Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Mezza Mates

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Mezza Mates

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler share a kiss outside Mezza restaurant on Wednesday (April 18) in Studio City, Calif.

The adorable couple chilled outside the Italian eatery before being seated.

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Vanessa recently wrote on her website about finding fashion gold in consignment shops.

“So when I was filming in St. Pete[rsburg, Florida] — lets just say its a smaller town than I live in. So I went out on the prowl for some good shopping and came across a consignment store. Soooo I thought might as well give it a look and my goodness I found gold,” Vanessa wrote. “Missoni dress, vintage Pucci from the 70s, Chanel pants and much more…Plus my wallet wasn’t mad at me!!! Obsessed with consignment stores. So get your search on Ladies and you may find fashion gold ;)”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Koolaburra‘s Nadine Clogs.

ARE YOU A consignment store shopper? 10+ pics inside…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • creep

    perfection! even with no make up on lol looking flawless, v! austin on the other hand…

  • ge

    so beautiful <3

  • Mari

    Beautiful couple :)

  • http://Efronfan2 Jenna

    At one point it was cute but now it’s getting disgusting they are like literally sucking each others face every effin day and seem like he never changes his clothes and please can I steal those shoes and throw them away.Vanessa what’s wrong with you u deserve better leave him please for goodness sake.Urggggggghhhhhhhh I can’t stand them any more I love u Vanessa but get rid of him please and stop giving him money.

  • lady

    jjr why did you show the picture of vanessa gave austin money to pay for everthink.he with her becouse she pay for everthink.he use her.

  • My 2 Cents

    Fans should be happy for her, she is very happy and her exes are just as happy too. Be happy she has someone and she’s not into being single and going from one guy to the next.

  • ella

    Who cares if Vanessa paid for something? This isn’t 1800 where woman can’t do anything. My mom pays for loads of stuff for my dad. They’ve been married 20 years, are you going to tell me that my dad is just using my mom? Don’t judge anyone’s relationship because you don’t know what goes on between two people.

  • xo

    @Jenna: I’ve said this before but if you were to look at any other couple their age and notice how often they kiss, it would be no different. The only difference is that sometimes there are creepy old men with cameras recording the whole thing.

  • roxy

    Even Jared said it ‘adorable couple’….no one cant deny their cuteness :) wish both Vanessa and Austin the best and lots of more love………..YES Vanessa deserved better! look at her now, she is happy, she found her soul. Someone who actually cares about her.

    Ella and my 2 cents- well said it, i agree with you both :)

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh some people need to pi$$ off. I’ve followed Vanessa for a long time and I do see a change in her a good change. She looks more like a giant weight has been lifted off her shoulders and she’s able to fly again. She is freeer and happier and more carefree then she has ever been. She’s with someone who is as devoted to her as she is to him. She deserved that and is finally getting it. Will it be happily ever after? I don’t know but it’s good to see right now.

  • kelly martineau

    They spend money like there’s no tommorrow. Who cares if they make alot. One of these days they are going to go broke. Those two are together 24/7 aren’t they sick of each other. Does Big lips live at nessa house? Hate the shose but like everything else.

    Like to see nessa with her family somewhere or ashley with her other people beside big lips all the time. Getting old.

  • Haters Suck!

    you have to be without question one of the most insane, brain dead people ive ever come across

  • http://google barbara

    i agree with kelly and lady, you all have your heads buried in the sand, that guy is using her,. when she gets a broken heart, i am going to tell you so, you can critize me all you want, i know this guy is using her, i saw the video, he is no gentleman, that ask for money, and she gave it to him,i feel sorry for her, plus she needs to work on her career, directers see all she cares about is her relationship,not enough on her career, which she has worked so hard for, this guy is going to ruin, her career, all that making out is over the top, very one is saying this. i’m done and over it.i love vanessa but i will never support her lover. she deserves, better then this.

  • Haters Suck!

    of course austin is using her. no one can ever love vanessa or see how sweet and special she is or how beautiful she is, or how charming she is, or how kind and warmhearted she is. She must just be an awful girlfriend.
    Give me a break. You have never even given austin a chance youve been on his ass since day one and thats not fair. directors don’t care about their actors personal lives. Vanessa is an amazing girl so why don’t you get your head out of the sand and see that. Austin knows how amazing vanessa is and hes showing her.

  • Emma

    I really don’t like ‘vaustin’ uhg. I mean, I hate Austin Butler, and I hate it vanessa is with him
    u see at 0:27 she give him a money
    com on vanessa u should leave? him

  • Joyce

    I MISS ZANESSA. Zac and vanessa are more SUITABLE with each other! I still hope that they get back with each other.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    That butler needs to disappear on this earth
    He is interfering with earth running!!!

  • mags

    nice shoes vanessa!

  • florence2

    Sorry but that’s never going to happen and to honest she looks a lot happier since the split then she ever did when they were together, she has a guy who thinks the world of her does’nt run or hide from the pap’s, is,nt afraid to show affection to her and hide it like he’s ashamed of it. That’s not love and by his own mouth Vanessa was serving Zac when it suited him, now with his antics lately she is better off not being associated with him.@Joyce:

  • londonlipton

    None of you on here know Vanessa nor Austin, you are judging off video and photos which show them for a few minutes/seconds at a time. That is no way to judge some from. The way you claim Austin is using her, how do you know? Do you stalk them 24/7 or something? You know nothing. Vanessa seems happy, just as you lot see Austin using her. Lets face facts:
    1) Fans know NOTHING about Vanessa and Austin, your views are just petty assumptions, which shed light on the fact you have little faith in your idols ability to judge people.
    2)Vanessa knows what she is doing. She does need nor care what anyone thinks.



  • xxvanessalover19

    when it comes to vaustin making out,people are like “jeez!!stop it,it’s not cute anymore!!”
    but when it comes to zanessa making out like vaustin,the whole worlds like “OH MY GOD!!,they finally did it!!MORE MORE MORE!!!!!AAAHHHHH!!I’M GOING CRAZY ZANESSA IS SO HOT!!!!wwwoooohhh!!!HOW ADORABLE!!

    hahaha!!!even in your imagination you can see that even a million times zanessa shares PDA will always see it cute and still wanting

  • OK

    @My 2 Cents You said it all so beautiful
    @ Florence2 Just can’t keep your thoughts away from Zac can you? I think thou ptrotest to much.
    @Londonlipton Greetings from Hollywood U.S.A.

  • lie

    still waiting for zanessa to get back together.

  • Haters Suck!

    well wait till hell freezes over cause that’s the only way Vanessa goes back to that wreck of a relationship.

  • michelle

    I think Austin is just using her for sex. He can’t keep his hands off of her. he looks like a horny teenage boy.

  • sigh

    @florence2: Zac didn’t hide her from the paps because the two of them didn’t call the paps when they were together.

  • Maeli