Zac Efron: Happy Retirement, Robyn Metchik!

Zac Efron: Happy Retirement, Robyn Metchik!

Zac Efron stops by the Country Mart in Los Angeles for a little lunch on Monday afternoon (April 30).

The 24-year-old actor just returned from a worldwide promo trip for The Lucky One.

Over the weekend, Zac made a surprise appearance at drama teacher Robyn Metchik’s retirement celebration in hometown of San Luis Obispo.

“She pretty much embodies drama for me all through my high school years,” Zac shared with the audience. “When I found out she was retiring, I raced in my car today to be here. Literally stuck in traffic not even knowing if I was going to make it.”

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Credit: Dean/Bryan; Photos: National Photo Group
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  • Ok

    A real good looking man and a real good deed That is a real Win in book, doing that for for Robin. I wonder the Brentwood or Malibu Country Mart

  • Ok

    That should say Win in my book

  • lauren

    it says LA?
    how many country marts are there?
    plus which ”ok” are you?

  • lauren

    plus at ok
    your grammar blows.
    work on that.

  • :)

    OMG so cute!
    He’s such a gentleman, so real and down to earth person. He stayed true to himself trought all this years, never having controversial apparences at clubs…
    That’s why i love him, he’s a family man and a really good person.
    Glad to know The lucky one tour went ok, he deserves all the attention he gets, although i would like to see him dating someone, he is young !

  • tc

    @lauren: You should talk the queen of bad grammar and spelling.

  • Ok

    @ Lauren I only go to two in the L.A. area . I will try to improve on my grammer. I’m the only OK I know of on here.

  • My 2 cents

    What a sweetheart to do that for his former teacher, she must have been thrilled. It’s so nice that remembers the ones who helped him and appreciates them. He sure looks handsome in blue and I’m happy his hand looks better. Ok that is a real Win in my book too.


    He’s thoughtful and considerate, which only adds to his beauty – in this case, to the culmination of tight skinny jeans and an aqua blue shirt that perfectly refects his penetratingly gorgeous eyes, which are hidden beneath aviator glasse.

  • shanghai

    Ahhh how nice she must have been so happy to see that he made the effort to be there. And to all the haters everyone who has met Zac says he is kind, considerate and a really genuine person and goes without saying that he is gorgeous.

  • Ok

    JJjr is wrong this is not a Country Mart this is in Laurel Canyon

  • http://google barbara

    i admirer want he did for his teacher, he is a very thoughtful, man and a very handsome, and i love the color of his shirt, he always dresses nice.

  • stefanie

    He looks great !! Love you Zac

  • eat me

    he looks great! This is a slap on the haters here saying his a douche or an a s s…. It’s shows that he is thoughtful and sweet to other people who is important to him or people who’s part of his life….it was nice of him making an effort to celebrate it with his teacher….it show’s what a good man he is… Keep it up zac!

  • nicky

    here’s a short video about it:

  • adiane

    of course he is always thoughtful to others. which made me wonder why he couldn’t give the same courtesy to his ex.

  • adiane

    and please…don’t assume that i am a vanessa fan. He’s okay but when it comes to basking in the “adonis” status…he’s all for it. Beyond that,he’s a decent person. Soooo, it’s best he get rid of this ” i’m not a hearthrob but be attracted to me” tactic

  • merlin’s mum

    @adiane: But how do you know that he didn’t? And whether she gave courtesy to him too? Sorry but the relationship has been over for 17 months, It’s time to leave it now. This article does not mention her at all so why bring her up?

  • durrrr

    Can anyone ID his blue shirt for me?

  • Ok

    @Adiane In some articles he has. Let it go the past is the past and they both looked pretty happy to me yesterday.

  • Ella

    His hair! Lookin’ good Zachary? ;)

  • adiane

    @ ok and merlin mum: hey it’s refreshing you weren’t being defensive and start attacking me or the hudgens. It makes me want to understand him more because of that : ) Hmmmm….i like:) Thank you for accepting my comment as it is. Yeah, it’s a fresh start for both of them. Good day guys

  • peggy

    @eat me:

    Oh will you spare us!!!!! Doing one nice thing doesn’t make you a good guy or girl – and that’s for everyone – a pattern of behavior does.

