Zac Efron: LA Kings Win Stanley Cup!

Zac Efron: LA Kings Win Stanley Cup!

Zac Efron runs into Staples Center on Monday evening (June 11) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor met up with a friend inside to watch the LA Kings take home the Stanley Cup for the first time ever.

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The LA Kings won 6-1 against the New Jersey Devils in Game 6 of the playoffs.

Earlier in the day, Zac was spotted picking up some healthy meals.

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron heading to the LA Kings game…

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Credit: Lomeli; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, AKM-GSI
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  • Ok

    Great look Zac, great game!

  • My 2 cents

    So cool Zac got to witness LA Sports history. Adorable as usual.
    This was a happy Win day all around.

  • Ok

    @My 2 cents You are always so nice to Zac. I think he is lucky to have a fan like you

  • Vic

    on jj it says that he and lily broke up according to some magazine…but i fail to recall they were even together! :/ anyone else agree?

  • tracy

    I love how he dresses.

  • tree

    Nice casual look, I just wish he had someone to do his laundry so he could wear a different pair of pants than the ones he wore to the Rock of Ages Premiere. Ha Ha

  • Brad


    there has been so many rumors on twiiter that him and Lilly where dating but no one ever come out said anything I’m Very Wary of this story because How can someone break up if they where never together.

  • Ok

    @tree like most guys he likes wearing everything over again. LOL

  • Ok

    He sure does look happy here

  • Ok

    doesn’t look to heartbroken to me

  • lauren

    but when were they ever together tho?
    (zac and lily)

  • Ok

    @lauren I already said enough on that subject . I made it clear , I always thoht it was PR and he was only goin to go so far. I will say this I admire him , i think he did what he thought was right. No more on that subject it is over. But he still is wearing the bracelet, I guess my guess was right not for Lily. Did you see this florence2?

  • Ok

    shoud say thought

  • Samantha

    He is wearing an auburn shirt! war eagle!

  • lauren

    but im asking who’s team told this to us weekly?

  • Ok

    @lauren My guess is he told them what he wanted done. I would guess his people by the way , it is written.

  • lauren

    i saw this yesterday and thought um okay how random but glad this bullshit is over tbh, now ive seen tweets that lily and michelle are bffs now and etc.
    lol w/e

  • Michael Evanchik

    Well it was the New Jersey Devils vs the Los Angeles Kings, Referees and linesman for the 2012 Stanley Cup.
    I am not a Devils fan, but surely love the NHL over all sports. But now I have a spine in my side. The NHL clearly gives lower fan base teams less respect. If you are not an original team, you are already seem to be an disadvantage before the game starts.

    But lets come back to reality. All any NHL fan wants is a fair game, a minor mistake is ok, but as fair as possible. There were two Cinderella stories in action. A come back from 0-3, and 8th seed who never won a cup(who happened to have a player by the name Wayne Gretsky on it). What I saw in game 6 was a travesty to the NHL, and a travesty to the Referee’s Dan O’Rourke and Chris Rooney ,and one of the linesman Jean Morin, Derek Amell who set a pick for a King behind the net. As far as I understand hockey, besides face-offs, linesman belong blue line to blue line when the puck is in play. As for NHK Referee Dan O’Rourke not calling a boarding on Steven Gionta is yet another travesty in this game. So play goes on, and one of the new jersey devils glides two body lengths into a defenseless player. Now the call at minimum is hitting from behind. The top of his nose is bleeding because if anyone knows that type of helmet its close to you knows and can easily scrape the top of your nose and we all know the face bleeds allot. He is so clueless he calls a 5 minute major (which allows unlimited goal scoring) and kicks the new jersey devil out of the game leaving the new jersey one short on the bench. Payola from Gretsky or NHL, which was it NHL Referee Chris Rooney? Imagine if i was a devil fan,I don’t know how Pete Debeur was so calm during the post game but said he will have more to say soon. I should hope so.

    In my opinion the first person to lift that cup could have been either payola referee Dan O’Rourke, or Chris Rooney.

  • ehryle

    Well Zac’s wearing his bracelet either left or right of his wrist.. he is so comfortable using it now a days!! Good for him for a busy man like him on his career! I want to see him in pure action movie pack tho!!

  • http://@loricathy1 Lori

    What’s with the no socks thin?. He’s done that a few times now.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • My 2 Cents

    @Lori: That is the new style. I follow men’s fashion quite closely and I can tell so does Zac. I give him kudos for trying out new trends. He is young , handsome, fit and he can certainly pull off most of them . Like anything fashion is a personal taste so some will love it, some will not. But I can say this I’d rather see him trying new looks instead of being boring and looking like everyone else.

    @Ok thanks for the compliment. I am a huge fan of his work and I think he has a good heart. I can see you a big fan too.

  • Ok

    My 2 Cents Thanks , One of his biggest

  • Ok

    He does look very good here

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