David Archuleta: New Album in August!

David Archuleta: New Album in August!

David Archuleta may be on his two-year mission trip in South America, but that isn’t stopping him from releasing new music.

The 21-year-old musician announced on his website that a new album will be dropping in August this year.

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Begin., set for an August 7th release, will be a mix of cover songs and original tracks.

“Tell everyone I say hello and that I absolutely loved my first week here! The people here are amazing!” David recently tweeted from his mission trip.

ARE YOU EXCITED for new music from David?

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  • Somewhere over the rainbow

    We’re pretty excited for BEGIN.
    David’s been so good to his fans. No wonder we’ll support him forevermore

  • shad

    Woo! :D Can’t wait to own another David Archuleta album in my collection. Such a big fan of his since his American Idol stint in 2008. :)

  • Ali

    yesssssssss i’m excited \o/

  • Heidijoy

    Yes very excited!! Thanks for always supporting David!!

  • violet4ever

    I adore David. He worked so hard to leave new stuff for us before he started his 2-year church mission. In 10 weeks he was filmed as leading man in the 5-week Philippines mini-series Nandito Ako, recorded his OPM Philippines album Forevermore, then he came back to the US and recorded BEGIN. up to the day before his mission started. I really look forward to hearing it!!. BTW follow his twitter DavidArchie – while he’s away his manager Kari updates it with news, treats and bits from David’s emails. I’ll Be There DA2014

  • http://msn erlindita

    Thank you for supporting David. I am so excited for his new album coming out Aug &th, called BEGIN. David is so good to his fans, i know there are more to come..

  • waffles

    SOOOOOOOO excited! Still spazzing over David’s awesome Forevermore cd and can’t believe more music is coming. How can you not love a guy who worked so hard to give these gifts to his fans before he left on his mission. DAVID I LOVE YOU! Can’t wait for BEGIN.

  • http://www.aol.com joelhss

    For a 21 year old, David has been very busy. 2 pop albums, 2 Christmas albums (one with Mormon Tabernacle Choir) an autobiography, an OPM of love songs, and now another album. With all the tours, special performances, and charity work that he does, I sometimes wonder when he sleeps. So proud of all he does.

  • Sierra

    Wow, it’ll be David’s 6th album in 4 yrs and he’s not even doing showbiz right now crazy!

  • caitlyn

    gahhhh, soooo excited for new David music I can’t even….. The Forevermore cd is helping me not miss him so much… his voice is like butterscotch mixed with chocolate slathered in whipped cream … <3 him

  • Kiley

    Of course I’m excited for Archie’s new album! Hearing him sing always makes me happy. I see he’s doing the Chris Brown F.A.M.E. thing for his album title. Has anyone figured out what BEGIN. stands for? That period at the end of the title is really annoying me haha.

  • sarah

    Yay!! The BEST voice in the business!! Just amazing how he can hit those high notes and the power vocal coming from inside!! All right. I need to save money.
    Have you heard Forevermore, Tell Me, Rainbow from his newest album Forevermore? Amazing!!

  • Trish

    So excited!

  • sv18

    wohoo!! I’m buying it for sure.

  • http://www.eternalozzie.com ozzie

    he has a nice voice … i can’t support his music though because the church he gives a lot of money to spreads hate disguised in charity.

  • virginia

    This is awesome! I am very excited for the new music!

  • sarah

    What you said is not true. Republican politicians voted Romney for a presidential nominee and they agree Mormons are Christians. They are not the only church against homosexuality. Most of religions, Christians, Muslims, Buddists, Catholics, Hindu all against such a thing. David is well known for his non judgmental, caring and charitable characters. He cares about everyone irrespective of race, social class, religion and individual differences. There are tons of examples of how he treats others with respect. He treats the President of the United States same as an unknown cleaning lady at school.

  • pickles

    So excited for this new album! Very creative with the title being all CAPS and having a period at the end. Thanks just jared jr for posting this:)

  • http://www.twitter.com@christinevamile wen

    we missed !him!! btw he got an album from philippines!! and its sooo amazing!! love him!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    Awesome! God bless you David. :)

  • asmiralda

    Definitely!!! He is one of a kind. Not too many young singers have such quality as David, both as a person and in talent.

  • Reina

    I’m so happy to hear about new David Archuleta music. Still miss him like crazy but at least I get to listen to his beautiful voice. Can’t wait til 2014.

  • http://FOD Kath

    David …singer, songwriter, author, model, humanitarian,missionary and all around great person, He exudes light that is just irresitable.. All of this and he is only 21. His example speaks so loudly and inspires others in so many positive ways. His album ( that he did in less than a week in the Phillipines, .Forevermore, is unbelievable. I am so excited to hear his new album BEGIN. coming out in August. .

    David is definitely not a “sheep” in the Music Industry….looking for fame or fortune. He follows his beautiful heart….always giving to others. I admire and respect him so much.