    Interesting I don’t see you in V posts except to criticize and she went to do an actual charitable event – I guess you’re ignorant theory only works for people you like.

  • mattie

    @peggy: Actually it show how humble and sweet he is. Going back to his school and help celebrate his teacher’s retirement show how much he appreciates people who made him who he is today that much more than a good guy, but someone who appreciates everything that good in his life and the people in it.

  • mattie

    Also Zac has done plenty of charities work that we either heard about or not. Either late last year or early this year I can’t remember, he sent his old clothes to nonprofit. So does that not count because it kind of show how much a good guy he is.

  • Ok

    @adian I don’t attack Vanessa , I like her very much. I wish her all the happiness in the world as I do for Zac. I just like Zac better. I understand your statement because he does it so rarely , I wish that would change.

  • http://google barbara

    Ok, i really like your comments , you are so nice, to veryone, i like both vanessa and zac, also, i wish them the very best, i just notice zac is working very hard on his career, and he spends alot of time with family, i just wish vanessa would spend more time on her career, and her family, i know she was with her mom, and sis yesturday, but it has been a while since she has, i want her to be happy also, but my gut feeling, is she is going to get hurt, my gut feeling are right on, i hope i’m wrong, but i don’t think so, i have lived along time, and seen alot, i have alot of common sense, i work with a lot people, i can sense something is wrong, like they say look in the eyes, and you can see the soul, zac and vanessa, have, kind eyes, and a beautiful souls.

  • jaded

    Pretty sure that’s Studio City.

  • Ok

    @jaded That is on Laurel Canyon the Hollywood side of Laurel canyon. You have to go up about another 5 to 10 minutes depending on traffic to get to the Studio City side.
    @barbara thank you . You are very nice also. This is just my opinion.
    Austin is really a very nice person. I do like them together, they really care for each other. It has to hurt and make her sad that fans say mean things about him. I think Zac and Vanessa are both where they want to be right now in their careers and lives. They are both young and have many years ahead of them. I have no doubt in my mind that one day you will see these two as friends. It just can’t be done right now. Some fans would hope beyond hope it would lead to more

  • http://google barbara

    OK, Thank you.

  • tina

    We always know about his charites because there are always pictures or twitters about them.

  • Ok

    @tina You don’t know half the things he does for charities and people who need help. not even a tenth.

  • tree

    @OK – You sound like you know them or at least know the circles of friends they hang with. What makes you think, in your opinion, that they will one day be friends, especially since something must have happened in January 2011 that made them completely stop talking.

  • Tyler

    @durrrr: I’ve looked everyone I can think and can’t find it… there’s a few other pics that are better that show a little white tag on the bottom part of the shirt… but can’t ID that either. let me know if you find it. it might be a really old shirt he randomly wore

  • Joochi

    This kid can’t do nothing wrong no matter what he does, he always
    gets praised, hope he has a bright future.

  • Ok

    @tree I already said once before I lived in West Hollywood. this is an area where you can see these people out of the clear blue. I have always loved Zac since Miracle Run. Vanessa since HSM. I have friends who say they know them.(I don’t know) Friends that follow them on twitter and they tell me things. This is why I didn’t like Zacs “Ninja ” friends. They were only out to use and hurt him.
    I was told that Zac and Vanessa, tried to be friends but they couldn’t make a move with out speculation. He kept his promise about the wrap party for J2. about this time his friends started rumors and lies. The recent one about “The House parties”, His “Ninjas” were saying this a year ago.
    This is why I keep saying he needs new friends. I feel sorry for him , it has to hurt knowing people you thought were friends are stabbing you in the back especially your so called best friend. I won’t even repeat what he is saying and doing now. But it is so wrong. Zac deserves better than this. All because of jealousy over a friend. I hear rumors that Zac is dropping friends , I hope this is true.I also hear when the time is right. You will see Zac and Vanessa talking at the same events , so people will know they are friends.If Vanessa truly likes Austin, being friends with Zac , would only make people hate Austin even more, Zac is very well aware of this.

