Vanessa Hudgens: Artisan Cheese Gallery Girl

Vanessa Hudgens: Artisan Cheese Gallery Girl

Vanessa Hudgens bids goodbye to her friends on Tuesday afternoon (April 24) in Studio City, Calif.

Along with beau Austin Butler, the group dined at the Artisan Cheese Gallery for a little lunch.

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Over the weekend, Vanessa was busy on her website, posting a few pics for Earth Day and her current obsessions.

“Happy earth day!!! Let’s send appreciation and as much love as we can to our planet,” Vanessa wrote in celebration of Earth Day.

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  • My 2 Cents

    Vanessa looks so pretty it nice to see her out.

  • maria

    She looks beautiful! Cute lacey sweater!

  • iellidy

    a vanessa esta muito sem graça, ela faz questão de toda hora aparce com este , ja ta dano no saco!

  • Boji

    I like her top and that skirt is something I would wear myself.

  • Luisa

    The reason of why Vanessa has less haters comments than Zac is because his fans doesn’t wasted their time on this girl anymore as her fans does

  • Haters Suck!

    aww she looks so cute. Love the smile on her face. And apperntley thats austins mother they had lunch with. Ain’t that special

  • roxy

    oh Vanessa! you always SO pretty :) i love so much her top and hairrrrrrr,,,,,,,and yes i just read that the lady with them is Austin’s mother…how cute is that? lunch with momma Butler too :) Vanessa’s ‘mother in law’ hahaha

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: It is, isn’t it? Shows he wants his mom to get to know her. Love that!!

  • Haters Suck!

    exactly. Austin seems to at least want to make this work on some important level more so then just a casual relationship. Good for him, more power to him

  • My 2 Cents

    I agree with Maria too. It’s really lovely that he wants hs Mom to know her. She looks so pretty.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    I can’t stop shouting!!!!!!!!god!!!she is so beautiful and cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • ehryle

    There relationship is going to the next level its all about family matters it so nice that the couple like Vanessa and Austin are really giving value their family relationship in both sides!! Nothing to hide or to cover up they just want to be civil whatever the present or future they may bring so live with it!! Happy Couple – Happy Family.. YOLO!!

  • londonlipton

    He’s met her family many times. there is pics of them at J2 prem in LA together. So V meeting with his family shows that this relationship is relatively serious.

  • nessa

    she so pretty.

  • kelly martineau

    Looks like she’s getting alone with big lips mom. Is there a video of them having lunch. Nessa finally went to go spend sometime with Ashley and Laura.
    Know we need to see her with her mom and sister.
    What took her so long to be with her friends.

  • tina

    Love her and she looks awesome. I love her outfit!!

  • tina

    Austin has a pretty Mom

  • mykamicks

    I always enjoy seeing Vanessa went out together with her BF or friends or family. She’s having fun like any other young hollywood. She uses her free time with free spirited outlook. Like her tops too.

  • tc

    @mykamicks: I agree, so pretty.

  • tc

    @londonlipton: I agree that is a good point.

  • Whatever

    @kelly martineau: Honey, are you jealous of his gorgeous lips? You’re always talking about them!

  • My 2 cents

    It’s so nice to see Vanessa happy.

  • florence2

    Can’t wait for the engagement to be announced it’s getting closer seeings as they have both met each other’s parents and joshj even joined vanessa and her family at church. They make a goergous couple and I wish them a long and happy married life when it happens which it will that much is obvious.

  • florence2

    that was meant to say that Austin joined Vanessa and her family at church as well, always a good sign.

  • 1NY4life

    shes so pretty her hair grew fast

  • lexie

    They won’t announce their engagement- it will be over as soon as the business deal ends. You think the paps accidently get these pictures of her day in and day out? No-one buys her pictures any more which is why she is giving them to JJJ for free- take it from someone who works in the industry.

    It’s sad that she used to value her private life and now she’s just using it to get attention. Nothing against Austin before any of you start, he seems alright. Just annoyed at the sham.

  • Haters Suck!

    youre full of so much $hit they can smell all the way across the planet in China. Take your conspiracy theory and go join the 9/11 people, the UFO people and the JFK people. Theyve met each others famiies they went to midnight mass together during christmas they go lots of places without pics. For instance they went to lauras concert the other night and the went to puerto rico together no pics. Get this through your thick no brain skull this is a real relationship, DEAL WITH IT!!!!

  • Elizabeth g.

    She is my fashion guide. She should sign w/ a brand other than Candie’s to design a more mature line.

  • lexie

    @Haters Suck. I find your naiveness adoreable. Talk to people in the industry and you will hear the exact same thing I’ve already said, if it hurts to hear the truth- I’m sorry about that but, I live in the real world. Fake relationships are common place within Hollywood. Look at Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson, the relationship served it’s purpose and it’s now over.

    There are plenty of examples of typical PR behaviour. One being that paparrazzi do NOT camp outside a C List actress’s house, she is not worth the money (these days none at all because the pictures are too common place). They camp outside A List houses such as Cruise. Do you ever wonder why there are not many paparrazzi pictures of the bigger stars?? It’s because they value their privacy, something Ms Hudgens seems to have lost.

    I also add- who had actually heard of Austin Butler in the mainstream? Sure he’d done a couple of small roles but, had nothing in the pipeline. BOOM couple of months on and he’s somehow managed to secure a role in the Carrie Diaries.

    Wake up and smell the roses sweetheart. Hollywood is a lot different to reality. I could go into more examples but, I’ve got stuff to do- for more info have a look at p*ssedoffhollywood on tumblr. Have a nice day.

  • tina

    @lexie: Why are you here on this thread? You’re reallly beginning to sound crazy. Leave her alone. NO one believes you. Go read you stupid blog on tumbler, lol.

  • lexie

    @Tina. It’s part of my job to be on these sort of websites. I like how deluded some fans can be and it’s not my tumblr account. I actually don’t have one but, nevertheless I will leave you to it.

  • Nicole

    @lexie: I find your naivete frustrating. It’s so frustrating that you can spout such garbage and nobody can prove you wrong because you’re not really “in the industry.” If you were, you would know that you’re just parroting lines from others who are also oblivious. Paparazzi do not park in front of Tom Cruise’s house because it is not likely that he’s going to get his bike out of the garage and ride down his street. He’s also not going to hop in the car on a daily basis and drive to the grocery store. He has people who shop for him. Vanessa does not. She has to choose between giving up her privacy or giving up her life, and she chooses life. By the way, if you really were “in the industry” you would know that Austin got the Carrie Diaries specifically because everyone loved him in Switched at Birth. You would also know that casting directors couldn’t care less who he dates–that’s not how they work. I wish you actually knew a C-list actor, so you could see how the paps actually function. Stop just reading “these sort of websites,” and get out there so you can see what’s real. Live life and stop tearing people down with your “naiveness.”

  • 7snU

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