Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Flowers For Mother's Day!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Flowers For Mother's Day!

Vanessa Hudgens hides behind a vase full of yellow roses on Sunday afternoon in Studio City, Calif.

Joined by boyfriend Austin Butler, the two both picked up two dozen roses for their moms for Mother’s Day from their local Ralph’s grocery store along with a full cart of goodies.

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Earlier in the morning, Vanessa and Austin were spotted at local eatery Sweet Salt for breakfast. Yum!

10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Austin

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Ok @ 1:01 am on 05/14/2012

sexy & hottie

yets @ 3:01 am on 05/14/2012

hottie Austin…Love you V.

vic @ 3:16 am on 05/14/2012

im not hatin but how do the paps catch these 2 everyday? i’m actually asking a question cuz im a fan but i’ve never seen a star get papped soo much..

MoreThanWords @ 4:26 am on 05/14/2012

Because they tend to follow her like a bad odour.

ics @ 4:58 am on 05/14/2012


It’s very easy, anyone who lives and in LA and has enough spare time could do it. Sometimes they wait for her near her house and follow her anywhere she goes. The neighborhood she lives in, studio city, along with neighboring toluca lake, north hollywood, sherman oaks are very close to the big studios (sc literally borders universal studios) and a lot of people in the industry live here or spend time here (having lunch during breaks, etc.) including lots of celebrities… as a consequence, there are many paparazzi roaming around in the area… and it’s quite easy to spot them, they’re either with vanessa’s audi (or sometimes her mercedes) or austin’s toyota… on foot, they can be easily recognized… so it’s not really a big deal… besides, she lives her life pretty normally and doesn’t hide or stay almost all the time at home or somewhere secluded, as some celebs tend to do… as I said may times before, they get “papped” because enough publications/photo agencies buy their pics, which in turn buy their pics because there are enough people interested in them (tabloid buyers, JJ visitors :D and so on…)

Vic @ 5:16 am on 05/14/2012

@ics: thanks! i get it now, but im sure plenty of other celebs live in LA so why dont they get papped? is it cuz of favoritism or something? i think she personally doesnt like the papparazzi but i think its for her boyfriend so her can get more attention. do u agree?

Gs @ 5:21 am on 05/14/2012


Really? Do you live in SC? You made it sound like you do and at the same time you made it sound like you don’t! Because if you did you’d know that this constant “following” isn’t normal. Believe me, NO ONE gets pap’d that often and NO ONE gets pap’d at these random places in LA. This right there is what it looks like when a celeb / a celeb’s team calls the paps!

Haters suck @ 5:52 am on 05/14/2012

Very sad with what she has become. She used to have so much respect for herself and now because her movies haven’t been doing that well, she’s resorted to this. She’s losing fans.

ics @ 6:08 am on 05/14/2012


Other celebs get papped as well, sometimes as often as Vanessa. How often they get papped depends on the perceived interest in them from tabloid customers and celebrity website visitors. It’s totally unimportant whether they are “loved” or “hated” the only important thing being the “interest” in them. No, I don’t think she goes out specifically to help her boyfriend become more popular, as they get papped.

ehryle @ 6:16 am on 05/14/2012

Adorable Couple!!

If you can see she is not only the celebrity being papz there is also a lots, if you can look on other website for celebs like miley, ashley, zac, jennifer garner, reese, kim k., orlando, kristen, rob there are a lot to mention but being a celebs the paparazzi is part of there life!! so much better to complaint to the papz coz they are the one who following them celebrity just doing thing like normal people so let it be!!

Whatever @ 6:24 am on 05/14/2012

@Gs: Why would she call the paps? All it does is overexpose herself, and make people hate her. How is that good??

ics @ 6:32 am on 05/14/2012


It’s pretty obvious that you’re not very familiar with the paps. The “constant following” is pretty much the norm if there is enough interest in a certain celeb. Many of the places they get papped at are not random at all, but places where she often goes, close to her home, mostly less than 3 miles from her home, often about 1 mile. All the paps have to do is go up and down Ventura blvd and a few adjacent streets and watch for celebs’ cars (I’m talking about celebs who aren’t very secretive, like Vanessa)

I love them together!
You can really see they’re in love with each other, ’cause they do something together almost every day!
I really support them. they’re so perfect for each other!

PS: It’s really cute they bought flowers for their mothers!!!

Gs @ 6:38 am on 05/14/2012

Well, that’s the big question. And I’ve never said that her overexposing herself is a good thing…. There are other things she could have done to stay relevant and in the limelight but she chose to get pap’d multiple times a day at places where paps don’t hang out.

Gs @ 6:45 am on 05/14/2012

That’s what I call “running around the subject at hand”. Thanks for not answering my questions but confronting me with something you seem to have no idea of!
I know how paps are working and I also know that these frequent pap pics are NOT normal. But believe whatever you want, just don’t try to make others believe the same when you don’t know what you’re talking about!

ics @ 7:18 am on 05/14/2012

It’s actually very easy to verify what I said: just take a look at other celebs on JJ or other similar sites and you’ll see that many of them got papped each and every day for many days in a row.

ics @ 7:20 am on 05/14/2012

But many of them don’t have so many paranoid haters accusing them of calling the paps.

londonlipton @ 7:24 am on 05/14/2012

I am sorry but this is NOT normal, MANY more popular celebs live in LA and do not get papped every day, and no paps do not park outside her house and wait or whatever.

There is a phrase,any publicity is good publicity…..She seems to be living by this at the moment. Most sites are not even publishing her pics any more because they happen so frequently at the moment.

MoreThanWords @ 7:48 am on 05/14/2012

@Gs: How in bloody hell do you know these type of pap pics aren’t normal? Do you work for an agency? Are you affiliated with the paps? Or are you just spinning on your thumb that you appear to have firmly implanted in your behind?
@londonlipton – another low life Vanessa hating creton. I love that haters appear to KNOW so much about this and that.

maria @ 8:10 am on 05/14/2012

@londonlipton: I disagree. They DO park outside her house or at least drive by frequently. And no, THAT is not normal. And why wouldn’t they? Tabloids and blogs love to buy her pics. Simple as that. As a result, the haters hate her more, and the publicity is negative. So why would she “call the paps” if that is the result?? That idea is just ludicrous. And I do see many posts on others, like Jennifer Garner, who just go about their lives like Vanessa. You have no idea what vultures the paps are.

lei @ 8:39 am on 05/14/2012

we love you Vanessa.

ics @ 9:03 am on 05/14/2012


I’m afraid it’s pretty “normal”, many celebs experience this kind of stuff.
V and the paps(maybe you’ll understand a bit better what’s going on):
there are many other videos, unfortunately JJ filters out the posts with youtube videos…

Haters Suck! @ 9:53 am on 05/14/2012

oh go save your crap for your dumbass friends on Twitter.

lame @ 10:07 am on 05/14/2012

@londonlipton: Don’t you live in the UK? How on earth would you know about paps in L.A. and especially Studio City and Toluca Lake? I think you need to pipe down and stick to what you know which is fairlhy minimal at best dear.

lame @ 10:10 am on 05/14/2012

@londonlipton: Furthermore, honey you know zip about how things work in Hollywood so keep it zipped. Your’s is just an opinion like everyone else.

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