Make It Or Break It: Series Finale May 14th!

Make It Or Break It: Series Finale May 14th!

It’s official — Make It or Break It will say goodbye to ABC Family on May 14th.

Creator Holly Sorensen confirmed the cancellation on Twitter, writing: “MIOBI nation. We all love you so much. And we are, very sadly, three weeks away from the series finale of #miobi.”

The series — starring Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo, Ayla Kell and Chelsea Hobbs — will wrap on May 14th, where we find just who is going to the Olympics.

TELL JJJ: Are you sad Make It or Break It is ending? Who was your favorite character?

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Credit: Adam Rose; Photos: ABC Family
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  •!/ynnairB Brianne

    i am so mad

  • Kor

    After all of that why would they end it BEFORE the Olympics??? I don’t understand.

  • rebeca

    I’m sad. I’m going to miss the characters/actors. Especially Josie/Kaylie & Nicole/Kelly. It’s hard to believe it’s ending when it feels like they just started = ( But I think the show made it’s point. But still, I’m going to miss MIOBI. I love it.

  • londonlipton

    Yet another stupid decision by ABC. The whole point of the show was them going to the Olympics……

  • Lisa

    What idiots at ABC, I LOVE this show

  • http://@dcrissgirl melissa

    Im going to miss MIOBI so much!! Especially Payson! Ayla Kell is by far my favourite actress!! ABC Family is making a huge mistake by cancelling this show!!

  • fruity

    Ughh WHAT THE F*** ABC FAMILY I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are cancelling it coz of the stupid new shows which look awful except that Baby Daddy show with Jean Luc Biladeou. FML.This is THE BEST SHOW EVER BY ACB FAMILY. MIOBI AND SWITCHED AT BIRTH. PLL is really good too but so overrated its all about the GLAMOUR in the show and the “good looking guys” PLOT is shit overall some of the episodes are just awful with no story line. WORST NEWS EVER. PATHETIC. They GET THE SHOW BACK AFTER A YEAR ALMOST AND ONLY FILM 8 FRKNG EPISODES. BULLSHIT.

  • Emma

    So sad this show is ending!!!!! This and PLL are the 2 best shows on ABC family!!!!!

  • Outraged Fan!

    This is outrageous!!!!!! We never found out what happened to Emily!!!! We’re not gonna see them at the Olympics??? How dumb is that?! This show is amazing!

  • Flychick86

    It’s tragic. :-(

  • http://nowebsite alex :)

    So sad !! watched every season of this show! every episode! sooo good! This and pretty little liars are the only two great shows on the channel! very disappointing that this is coming to an end! another great show bites the dust.. :(

  • Elle

    It wasn’t very smart to put this amazing show up against The Voice, Two and a half men, and Dancing with the Stars!!! I’d like to see some of the other shows withstand high ratings while up against 3 of the biggest shows on the air!!! They technically did amazing for what they were up aainst and had basically no adverstising! Shame on ABC Fam for treating them like that, now the ones that suffer is us the audience :( and that awesome cast!
    Redeem yourselves and do a MIOBI TV movie! Please!

  • ilovevhud

    nooo :( this is my fav show :(

  • shell

    I cant believe it. I was so looking forward to the Olympics and who will win the gold. They cant cancelled it right before that. What is the point of it? This shpw is the best. Love the others as well…but this show made me fall in love with gymnastics :( I’m going to miss. Havent miss any show of MIOBI eventhough I am from Germany. Seriously ABC Family, you made a bad choice….

  • kkrigger

    Sign the online petition to keep make it or break it on abc family:

  • Stephanie

    I don’t understand.. Just because you don’t get high ratings that you want doesn’t mean you should cancel it ABC family. There are still people who actually watch it. They seem to cancel the shows that I ACTUALLY LIKE. And to make matters worse, MIOBI JUST came back on and then you cancel it? That’s just crazy. Abc family you annoy the crap out of me. THANKS for canceling such a GREAT show.

  • GymOVA

    This show was stupid and it was cancelled because NO ONE watched it. 7 comments total for this page just proves this show was pathetic.

    Bad acting, crappy editing and all of these gymnasts were not the right actors to play these parts. Not a single one was in good enough shape to be a gymnast,

  • Sara

    all my favorite shows are ending </3

    Can't believe we're not going to see them go to the olymics!! WTF!?!?!?!??! NEVER BEEN SO ANGRY AT A SHOW ENDING MORE THAN THIS ONE.

    What the hell abcfamily!?

  • Tiffany

    This makes me so mad. They need to at least finish it out with the Olympics!

  • Julieanne

    I’M SO ANGRY THAT ITS ENDING!! we wait 4 years to find out what happans at the 2012 olympics and they don’t even tell us!?!?! everyday they talked about the 2012 olympics, i am so upset with abc family!! this was my favorite show. I’ve watched all the seasons 3 times!! I don’t even feel like supporting their other shows now……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jani

    ABC is very good in the cancelling !!!! I can’t believe….They again cancelled show!!!! Really already I HATE ABC….They make good shows and make you to love them and then after a few episodes CANCELLED….This is so so stupiddddd…

  • http://@pkotlarich Paige

    This is RIDICULOUS! Why is ABC canceling the good shows to make room for the crappy new shows?!?! Words can not explain how angry I am. I LOVED this show. They are making a HUGE mistake.

  • joyce

    i find it really dumb how abc is canceling the show. Like who cares if alot of people aren’t watching the show there are still people who watch and why cancel it when it just came back -___- And lastly the whole point of the show was pretty much for the girls to train for their Olympic dream and now we will not even be able to see that happen.

