  • Maeli

    She looks great

>>>>>>> staging1