Selena Gomez Launches Fragrance at Macy's!

Selena Gomez Launches Fragrance at Macy's!

Selena Gomez shows off her long legs as she arrives at her fragrance launch at Macy’s Herald Square on Saturday morning (June 9) in New York City.

The 19-year-old actress wore a floral bandeau top and shorts from Versace, with a Vanessa Bruno blazer and Giuseppe Zanotti heels. So cute!

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“We picked 12 fans from all over the world and flew them to New York, and we picked the final fragrance together. It was perfect, they had great opinions. It was fun!” Selena recently told us about the decision making process for the final scent.

WILL YOU BUY Selena’s new fragrance?

15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Fernando Leon; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Selena Gomez

    pretty young lady <33 i love her.

  • kanani

    I love her outfit! Sel has a great sense of style <3

  • CCMB

    She needs to cover up

  • Simone

    I really don’t like the celeb fragrance thing but I may buy hers. Because she is so sweet. Love her outfit!

  • chloe

    don’t like her, so grown-up all of a sudden… and still dating a 18 year-old. most likely for fame… that seems to be her M.O.

  • jec


    The Disney Channel made her famous, not Justin Bieber. Anybody who has (or had) a Disney contract doesn’t need to date somebody else for fame.

  • Simone

    All of a sudden? She’s 19? Can she wear shorts? What
    about her look is trying to be grown up? She looks sophisticated and age appropriate. If she was trying to be grown up she wouldn’t be dating Justin.

  • javi

    @chloe: they have been dating sense justin was 16,17 if it was for fame don’t you think that justin’s management or family would have said something to her or him you should blame the liberal media that focus on who dates who in hollywood and don’t even care if this kids have talent. also if it was for fame the relation should have lasted less than a year.

  • Po

    @chloe: – Grow up.

  • samsam

    i love this outfit so much (and i think shes awesome) but if miley wore this, u know people will call her names

  • http://AthanasiaHoran Athanasia

    She’s so famewhore. Goshhh and she’s only 19.

  • Sel

    I agree with samsam

  • javi

    @Athanasia: why is she a famewhore did she made a sex tape or sleeped with some one and tape it. because the last time i check famewhores have sex tapes and sleep around with other guys and taking pics of it selena never had a sex tape or show pictures of her half naked like other fame whores name cyrus,kardashians,hilton.

  • Whatever

    Well, I can’t stand this girl. She acts so damn smug and holy, and it’s sickening. She puts on this, “i’m so perfect ” act, and it’s SO annoying. I can’t wait for something to bring her ego down.

  • Kristen

    @Whatever: haha i agree xD

  • Kes


    Jealous much?

  • Leslie

    U haters stop at nothing to bring her down. Just stop being so damn jealous, if u hate her so much then y look at the post? It makes no sense! Such and idiot!

  • idfuckher

    Hate jb, hate dc, and shes over rated

  • Lia

    @Athanasia: Learn proper grammar, love.

  • Tre

    @chloe @chloe:

    - I was hoping you could explain your comment a little more in depth. Because as I read it, it sounds like false accusations.
    - Yes she is growing up (she will be 20 in a week or so) but she wrapped wizards a few years ago spent a great deal of time creating a new album and then touring – perhaps it could have served as a buffer for change. Certainly wasn’t all of a sudden. At 20 years old, shouldn’t she be “acting all grown up”?
    Perhaps the should have sought your council on the matter – how then “should” she have transitioned?

    -In regards to dating Justin, please explain why you think that dating famous to get famous is her modus operandi? She has been with Justin for years but was famous long before him. Are you suggesting that like aged and minded stars should not date as to prevent “using the other for fame”? If so then half of Hollywood is in your sites. Accusations like that without substance are hurtful, rude and uncouth. BUT if you took the energy to create the comment – it shows how very much it matters to you. I just want to understand, why?

  • Tre


    How would you prefer she act?
    I personally do not see her as smug and holy – if anything she cops up to her short comings and was reaching out to her fans (through music, writing, etc) to tell them even if you have flaws you are perfectly fine being you. My daughter used that song and others of Selena’s to empower herself last year when the bullies were in her class. She now writes her own songs and preformed one for her entire school this year. She credits much of it to the courage she gained from Selena.
    *her ego is constantly being pummeled – just like any star she is subject to constant criticism. Unlike other stars her BF is the dream of millions of hormone raging teen girls who will say the most horrid things regardless of their truth. Her personal accounts on FB and what not continue to get hacked and destroyed, she has to recreate new ones every few months (the hacker also targets a few other lady stars as well) – no saving convos between friends or fans, pictures that were messaged to you or anything and then restart the process of opening another account.
    She does however put a great deal of her time into her fans and charity. and I don’t think that is anything to scoff at. Her trip to Africa with UNICEF was “life changing” and her drop ins at children’s hospitals are always well received. I hope you aren’t suggesting she behave opposingly!!
    We really need to get a straight answer – HOW SHOULD A STAR ACT?
    so they are not too perfect for you
    or too imperfect for other posters

  • http://gmail natalie

    sel is awesome

  • The cat

    She wants to be fucked real hard. Like every girl her age. As simple as that.