Selena Gomez Covers 'Elle' July 2012

Selena Gomez Covers 'Elle' July 2012

Dolled up in a mesh corset dress from Dolce & Gabbana, Selena Gomez graces the July 2012 cover of ELLE magazine.

Styled by Joe Zee and shot by Carter Smith, the 19-year-old actress chatted with the glossy about Disney, the roles she picks and knowing what it’s like to not have money. Check it:

On the roles she’s looking for: “I get offered the teenybopper movies, and I’ve done that. I haven’t done a mega-hundred-billion-dollar Transformers movie, but that’s not what I want to do either.”

On working with the Mouse House: “Disney is a machine, so people automatically assume that you can’t work for the channel unless you act and sing and dance and sign up for all that. That’s absolutely not true. I always did everything the way I wanted to do it.”

On knowing the value of a dollar: “I can remember about seven times when our car got stuck on the highway because we’d run out of gas money. [My mom] saved up to take me to concerts. She took me to museums, aquariums, to teach me about the world, about what’s real.”

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Credit: Carter Smith; Photos: Elle
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  • jade

    wow she is beautiful! and she has really shed her disney image but in the most appropriate way EVER. i mean she is the ONLY disney girl who has made it this far without dragging any scandals with her like the rest of them. i mean i love the other stars but she is the only one who has not rushed too much to shed her image and people havent reacted too harshly because of that. if she keeps on track she will definately get far. :) btw her cleavage is awesome No Homo :P

  • selma

    I don’t like her. I don’t known why but she seems to be very fake. I’m not hating but this is the way i feel right now.

  • Simone

    She is so darling. Love her.

  • KIMberly

    I completely agree….she just acts too mature and it’s a big jump from Disney to skimpy outfits like this….no absolutely no

  • Elizabeth

    She looks beautiful! I love this photoshoot

  • amanda leigh

    I mean yeah, she’s trying to act more mature now because her Wizards stint is over, but hey, at least she hasn’t been like Miley.

  • tin2x

    @selma: so true ahhahaha

  • tin2x

    @amanda leigh: atleast miley can pull everything and not fake at all! miley is so real unlike selena

  • ilovevhud

    Really ? cause Selena is not even a Disney girl anymore, she can do whatever she want. And as of miley… shes a real role model (sarcastic voice), if you guys are into the whole i smoke pot, drink, party2/7. anorexia, and get married at 19

  • Amy

    THANK YOU “ilovevhud” I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

  • HaveItHollywood

    She’s so beautiful it’s insane!

  • Me!!!!!!!!!

    Selena is amazing, haters why bother comment? she is a great girl and she is turning 20 in a month, leave her alone its her life not urs!!!!!!!!!
    Selena ur a great model, singer, actress everything in the world so great!

  • paul


    Selena Gomez is girls like us .. wearing clothes, fall in love, enjoying life. If that makes she to a wh*e,bi*h,sl*t or fake .. what are you and i?

  • izzy


    miley is the one who is fake,one minute she is saying how much she loves her curves and the next thing you know she is skinnier than ever.

    selena acts her age and wears clothes that normal people her age would wear

  • Kristen

    @selma: agree, she is very fake…

  • Kristen

    @tin2x: couldn’t agree more!!! Well said!

  • selma

    @paul: I said that i was not hating. It’s my opinion I don’t like her that’s all. Get over it.

  • Po

    Like who you want to like. Who cares if someone doesn’t agree?
    Sely is the bee’s knees, imo. Every interview I’ve ever seen with her she’s as sweet as a person can be and never comes off as disingenuous.

    Beautiful photo shoot too :)

  • natalie

    @selma: i gotta say, I think you’re right. someone is probably going to slam me because of this, but frankly, i don’t like her that much. it just doesn’t seem unique or adult to me. just looks like she jumping into something she’s not, but that’s just my opinion.

  • ics

    LOL! I didn’t recognize her… She looks pretty different (but not bad)

  • bigfun

    i still think she can do a hell of alot better then justin bieber i mean come on now selena get yourself a man not a boy you have to go to the kiddie pool with

  • Den le

    She kinda looks like Justin Bieber in the Elle cover

  • ilovevhud

    no problem @amy & @paul :)

  • None

    is it just me or does she look weird in these pictures? she just doesn’t look right to me… :/

  • Rachel

    @tin2x: oh please! selena is much more real and talented than miley. at least selena doesnt do drugs and pole dance. and since miley turned all slutty, her LOL movie barely made $2,000,000 while selena’s Monte carlo movie made over $39,000,000. so u shouldnt be blabbing about how selena is fake because we all know she is much better than miley by the time she turned 18.

  • Rachel

    @ilovevhud: absolutely agree! miley is just a slutty whore

  • Beatrice

    All I see here is a young girl who’s going to take forever to be looked at as a woman, no matter how hard she tries. Not exactly her fault though, but she has such a baby face.

  • a

    Why does her lips looks so big? I feel she’s emulating Selena Quintanilla

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