'Married to Jonas': Kevin & Danielle Jonas' New Reality Show!

'Married to Jonas': Kevin & Danielle Jonas' New Reality Show!

Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle have landed their own E! reality show!

“I vividly recall believing from the very first time that I met them that the Jonas Brothers would, without a doubt, become a worldwide cultural sensation,” Ryan Seacrest, one of the series’ executive producers, told EW.

“When we learned that Dani married Kevin, our production team became curious about what life would be like for a young bride entering the excitement, and sometimes chaos, of a pop star’s life. Looking through the lens of young love, the show will examine the ups and downs of Dani and Kevin‘s marriage, against the backdrop of their contrasting family cultures, traditions and individual careers,” he added.

Married to Jonas premieres August 19 at 10 p.m. on E!

WILL YOU WATCH Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ new reality show?

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  • http://justjared kayla


  • lop

    It’s gonna flop soooo hard! It’s crazy what people can do for money & fame! :/

  • Nancy

    I cant wait to see it. I hope the show does well i’ll be disapointed if it doesnt.

  • Angela

    Yes can’t wait!

  • Truth

    LMAO! Seriously? When was the last time anyone gave a crap about any of the Jonas Brothers? Wasn’t their Disney show cancelled because no one was watching? Also Kevin is easily the lamest of the three, and no one even knows his wife. Smells of desperation. Yeah, I give this less than one season before the two fade back into oblivion.

  • Kiley

    I would prefer a Joe Jonas reality show but this should be good too.

  • maryg

    WTF?? WHY??

  • Dania

    I love Jonas Brothers and I consider myself a fan but this is just toooooooo wrong. *sigh* I really was waiting this wasn’t true….And Kevin? seriously? At least Nick or Joe…I have nothing more to say.

  • Dania

    @Truth “When was the last time anyone gave a crap about any of the Jonas Brothers?
    Hmmmm…. you, remember? the moment when you decided to click and comment shit on one of their post?

  • http://justajredjr sarah

    @Dania: ‘You consider yourself a fan’, erm I actually think you’ve got that wrong, ok Kevin may not be the ‘Most’ popular Jonas brother, but still he’s Nick & Joes brother, and also he’s married so this would make a good reality tv show! A TRUE jonas fan would love all three of them, that equal the jonas brothers. even though I love Joe Jonas the most!

    Can’t wait, but it would be good if joe & nick have a chance to have their own show, because that would be amazing!

  • drizzle

    ok.i’m not a fan of them but still Kevin is the best.he is the most graceful one in that trio.and if he’s not pop out in that f***in’ band thats all because of his royal attitude.

  • SmilesAllTheTime

    I’ve been a fan of the guys for about four and a half years now (wow, has it been that long?).
    I own all and have listened to their albums thousands of times, I read their book, I’ve seen most of their TV performances, I watched every episode of each of their shows (JONAS, JONAS LA, and both seasons of Living The Dream), I’ve followed them on myspace, youtube, and facebook, I’ve watched their live chats, I’ve tweeted them, I was a big part of the FanFamily and made the transition to Cambio.
    Although I’ve never been to a concert or met them in person, I do consider myself a big supporter and appreciator of them and their music.
    But I have to say that I am saddened by the news of this reality show. One of the things I really liked about the guys is how private their private lives are, and while I am curious about what it would be like to be a part of the behind the scenes and see what goes on in their personal lives, I would never cross that barrier unless I was invited to do so personally.
    I feel that reality TV is the lowest point for anyone in television, and while I’m sure a billion people will watch this show, I can’t help feeling that their giving up a bit of their integrity by making it. I believe that the relationship between a husband and wife is sacred and so personal that it shouldn’t matter to anyone else what happens behind the scenes, even if it’s just her adapting to a new lifestyle.
    Anyone who gets married has to adapt to a new lifestyle, that’s just the way it goes when you’re committing your life to someone else and move in with them.
    Sure, there’s a difference because of his fame, but in the core of it all, there is no difference at all.

  • maila

    I thought this was supposed to happen late last year/beginning of this year? Well now that it is official, I can’t wait to see it. Hopefully this will also help boost the Jonas Brothers come back at the end of the year :)
    For those wishing it was a Joe or Nick show, I’m sure they will make appearances during the show.
    If the show does well, I hope they don’t get hit by the reality show curse.

  • Brooke anderson

    AHH!! cant wait kevin was my fav jonas:) and still is;)

  • Jeanette

    Yes I Cant Wait :)

  • shanghai

    YAWN YAWN YAWN – what do they do besides go to events and shows. Cannot understand why someone who has money and now has a life relatively without the paps hassling him day and night would want to do a crappy reality show. Can only be to get publicity for future things coming up with the Jonas Bros but does anyone really care anymore. Loved them then but think they stopped too soon so Kevin could get married way too young and quit the group but now they are done..

  • whatever

    Bad idea. Every couple that’s done a reality show ends up with a lot of problems in their marriage. Surprised that they want such a public invasion into their private lives. She seems like an attention seeker though.

  • http://wix.com/rebecasilva/main rebeca

    I think it would be neat to watch, however I don’t think it’s a good idea. If I were them, I’d want to keep my marriage away from hollywood and cameras. There is no need. But I wish them the very best in whatever they do =)

  • ME

    Kevin is my favorite Jonas right now, I think he’s the only Jonas who is still down to earth and keeping it real. I’d love to watch he and Dani on E! :)

  • mara

    ugh! i hoped it wasn’t true.
    now haters will say the jonas are new kardashians.
    i really hope all this want ruin nick’s career. he’s working so hard to gain respect from non jonas fans. i hope he’ll make just few appereances on this show. ugh!

  • Katie

    I never thought i’d have to see the Jonas Brothers turning into the Kardashians…

  • sophie

    cant wait :D

  • jade

    it will be amazing, cant wait to watch :)

  • cookie

    this is so sad it’s almost funny lol

  • Ann

    When your career is over = Reality Show!

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    Awesome! Good luck Kev and Dani! ;)

  • http://rprider raegan


  • Kamera

    @Maila. What do you mean their comeback at the end of the year? Everyone is already excited. And i wish it was just a Jonas Brothers reality show, instead of kevin’s fake marriage and danielle’s a gold digger.

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