Vanessa Hudgens: Workout with Mom Gina

Vanessa Hudgens: Workout with Mom Gina

Vanessa Hudgens and mom Gina head back to their car after a workout together on Monday morning (May 7) in Studio City, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 23-year-old actress was spotted out with boyfriend Austin Butler at the Huntington Botanical Gardens and surprising his own mom with a bike for her birthday.

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Vanessa wrote on her website, showing off her glittering nails.

“I just couldn’t stay away from the acrylics lol,” Vanessa posted.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Gina

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Credit: RIV; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • samsam

    her whole family is so cute they’re all literally half my size cuz im about 5 foot 8 haha! :) but i think stella’s my fav cuz i adore her ballet skills and shes the same age as me i wish i knew her haha!

  • Sara

    the more she is on websites daily the less people comment :( need to stop calling the paps girl cuz ur losing ur fanbase

  • Joochi

    Sara, I notice that you are one of those that repeatedly bash Vanessa for everything that she does, if she’s not important to you why waste your energy on commenting it just doen’t make any sense. The more hater’s comment the more hits she gets and I don’t think she gives a hoot what people think they don’t pay her bills but JJ does that’s how he makes his dollars and cents so…. if you don’t like her stay away simple as that. And by the way how do you know that she’s calling the paps, I think that would be awfully stupid on her part and she’s not a famewhore like people say it’s just how JJ does her posts.

  • simone


    You children need to allow everyone to speak. If your comment isn’t over the top googling over this girl you BASH the commenter. GROW UP!!!! Posting is for opinions. Sometimes this girl is over the top. She calls the papps too much on herself that’s apparent. She’s just not that interesting. She tries too hard and it fails. Now I’m sure her auntie or sister is going to get mad at me on this board and post that I’m a hater. Dont care. I have a right to say I’m simply not interested in seeing girls be desperate.

  • Sara

    I feel i am one of the last true fans that aren’t delusional enough to know that all celebrities (such as V) are perfect. My disappointed in her is only due to the fact of how much i idolized her whilst i was growing up and i did not even give a fudge about her scandals. I just feel lately, as much as i’m glad that she is more “free” as everyone is claiming, that she has lost herself along the way. But anyways, who am i to speak? Because according to you i am a “hater” who “repeatedly bashes Vanessa” by giving constructive criticism. You have a nice day hun :)

  • Sara

    @simone: thanks for defending me hun :) and i completely agree

  • florence2

    Great to see her out with her mom.

  • Haters Suck!

    @Sara and Simone
    don’t like it leave. There’s the door don’t let it hit you on the ass on the way out. No one has a gun to your head forcing you to come here. People can say what they want about me but what they can’t say is that I go on people who I don’t like posts and start bashing them but according to you maybe I should (I won’t but maybe I should) I get sick of seeing her “best friend” Ashley tisdale on this website I got sick of seeing her ex zac efron on this website. Did I ever go on their posts and start bashing them? Nope I just kept on scrolling down or went somewhere else. You should do the same and kiss my ass while you’re at it.

  • Haters Suck!

    Anyway now that I’m done with those cock suckers I can say how beautiful Vanessa looks. Hopefully people will get off her back about spending time with her family. I know you don’t call the paps and no one can prove it either. You just keep living you life baby V I’ll fight the dumbass b!tch haters.

  • maria

    @Sara: How has she “lost herself along the way”???? She’s the SAME funny, beautiful, spirited, hard-working young woman she always was! What? So she isn’t dating the guy who said his relationship with her only served him at that time? What kind of respect is that? She deserves a guy who wants more than that, a guy who WANTS to be with her, and one who loves who she is above all others. The ex was NOT that guy. In fact, I believe we see a VERY happy Vanessa, at peace with where life is going for her. She is NOT lost…..she has found herself at last.

  • Nat

    Her mom is so cute

  • mykamicks

    I love Vanessa the way she takes time with everyone ( Stella, Mom, Friends, BF & her BF’s mom). What else to ask when everytime she is in LA.

  • Ludwig

    Her Mom is a Filipino. She is from the Philippines but Vanessa is not a Proud Filipino Blood. :(

  • yets

    i love the the bonding.

  • yets

    just saw pics of Vanessa cleaning her house the paps is so…

  • evz

    I think Vanessa is one of the interesting people in HW. Even those people who said they didn’t give a damn about her waste their time and effort just to bash her. Therefore, more hits for this website and more persistent paparazzi trying to get pics of her everyday life. In a way, it’s not Vanessa’s fault. She’s just living her life without pretensions. She’s happy and that’s all should matter if you are a fan.

  • tina

    So we pretty much know Zyonna is Sara, wonder how many more names are hers.

  • sara is zyonna

    @tina: Well done :) its just these two i wanted to see how long it would take for people to realise

  • http://jjj,jj telma

    love herrrrrrrrrrr

  • kelly martineau

    her mom is cute and short. nice to see her with her mom again.

  • kelly martineau

    is there a videos of them coming out of the gym together?

  • MoreThanWords

    @Sara: You know this how? Unless you have her phone tapped, your theories are rubbish.

    @simone: Who are you? Sarahs mother? You appear to have the same mindset. Again, where is the proof to support your ridiculous assumption. Your so called ‘constructive criticism’ is about as constructive as the Hadron Collider. NEXT.

    @mykamicks: Couldn’t agree more.

    @Ludwig: Says who? Where did you get your outlandish comment from? A cereal box? Come on.