Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Church Service Sweeties

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Church Service Sweeties

Vanessa Hudgens holds hands with boyfriend Austin Butler after attending church in Hollywood on Sunday morning (April 29).

The 23-year-old actress and her 21-year-old actor beau attended a service at Ecclesia Church with a couple of friends before parting ways.

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On their way back to their car, Vanessa picked up a small flower which delighted her.

Did you get a chance to watch Vanessa on Punk’d? If you didn’t, head over to MTV to watch!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Motel Rocks “Gypsy” playsuit.

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  • sam

    she looks gorgeous

  • Elendur

    They are a nice couple.

  • http://zanessa2801 bianca

    lovely couple

  • Haters Suck!

    Aw I think it’s sweet Austin goes to church with her and Vanessa looks great in her Sunday best. And yes I saw Vanessa on punk’d she came out looking like a champ and showed what a kind sweet person she is. I was proud of her and made me even more her fan.

  • Elle

    I wonder if Zac and Vanessa miss each other. They loved each other and now she moved on, its so fast! True Love just doesn’t go away over night or even months…. =/

  • jane

    Since Vanessa is Bohemian, I didn’t think she had a religion. Usually, Bohemians have a cosmic kind of religion that is universal. or Coexist. Or not having one religion but a mixture or atheist. Love is a religion. I guess she was brought up going to church? she still is holding on to tradition. Perhaps, Vanessa is more spiritual than religious. Just curious.

  • elle

    I miss Zanessa.

  • Alana

    Cute yellow dress, they don’t give me butterflies. Zac Efron is way cuter, he can never be replaced!

  • She’d

    @jane: where the hell did you get the idea that she’s bohemian? SHE’S CATHOLIC. She goes to church every once in a while.

  • Elendur

    I think Vanessa is roman Catholic.

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa is only bohemian in a sence that it’s the style of clothing she likes to wear she also may hold to someof those values and ideas but her main faith is catholic. We’ve also seen at times Vanessa wear a cross around her neck. Vanessa said her mother almost became a noun before she met her father. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Vanessa head to church and this last Christmas she was seen at midnight mass which is one of, if not the most important and spiritual days in the catholic faith. So to go to midnight mass on Christmas is very special. I’m catholic just like Vanessa and I haven’t made one of those yet.

  • eat me

    she’s catholic her mom was about to be a nun but the mom meet her dad and got married… I don’t like her in punk’d the set up is boring and when lucy hale told her she made a beautiful house she laugh at her it’s like an insult kind of laugh she said qoute ”i made a beautiful house hahahahaha” not funny at all…. I’m not entertained in her episode i’m excited for liam hemsworth i think that’s more interesting.

  • Sara

    why is she not on jj anymore but only jjr? just curious

  • shanghai

    Ahhh they look really happy together – its not always good to be dating the hotest, best looking guy like Zac who is probably more interested in his own career at this point in time. So Austin may not be as gorgeous as some people point out or rich or famous but he looks like he really cares and makes her happy. What more can a girl want.

  • yets

    i love that they have time to go church.
    by the way Austin is a good BF.

  • yets

    by the way austin is cute too.

  • Boji

    So nice that they share the same faith and that is a plus in any relationship. Btw, Austin is looking real good. Wish he’d wear shirts more often instead of his fav ts.

  • muse

    I love that Vanessa can become so happy from a simple flower she finds. It honestly shows how simple and amazing she is. There are so many different religions out there, and its nice to see her believe in something and not nothing. She is a beautiful person with one of the most beautiful souls.
    Realllllllly want to see the trailers for ‘Gimme Shelter’ and ‘Frozen Ground’…like now!!! Lol.


  • Ashley

    i love her style

  • maria

    @shanghai: That is hitting the nail on the head. Dating a heartthrob is VERY difficult, and in addition to the women/girls throwing themselves at him at every turn, there were the pressures on him from friends/PR to be a ladies’ man. No woman can put up with that for very long. I think she was an amazing GF. But now with Austin, she seems at peace and just enjoying life. And, not for nothing, he is very cute in a different way. He seems more casual and at ease with himself, and definitely cares about her a great deal and shows it. She seems happy, and that’s what matters.

