Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus Call Off Engagement

Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus Call Off Engagement

Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus have called off their engagement, reps confirm to

The two announced their upcoming nuptials late last year following a pregnancy rumor.

Brenda and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Trace shared in a statement. “We split up a couple of months ago. We will continue to focus on our careers. I wish Brenda the best and much success in the future. I hope everyone can respect our privacy about this situation. Thanks so much.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Brenda and Trace’s split?

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  • dcstarinthemaking

    now all we need is his sister to come to her senses as well, because she’s getting married to young making her look as stupid as she actually is. BRENDA you can do soooooooooooooooooooo much better, stay away from the cyrus family they’re bad blood….come back to movies and make that $$$ boo boo.

  • http://@meganlynch09T MEGAN

    @dcstarinthemaking: You know that Miley hasn’t actually said she’s getting married yet? Becoming engaged and getting married are completely different things, they may have a long engagement who knows

  • dcstarinthemaking

    @MEGAN: who cares? i still have no respect for her…she’s as stupid as she makes herself look…but you know if you like her good luck with that.

  • troy

    I think Brenda is a hundred times better times better. I looked up the words “poser” and “d*uche-bag” in the latest edition of the New Oxford Dictionary and both entries just had this guy’s picture in them.

  • Patworx

    @dcstarinthemaking: Fuck off, idiot!

  • a


  • myrtia

    Brenda u can find a better boyfriend!! Miley is stupid!! I hate her!! Also i love u vr vr much! Im your biggest fan!

  • http://@meganlynch09 Megan

    @dcstarinthemaking: It’s got nothing to do with liking or disliking her, it’s about respecting someone’s decisions. She’s made that choice, it was hers to make, she isnt hurting anyone so why bother with the hate? You might not have respect for her but I don’t think she really cares.

  • Andi
  • Dave

    I’m relieved that Brenda is away from that guy. I really like her. She was great in Wendy Wu. She now needs to separate herself from the London Tipton character. That was good for a child, but she’s a woman now. She’s shown that she can be a good actress. Let’s hope she develops that potential.

  • me


  • http://twitter joi

    First of all, you guys are just haters. They were cute, Brenda was so “wholesome” and him not so much, we know so little about their situation. Brenda could have been the freak and Trace could have been the nice one…who knows. And now about Miley, I roll hard for her. She maybe a little off-ish but we don’t know her, we just see her the way the media portrayed her. So STFU! When you guys can make as much money as her or even her unknown brother Braison then you can talk your ish. But for now, GO HOME AND TAKE NAPS! thanks :D

  • Nadia

    She has the weirdest taste in men.

  • wow


    You are my hero!

  • amy


    I could not have said it better.

  • akane996

    that is soooo sad!!!!!!

  • bigfun

    i agree with dsct stay away from the cyrus family there noting but a waste of sperm thats the best thing you could of did brenda get your sexy self back on tv and making $$$ he was just probably using you and ways you can do a hell of alot better then him your much better then that and for the person getting married to miley dude God help you man cause she is nothing but a waste

  • 11

    @bigfun: And how would you know that about Miley? have you ever been married to her? or actually, have you ever even spent a whole day with her? i don’t think so. so don’t act like you know her better than her fiance who’s been with her for 3 years.

  • kaylee

    I think they made the right choice. She was too good for him in my opinion..

  • Handera

    Thank god. You look at her, then you look at him, and it never made any sense.

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