  • Sarah

    Its sad….. but im sure the girls will join another show!!!!!!

  • http://@scarfacesteve Mad steve


  • http://@scarfacesteve Mad steve

    porque abc family nos hizo emocionar en una serie que preometia tanto y quitarnosla y colocandonos a nosotros los fanaticos furiosos al colocar personajes que llegan y se van, y peor aun en el año de los juegos olimpicos donde llegaria al mejor momento en ratings, solo puedo agrehar q estoy molesto y que si los productores creen q la serie no llegaria tan lejos se equibocaron desde Bolivia les llega este comentario que comparte el cariño a MIOBI como el resto

  • debbie


    Why you posting on a site where people who really care about the show are fighting to save it. We think it is a good show. Since you did not like it, you probably did not watch it anyway. So your point of view does not matter anyway here. But, we like the show and want to save it. We have invested our time in seeing these girls go to the olympics and win olympic gold. And Kayleigh and Lauren are definitely gymnist size. Payton may be a little bit big but then we had one girl like this in the olympics in the 70′s and she won silver. So, you do not know what you are talking about here.

  • rjs

    @GymOVA: You are not too bright after all you are comment number 17 so there is in fact more than 7 comments. The show is very good and a lot of people enjoy watching it. I think it is a shame that they are going to end it before they go to the Olympics! That was the whole point of the show in the first place. I also would love to see what happened to Emily.

  • Tracee2012

    I’m actually glad the show is ending. It was starting to get stupid. I don’t think they could have had any good episodes trying to play off the Olympics. I think when Chelsea Hobbs left the show, it started to go down hill. I don’t like the new coach or the new girls on the show. Sasha, Summer, and the old crew def. made the show.

  • UGgh

    Why didn’t they just cancel The Secret Life of an American Teenager and quit pretending like people still watch that show…. I’m so mad!

  • hammy

    I really hope they do a TV movie for the Olympics to wrap things up, because that was really the point of the series. I wish they had done a full season order this year, it would have been perfect to have it end around the time of the actual London Olympics. I can’t believe there’s only one episode left because it feels like there’s no way to give it a respectable conclusion in one hour at this point. I also didn’t understand them not bringing back Chelsea Hobbs. They hid her pregnancy up until they wrote her off the series for the last three or four episodes of last season, and she had given birth well before shooting resumed so they could have made some excuse for her to go away for those few episodes and brought her back this year. It wasn’t a perfect series and they made some “interesting” choices, but it still deserved better than eight episodes to finish things off.

  • RTilly12

    I can’t believe that what we have been waiting for this whole series is being robbed from us! NO OLYMPICS!?!?!?! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABC FAMILY???
    I want to know who wins gold don’t stop at who made the team….you could’ve at least given us a 10 episode season with episode 9 and 10 being the Olympics…..If it wasn’t for Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game I would boycott ABC Family!!!

  • http://website jennifer

    another cliff hanger just leaving us to fall into oblivion. i agree with most others. the whole point was training for the olympics. very cruel to cancel the show. i love payson! she was my fave. very disappointing the show is ending ESP like this!!! so not cool!!

  • Gabby

    I cANT believe this s*** I loved this show it was like a part life i hate abc family and i hate who ever decided to end this cause again this was my life and jose loren was my fave now what excatly nothing . they better make a new show with them in it or im never watching abc family again those losers.

  • Gabby

    I agree their ass whole that show was my lifee

  • mjay


  • stephanie

    They probably cancelled it cause it would be hard for them to pull off the Olympics. But it does suck cause I loved the show.

    What is it with ABC shows not lasting very long?

  • camryn

    i am so sad why did they end it?
    what happened to emily?
    who wins the olimpics?
    it doesnt make any sense

  • Michaela


    if this show is so pathetic then why are reading about it and commenting?… get a life.

  • People who care

    Why before the Olympics!!!!!!! I love Payson and why are they ending it before the Olympics? That is soooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zoe

    Whatt!!! :( sad and angry at the same time!!! they have stupid shows like bunheads???they should UN-cancel the show>> like seriously i really liked this show then… BAM !cancelled… your just going to stop the show after only 8ep.? please pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease…PLEASE bring back Make it or break it ABC family !

  • jillian

    This is so messed up!!!!!!!!!! This show was my favorite show ever! Personally I am a gymnast and I thought if they could go to the Olympics then why I? ABC Family just ruined my dream of thinking that I’m good enough to make it to the Olympics. Since the show is going off I want to thank Josie Loren and Nicole Anderon for being my inspiration in and out of gymnastics!! Love you guys so much!!!

    Josie and Nicoles’s #1 Fan,

  • victoria


    DON’T GIVE UP! MANY OF MY FRIENDS WOULD HAVE SIGNED YOUR PETITION IF IT STILL WORKED! I know it has almost been a year, but this show is life changing. I’m sure the 9,699 still are wanting to bring this show back… and at least 500 more people would want to sign. Everyone who worked on this show would love to come back, I’m sure! I was just hoping that you could… make another petition?

    thank you SO much for trying

  • Melanie

    i lloooovve dis show!!! i am a gymnast nd it relly changed my lifeee!!! i wish it aired for a fourth season and make more shows like this… unlike bunheads… BORING!!! TRAGIC NEWS:(

  • kayla

    i love this show i wisk emily kmetko will come back they kind of left her stoey on a cliff hanger

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