  • maria

    And geez, she looks gorgeous here! Love that color on her! They make a very pretty couple.

  • nessa

    i love the Dress and the shoes.

  • jaded

    She looks beautiful. Gosh, the close up of her is almost angelic. The boyfriend is very cute and seems to dote on her which I think is what she needs right now. I agree that dating and being in a relationship with a “hearttrob” is probably not all that it’s cracked up to be and having to deal with said hearttrob’s meddling friends and PR team wasn’t exactly a picnic. So bless her if it looks like an albatross has been lifted from her neck.

  • tree3000

    @jane: Vanessa is Catholic, as most phillipines are. Every church she has gone to is a catholic church

  • peggy

    @eat me:

    Notice how no one paying you attention – I point this out this one and only time so you will hopefully get the hint.


  • mags

    I dont watch punk’d its a silly show, but i checked vanessa episode on u tube, anyway they are handsome couple, love the yellow dress.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    @eat me: So don’t watch,don’t waste ur time on this girl :)
    Love her dress :D saw her smile?????????aww!!!!melt!!!!!!!!

  • amtfan

    shes beautiful! And her and austin are super adorable :)

  • Kay

    I didn’t enjoy Lucy Hale’s episode of Punk’d either. And I have nothing against her, she just wasn’t all that great at planning pranks. However, it did show what a sweetheart V is by trying to help, even though she knew it was a lost cause.
    I would have liked to see V really tested in a perilous situation, that would have been interesting! She was adorable though. Truly a kind spirit.

    You don’t see many celebs going to church, I’m glad V is keeping to her values! I love her outfit, it is sexy yet appropriate.
    The two went to IKEA later in the day, see pics at

    She looks very happy with Austin. I am happy for her.

  • ehryle

    A Happy Couple Ever!! they are really at peace and it nice to see them together attending and giving there time to attend in the Sunday church service. Vanessa and Austin is a believer in God so it really better for a couple to have the same belief it really make your faith stronger and your relationship together will be blessed. I Wish them together forever till death do they part!! God bless A&V YOLO :)

  • kelly martineau

    nessa looks cute in yellow. Big lips prombley couldn’t keep in hands to himself in church. That’s a short jumper she’s wearing. And big lips again prombley couldn’t keep his’s hands and eyes off her legs.

  • mellie

    Adorable couple

  • hello

    @kelly martineau
    Your comments are hilarious. I’m with ya all the way! Haha.

    I’m loving her long locks again :) I want her to keep it this way.

  • maila

    She looks so beautiful and Austin is hot. Her Punk’d wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. Punk’d is a show that shows how celebrities really are and she seems like such a nice person, she was very sweet.

  • YOlohun

    Aw, so cute. I like never go to church thats so cuttteee ! (:

  • my 2 cents

    I like them I think they make a nice couple and Vanessa seems very happy .So that is all the matters.

  • evz

    @kelly martineau:
    Really, you made ma laugh! How old are you again?
    Anyway, V looks stunning. I love her smile. Watching her on that punk’d ep made me love her even more. She’s one of a kind. Such a sweet, caring, kind, down to earth person.
    Oh and Kelly, there are pics of V together with her mom and Stella having lunch. That might cheer you up. lol

  • florence2

    Love these two together and the fact that Austin goes to church with her once again shows how serious they are about each other and Austin is’nt a raid to show that.

    Can’t wait for them to be engaged which I still say will happen by the end of this year.

    The ex never once when to church with her so it’s nice to see her have a bf who is on all the same levels as she is and love’s being with her.

  • ics

    Going to church is pretty old fashioned nowadays. And I’d almost bet she’s atheist, regardless of her roots.

  • Haters Suck!

    I must have not gotten that memo. Sure I don’t go to church as much as I should but still go when I can. This isn’t the first time Vanessa has been to church. Screw you cause as far as I’m concerned questioning someone faith is crossing a line.

  • S

    @Jane, so if someone is Bohemian, they can’t have a religion. Odd how people makes assumptions or just look at someone and make assumptions. It isn’t nice to do that.