Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Ralph's Run

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Ralph's Run

Vanessa Hudgens walks alongside boyfriend Austin Butler as they make a quick stop to their local Ralph’s on Monday afternoon (May 7) in Studio City, Calif.

The couple picked up necessities including some bread and eggs.

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Earlier in the day, Vanessa was spotted out with mom Gina at the gym for a workout. Starting their week off right!

Afterwards, Vanessa was seen doing a little spring cleaning.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

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Credit: LRR, RIV; Photos: FameFlynet
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Haters Suck! @ 11:48 pm on 05/07/2012

Thats how she gets paped so much. As you can see by the pic of her in the garage the paps are right there outside her door. They know where she lives, theres no gate, her house is right on the street, one way in, one way out, it’s not hard to figure how the paps get to her

Elendur @ 12:13 am on 05/08/2012

@Haters Suck!:

Yep, they just stay parked on the street waiting for her to come and go. Then they send in the pics to Jared or Perez. She doesn’t need to call the paps-they’re already there.
And you’ll notice whenever she see’s them , she looks rather annoyed. Not like a smiling Speidi or people like that.

Jason @ 2:51 am on 05/08/2012

Can someone tell me how any of this is legal? I mean, I know there’s “freedom of the press” and all that, but this is long past STALKING now. I like pics of celebs as much as the next person, but sometimes the paparazzi get carried away.

yets @ 3:19 am on 05/08/2012

i love you girl.

lei @ 4:04 am on 05/08/2012

i would like to see Vanessa hudgens in Met ball hope next year.

MoreThanWords @ 4:10 am on 05/08/2012

The fact they know what she purchased is proof that zoom lenses are used

maria @ 6:57 am on 05/08/2012

This is ridiculous. And Jared needs to stop buying photos from these vultures. It’s so disturbing. She looks great though!

eat me @ 7:54 am on 05/08/2012

@maria really? Aren’t you guys the one who like this to see her every day, are you not happy or atleast be thankful For this? I don’t understand how can you be a fan if you hate this papz keep on following her and this is how bussiness running they get money from you so stop whining or stop commenting.

tina @ 9:55 am on 05/08/2012

@eat me: Being a fan doesn’t mean you want her not to be able to live a normal life. This answers all the little “she calls the paps” because who would want pictures of themselves taking out the garbage on the web. I love seeing her but this is a bit much.

nicky @ 1:04 pm on 05/08/2012

@Haters Suck!: There would be always a way to sneak out the house, it’s not that difficult but she’s not even trying to sneak out and btw I also know where she lives, that’s no big deal.

Haters Suck! @ 1:35 pm on 05/08/2012

well then you’ve seen her house. It’s right up against the street, there’s no back road to her yard no nothing. Just the one way in and out. Here’s another point. Why should she have to try and “sneak” out of her own house? Why should she run and hide? Why should she let paps dictate her life? If some peope want to live their life like thats fine, but that’s not the only way or right way to live.

Haters Suck! @ 1:43 pm on 05/08/2012

And notice how the white girl Ashley tisdale gets paped a lot even tweets where she’s going and no one says $hit.

eat me @ 8:03 pm on 05/08/2012

@tina i agree though to those who say she hire papz or call a papz to follow her every day i think that’s totaly BS…. No one who has a right mind to do that but what i’m saying is why blaming the papz to follow her everyday as i said this is how this bussiness running they do this for money or as a fan they do you a favor to see her what she does in her everyday life what she does behind camera how can she live normal… As i said you should be thankful cuz they’re the one who can show you what kind of person your idolizing to…. I don’t understand why blaming the papz.

maria @ 8:50 pm on 05/08/2012

@eat me: Cause they have NO right to invade her privacy like this. Yes, I am a fan, and NO, I don’t want to see her every day. She deserves to be able to walk outside, go grocery shopping, to the gym, church, and wherever else she wants without having to hide or run from the paps. Why would I stop being a fan if I don’t see her every day? I wouldn’t, cause I respect her right to live in peace, like everyrone else.

eat me @ 9:18 pm on 05/08/2012

as i said @maria this is how this bussiness running yes they do invade celebrities privacy and yes it’s frustrating for a fan but you can’t do anything about it.

maria @ 9:27 pm on 05/08/2012

@eat me: Well, I don’t have to like it. I think this is the rotten side of Hollywood, that causes many celebs to snap, break cameras, and swing at paps with umbrellas, like Brittany Spears. Anyone who thinks celebs call the paps, is nuts. Haven’t people heard how crude and vicious they are to them? I remember the hideous things the paps would yell to her, and it was awful. Why do people think celebs would want that??

eat me @ 11:18 pm on 05/08/2012

@maria i do agree with you with that i think they deserve that i mean the aggresive papz but you know in my opinion they can be our instrument too.. You know through them we know what kind of people this celebrities are bad or good you know what i mean? like this one you know what kind of celebrity vanessa hudgens is and yes she is a good person yes she’s normal person and she does what should normal people do you got to know her evry time there’s a photo or video of her out of the web or at television so i don’t think we have a right to complain about them keep on following the celeb… Only celeb has a right to do that…in vanessa’s case i don’t think she’s aware of that since she doesn’t care what people think about her …. Unless she done unnecessary things like what happen to her when the papz caught her smoking….

Jason @ 2:46 am on 05/09/2012

@eat me: I’m not sure what country you’re in, but you keep talking about how we don’t have the “right” to complain. Well, sorry, but here in the USA, we DO have that right. And if we see a crime in progress (in this case, stalking a young woman with a zoom lens), we definitely have the right to blow the whistle.

And paparazzi don’t show us who’s “good or bad”… they can take out-of-context photos and make up their own story. If you’re a fan of a celebrity, be a fan of their WORK, and not a fan of what’s in their shopping cart.

eat me @ 3:37 am on 05/09/2012

@jason ok but i never heard any one who does that i mean a whistle blower about papz stalking celebrities? Maybe not all people have the same perspective as yours… i do look up to celeb who does good things behind cameras those celeb who stay normal and grounded, celeb who does groceries,cleaning thier car,throwing thier own garbage,or do thier laundry, and taking thier kids to schl. I do adore that kind of people despite with all thier success they stay normal… And i do adore to those celeb who gives back to people in needs…being a fan it’s not all about how good the actors are how good thier movie how pretty or sexy they are,how handsome and successful they are it’s about the attitude why people adore them, why people love them why kids look up to them why kids want to be like them why they encourage kids tO follow thier dream…. I don’t know how you look up to celeb we have diff of view but for me i’m thankful to those papz…. It’s up to you if you listen to what they write or say about your idol if your areal fun you won’t believe them….

MoreThanWords @ 10:27 am on 05/13/2012

@eat me: Your posts across the board are so confusing. You hate her, on here you appear to like her (atleast I think). For the paps to know what is in her cart, don’t you think those minor details are irrelevant? They know Vanessa sells so they stalk her 24/7. I am a huge fan of Tom Hanks, I think his work over the years has solidifed his unwavering presence in Hollywood eternally. By your statement, being a fan is not about how good of an actore/actress they are but rather based on how people adore them or why people love them. Isn’t that just an extension of who they are as an actor/actress? Take for example Johnny Depp (I’m crossing my fingers you know who he is), he seems cooky on film given the types of roles he’s had, however, in his personal life he seems anything but. His fans adore him for his work. His WORK. His personal life and what he contributes to various charities is a bonus for fans. Does this make sense? Or shall I attempt an imagery explanation?

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