Alexandra Daddario Goes Blonde for 'Percy Jackson'!

Alexandra Daddario Goes Blonde for 'Percy Jackson'!

Alexandra Daddario shows off her lighter locks as she films new scenes for Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters at the Ambleside Pier in Vancouver on Tuesday (April 17).

The 26-year-old actress plays Annabeth Chase in this film franchise. If you recall, Annabeth was blond in the books, too!

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While shooting, Alexandra, Douglas Smith and Logan Lerman all jumped on a green-screened sea monster.

ARE YOU GLAD that Alexandra went blonde for the role?

15+ pics inside…

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Credit: NHorsley; Photos: AKM-GSI, FameFlynet
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  • Ale

    I love the actors from the movie (specially logan <3) but i didn’t love the movie because it was so different from the books.Now at least i’m happy they are trying to make it more similar ,what i think it’s fantastic :).

  • Tracy

    I’m glad the director is trying to make it the movie more like the books! Alexandra looks great :)

  • Jamie

    I love her as a blonde! :) Alexandra looks stunning! Yay, more faithful to the book. And somehow I can’t imagine Douglas Smith with one eye. Great casting so far though, can’t wait to see the rest! I really hope they make it more faithful to the book and straighten up the screwed up/missing events in the first movie. I need to see the Oracle! :D And Thalia Grace! Can’t wait for the scenes with Grover, haha!

  • gillian

    I’m SO glad her hair is blonde.

  • This is me

    I can’t wait for the movie :)

  • maila

    Finally! It seems they are trying to take things from the book and putting in the movie. I hope this movie follows the book well.

  • howie

    Look at Tyson and Percy ! Logan and Douglas are perfect and Alex looks younger with blonde hair

  • Isaac

    Wow! she is beautiful!

  • zhanez

    omg! finally! looks like they’re sticking to the books and getting it right this time! cant wait! so excited! :)

  • Lauren

    I’m happy that their trying to fix their errors. I hope this works out fo the best, because it would be nice to see them complete them all!!! :)
    Gotta admit it’s pretty weird that she was brunette and now blonde :P

  • Kratonians

    @This is me: i told u so

  • zhanez

    maybe they’ll say she dyes her hair blonde over the school year or somethng..

  • shenda

    i loved her even before, i don’t think that hair colors matters that much. but she’s beautiful either way :)

  • thechosenone

    yay!! this is what im talking about!! follow the books!!

  • Grace

    I adored Alex Daddario either way, with blonde or brunette hair. She is beautiful either way. For the sake of the book purists. Glad she went blonde. Everyone is happy now.
    @Lauren I don’t think it’s weird. Weird is going to be glossing over the fact Chiron is a different actor (I’m pretty excited because it’s Anthony Head)
    But someone dyeing their hair is no big deal at all. Especially since its what fans wanted anyway. I don’t think they even need to comment on it. I dyed my hair from black to brown and when 2 of my friends got back from Boston they didn’t say much about it.
    And it was just a 2 week vacation as well. *shrugs*

  • emms

    I’m so glad! And I hope the movie is closer to the books than the last one. I.wonder how they’ll make a transition from brunette to blond. Maybe she’ll say like” I was trying out a Color…..?” Idk :3


    I love her as a blonde,Love that there being faithful to the second book! Am I the only one who thinks her eyes look gray?

  • sunny

    I hope the movie turns out great.. i really like logan and alexandra. i hope they make the entire series into a movie.

  • Sarah

    I like her better as a brunette…but then I haven’t read the books…I’m not a fan of blondes anyway though…except for Reese Witherspoon…

  • Sarah

    Well let me clarify…the reason I like her better as a brunette is that it makes her eyes REALLY stand out! Like Logan’s dark hair makes his eyes really POP and smolder at you…

  • Allison

    Oh I love that Alexandra went blonde for the Sea of Monsters. I also heard they are makeing the next movie more like the book so I am super excited about it. To bad it dosen’t come out for another year though.

  • AJ

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! FINALLY. I loved Alexandra when I first saw the movie, but I always wondered how much more I’d like her if she was blonde. I’m so glad that they’re making the effort to stick more to the books.
    As for how they’ll explain the new hair in the movie? I think that they won’t. She’ll just act in the movie as if her hair never changed. There’s no need to make a big deal about the change because it was supposed to be blonde to begin with.
    But I soo seriously hope that they’ll find a way to fit the prophecy into the new movie and that they’ll make it more similar.
    The last movie was soo seriously screwed by Chris Columbus even though he’s a great director. I just wish so much that he would’ve stuck to the book. I guess he wasn’t a big fan.
    But now I’m so excited! This is gonna be great hopefully! And they’ve put in so many new characters from the book.
    Now if only they get that prophecy in. Maybe they’ll change the age limit in the prophecy to something older?

  • http://864dani Dani

    I’m so glad that they’re making it as similar to the book as possible, the one thing I really wish you didn’t skip in the first movie was tha part with Ares, the fight with him, I mean, how will he brag about it if it didn’t happen, hope they film it in a flashback-y sort of way. Hope they go MORE by the book now :D Looking forward to it, hope we won’t need to wait as long for the third the same way we did the second though. The cast is AWESOME! Make it cool :D

  • planet16

    i thought it was clarisse at first

  • mohammed

    i have read all the book and saw the first movie. i love the movie so much that i cant wait till the next one. Also Alexandra looks stunning in blonde hair

  • gena

    Logan Lerman is the hottest Jewish boy ever.

  • Alessandra

    God I’m so happy she’s blond… They should have made her dyed in the first movie!