Zac Efron: 'Taylor Schilling & I Had Great Chemistry'

Zac Efron: 'Taylor Schilling & I Had Great Chemistry'

Zac Efron bundles up in a jean jacket as he takes a walk outside his hotel in NYC on Wednesday morning (April 18).

The 24-year-old The Lucky One actor arrived with costar Taylor Schilling in the Big Apple last night.

In a recent interview with EOnline, Zac dished that he and Taylor weren’t nervous about the love scene in the movie, which happened five months into filming.

“We had great chemistry,” Zac shared. “We knew each other every which way. It felt great.”

The Lucky One hits theaters on April 20th.

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Credit: Asadorian-Mejia, Aaron St. Clair; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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aaalex @ 4:00 pm on 04/18/2012

ayone else know the level of his shoes?

stefanie @ 4:15 pm on 04/18/2012

ahhhh love him!

barbara @ 4:31 pm on 04/18/2012

there are sure a sadness about him, something is going on with him.

stefanie @ 4:35 pm on 04/18/2012

@barbara the pappz are stalking him. You wouldn’t be smiling either!

peggy @ 8:48 pm on 04/18/2012

“We knew each other every which way” What exactly does that mean???

Whatever @ 9:35 pm on 04/18/2012

That is a basic admission of cheating. From the horses’ mouth. Vanessa goofing off with her 18 yr old costar was nothing compared to “knowing each other every which way”. I think we all know now who the cheat was.

andrea @ 10:07 pm on 04/18/2012

don’t start drama, this post is not about vanessa.. they break up like a year ago!

i’m so happy for zac’s new movie, i hope everyone can see what a great actor he is

Amanda @ 10:35 pm on 04/18/2012

You people who are still hung up on “Zanessa” need to let it go and move on already. Nobody cares anymore.

Whatever @ 11:14 pm on 04/18/2012

@Amanda: Tell that to the morons who point fingers at his ex. But you’re right, i could care less about Efron and who he knows every which way. What an a$$.

Amanda @ 11:34 pm on 04/18/2012

@Whatever: You’re just as bad as they are. If you care so little about him, then stop wasting your time visiting his posts and making nasty comments.

Sue @ 11:38 pm on 04/18/2012

@Whatever: Why is he an A$$. He did not say he cheated with Taylor you are just reading that into what he said. People need to stop Zac is not hurting anyone. In the people magazine he said that he and Vanessa were in love just let it go.

florence2 @ 12:48 am on 04/19/2012

Then efron needs to stop imp,ying things happened between him and his costars to make himself look like some stud. You can’t know someone after 5 months every which way unless you spent loads of time together and got intimste with them, and again his loves scenes felt great for him he goes on like he’s never done a scene with a woman in life or he’s the only male at or to do it. Like I’ve said before he knows what comes out of his mouth and how it will be taken so he’s more than happy to get kabelled a cheat.

Yea his ex goofed about with a costar big difference to her saying that she knew josh every which way. And people wonder why he and his ex ate no longer friends.

I’m sure once he seems Taylor at the premier his smile will return.

florence2 @ 12:50 am on 04/19/2012

Apparently he arrived with Taylor last night maybe he’s miserable because he forgot his condoms and did’nt get no action with Taylor.

florence2 @ 1:44 am on 04/19/2012

JJ is the one who is making a point of putting in the posts that Zac and Taylor are arriving at places together or like this one travelling together he could just as easy level taylors name off it. We will soon have another load of pictures of Taylor all over him and him loving it.

florence2 @ 1:46 am on 04/19/2012

It was reported at the time if the split that Taylor was helping him get over it and giving him comfort.

OK @ 1:57 am on 04/19/2012

@florence2 I’ll bet your eyes are brown because you are so full of crap. First off he doesn’t need to do anything. He never said the had sex , that only means they got to know each other well during shooting.
so she helped him get over a breakup that could mean someone to talk to. If he wanted condoms NY is full of them he was staying in a hotel , she lives in NY she was at her place. When the video portion of this interview comes out . you will see it is nothing like What Mark said.He had to apologize to Zac beore for saying something that wasn’t true that he went on air and a post with. E news is famous for getting it wrong.

kyle @ 4:52 am on 04/19/2012

Stop dragging the ex name here. Move-on peeps. He is doing just fine unattached, with focus on his career. Good for him.

Amanda @ 4:53 am on 04/19/2012

@florence2: Um, it isn’t his fault that the media outlets take his statements and twist them into something that they aren’t. I am so sick of seeing your ridiculous comments on Zac’s posts all the time, go outside and take a ******* walk.

florence2 @ 5:16 am on 04/19/2012

If he did’nt say things then there would be nothing to get twisted this latest comment about Taylor and then their interviews say a lot about what went down while filming.

florence2 @ 5:19 am on 04/19/2012

And his ex ca n be labelled a cheat but the precious Zac is’nt capable of such a act I think not men just like women can cheat his fan’s have hated on his ex from day one and was never good enough for him.

florence2 @ 5:21 am on 04/19/2012

If Taylor lives in new York why did jj put that they arrived together last night.

Whatever @ 5:32 am on 04/19/2012

The bottom line is, he most likely cheated. He spent months, while in a relationship, filming hot and heavy sex scenes, not wanting to stop, getting “turned on”, and having a great time doing so. Other professional actors, when asked about such scenes, will say it’s technical, not romantic, and not fun with people all around filming. These scenes sound like they were pretty much p*rnographic, and he’s bragging about how turned on he was. Why doesn’t he just KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT AND BE PROFESSIONAL??? Then people like me would not need to point out what an a$$ he is. But no, he just always says such stupid stuff, acts like a Romeo, and is just so damn arrogant. This is the stuff I truly hate about him. Go back in hiding, Efron. At least you’re not always running at the mouth then.

OK @ 7:02 am on 04/19/2012

@florence2 Are you 12 years old? It said they arrived because they both just came from L.A. Warners had them both come in to N.Y. for interviews along with their PR teams(They were not alone look at Arrival Pic and tape) . It didn’t say they stayed together
@whatever The bottom line is You don’t know what they did. If he bothers you so much why read him? He knows how to drum up PR.
If they did do it . What’s it to you? I don’t think they did.I’m sorry that he didn’t say how horrible these scens were just to make you and others happy. BTW he says they took ONE DAY aside to shoot the scenes. Maybe he liked them. because they were the least amount of work and he was ready for it. The problem with the haters and the lovers is they both read into everything he says , what they want to read into it. I will say I think what he said and how he said it was a poor choice of words. He comes across as young and imature.

lauren @ 7:24 am on 04/19/2012

again you dont know anything what happen with the break-up… it’s been almost two years, why are people like you still hang on what people ”think” and ”know” what is your problem? if you dont like him why are you on here? it’s people like YOU and florence2 who start crap on here who ”claim” to know what happen? the only people who know what happen is zac and vanessa, not haters,fans or people who claim to know. so everyone including you needs to shut up. Have you ever met him personally? i would like know how old are you? cus your acting like a 12 yr old who is just bitter.
grow up.

tc @ 7:16 pm on 04/19/2012

@lauren: So your acting like you know nothing did happen while filming. haven’t you been listening to interviews and more than that watching the body language and eye contact between them? They definately act like lovers, and the way they say they talk and act I will not be surprised if they rekindled that affair. Now it doesn’t matter because he is a free man but because he wasn’t while filming it puts a whole different spin on things. Anyway passing on this film since watching it will just point out they had a thing off camera and that is sickening to know that they cheated and hurt someone. If that is what being grown up is all about then I guess he did grow up.

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