Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Trader Joe's Run

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Trader Joe's Run

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler load up with a few goodies from Trader Joe’s on Wednesday morning in Studio City, Calif.

Just yesterday, the two were spotted out running a few errands and attending a business meeting.

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“As an actor, it’s fun to mix it up and to prove things to yourself and push yourself, and see how far you can go,” Vanessa dished to ET Canada from the set of Spring Breakers.

Vanessa added alongside costar Ashley Benson, “I don’t know what it’s going to be rated.”

15+ pics inside…

On Set of “Spring Breakers”

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Credit: Danny; Photos: WENN
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  • Ok

    Real cute couple

  • Theresa

    Damn you couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to be in the public eye. Vanessa and all these other celebs out there can’t even go to the bathroom without paps popping out of the woodworks somewhere.
    As @OK says they are a cute couple and I wish them all the best in the world. Looking forward to hearing about upcoming projects for her.

  • Haters Suck!

    Im still a little ticked at jj but it is what it is i guess can’t change that. All i know is i never want to hear how austin is not a gentleman to vanessa. He treats her very well and takes good care of her. Not afraid to hold her hand and be proud to be around her. Hes always opening doors for her, hes good people

  • kelly martineau

    Who payed for the food him or her. Seems she payes for everything. Is there a video of them at Trader Joes?

    He looks like a nice gentlemen. Like to see her without him for a day in la doing something. They are allways together never apart.

  • kristen

    @kelly martineau she isn’t always out with him. on monday, she went to the gym by herself then spent the day with her mom and sister and went to the spa thing for make a wish. she saw austin later that day after all that but i don’t see that on here. jj just chooses to put pics of her and austin up all the time bc he knows that fans will come on here and either bitch or say something nice. it’s how he’s getting you guys to view it and say something.

  • Haters Suck!

    why the hell are you always so annoyng?

  • maria

    I ADORE the way he takes care of her. SO considerate, so respectful, and SO loving. His parents raised him beautifully. AND he goes to church. He’s a win- win, in my book.

  • Candela

    why jjj is always talking about this guys??? who cares!!!!

  • ehryle

    Vanessa and Austin are totally great couple ever doing things together and never hide there affection to each other with love and respect, YES I probably agree that this is the REAL COUPLE unlike before I think just my opinion!!

  • Zyonna

    the more i see them 24/7 together, the more annoying they get and the less comments she receives on her news areas. i remember at one point she would get pages and pages of mostly meaningless comments cuz you would only see her once in a while. tells us what shes really about since the breakup dont you think?

  • sunny

    @Zyonna: If you don’t like them, you don’t come here.

  • zanessa feeling

    I love Vanessa with all my heart, but she need to go out some days by herself, it’s getting anoying looking at Austin’s face every day (despite the fact I don’t like them together at all, but I have nothing against him btw).

  • Thay

    Do you speak as if it were something every kind girlfriend was not obliged to receive …… please girls education and kindness is an obligation to give her boyfriend. Any boyfriend vanessa have to treat it well!
    Oh god this guy has only the shoes?

  • memememe

    looks like she’s trying to achieve her old hair back. she looks beautiful.

  • my 2 cents

    Why isn’t this post about her doing the charity work.? JJ always posts her day to day activites but when she does something worthwihile she gets nothing . What is wrong with that picture?. I do agree they are cute together, though.

  • Maria

    @my 2 cents: I do believe Jared made some passing comment in another post about that. Sad that those things are not as important as grocery shopping. I wish we knew more about actors and their charitable work. Makes us think better about them, but some don’t want their monetary donations advertised. The event Vanessa hosted was an event that she supported and gave her time for, and it looked like a lovely event for those girls!

  • troy

    @kelly martineau:

    I have a couple of questions how do you know she “pays for everything”? I’ve seen comments like this before and since I haven’t seen a single post referencing who pays the bill when Vanessa and Austin go out I don’t know what people are basing the assumption that she pays off of.

    What does it matter?

    And finally, if the groceries are o for Vanessa and she and Austin aren’t living together (and I’m assuming they aren’t, I of course don’t know), why should HE pay for them? And of course the reverse is true as well, I wouldn’t expect Vanessa to pay for Austin’s groceries. It all comes back to the second question, what does it even matter>

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