  • tree

    @OK – Thanks, I myself have had an experience with a long first love relationship, I was not friends with this person after because even though it was a civil mutual breakup it still was too hard and neither one of us wanted to put ourselves in that position. I don’t quite understand why they need or would want to be friends after being in love with each other for that long of a time (5 years). I think clean breaks, especially with your first love are better for your heart. I’m not saying they can’t, I’m just saying I don’t understand why they would want to put themselves through that. I don’t think it will be as easy as, “ok were just friends now”. This is just an opinion, don’t hate.

  • Ok

    @tree I don’t hate you or your opinion. I’ve only had two loves in my life.
    The one I’m very happy with now. My first , I could never be friends , I was hurt badly. Once again ths is my opinion. they have mutual friends, I don’t think the breakup was that bad for them. If it was why would he have gone to the wrap party for J2.? They were at several events early last year ,but not together.This must of been uneasy for the other guests. I don’t want to argue with any one about this , it is just my opinion. If they did “Just grow apart” then why couldn’t they be friends?

  • Tree

    @OK – I agree if they did just grow apart then friends might work, but then the rumors that led to them not talking should not have affected Vanessa. There was a poster here called R U sure that said Vanessa gave an ultimatum for a ring. That doesn’t sound like they grew apart. I guess time will tell if they can just be friends.

  • Ok

    @tree I read R U sure, I also heard those rumors. Once again I don’t know . but if she realized she was wrong, he wasn’t going to change, then she could be big enough to admit she was wrong. After all this was 5 years of their lives. I also heard several things that R U sure said was true. I heard these things long before R U sure. He or she did not like Zac’s friends.

  • http://google barbara

    OK, i’m glad you are here, you are filling alot of holes for me, i always thought, his friends,espeialy, RR, had alot to do with it, you even look in his eyes, and i didn’t like want i saw, i knew they were, not to be trusted, i think Zac and Vanessa, are very trust worthie, and they trust alot of people who stab them in there backs, it’s sad you really trust someone, and they sell stories, because they are using you, and jealous of you, i know it is hard when you think they are your friends, that you can trust, and they betray, you they both have had that happen to them. i know want thats like. Zac and Van, are so kind, and they trust alot,i don’t care for zac’s pr, sometimes i think they have hurt them more than help them, gina i really don’t care for, i know at zac’s permeir, she was breathing down zac’s neck, to make sure he didn’t say, wrong, i think she is very controlling. i was glad to see Zac at the lakers game, last nite, i know he really enjoys, watching his lakers. i guess hollywood life is spreading more lies, i guess RR, and friends, are the sources, saying zac and taylor are hooking up, i know they are just friends. i’m glad he is not seeing these people anymore.

  • Ok

    @babara I agree with 100% . These two were way to trusting of others.
    I have no doubt in my mind that these are the same ones behind that story today. Zac loves the lakers , I’m glad to see he is there with someone he trusts. Once again I don’t know ,so I really don’t want to say anything that might not be true. I was told that Zac had messed up on purpose a PR stunt he wanted no part of. I’ve heard so many diffrent reasons why. But Zac is the good guy in every one.

  • tina

    Well this is just too much. I usually defend Zac (Im the other Tina) but this is getting to look more and more that its true. If it is then I will give it to the Haters that he did cheat back in 2010 while making this film and they reconnected during these promos. Well I hope they are happy but Karma is a b****cheaters never change, they so it once they will do it again. He might be a nice guy but it sounds like he is a horrible boyfriend.

  • Ok

    @tina This is one of the worst rag mags/sites in the word. Besure you read the comments too. I don’t believe this story for one moment. How could he of been bragging to friends for weeks, when he wasn’t even here? This is the same group of back stabbersbehind all those stories.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!