Vanessa Hudgens: Hollywood Hills Hike

Vanessa Hudgens: Hollywood Hills Hike

Vanessa Hudgens goes hiking with Laura New in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday (June 19) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress and Laura chatted and enjoyed the nice weather before hugging each other goodbye and driving off.

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Last week, Vanessa was spotted showing off her new purple locks as she and younger sister Stella went shopping.

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens going for a hike in the Hollywood Hills with Laura New

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Credit: Cobo; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Justme

    So cool to see her with Laura. Great they are having a shared moment together

  • Uknown

    That’s Vanessa’s best friend Laura New. I’m so happy seeing them together again. I love their friendship.

  • Haters Suck!

    Really like the purple in Vanessa’s hair. It’s a nice touch.

  • Haters Suck!

    Btw that’s Laura new with Vanessa I believe, just thought I’d point it out.

  • My 2 Cents

    I Love their friendship. Such beautiful girls.

  • http://soprettyhudgens Melany

    ahh.. i love their friendship..they look so pretty as always?

  • nessa

    the love bracelet is here again.

  • Haters Suck!

    Don’t start with that again please. Just don’t it means nothing.

  • Simone

    Peak of where she will ever be and this is how her best is. Always frumpy.
    So Jared your homey is not putting on a good face as much as you want your fellow Philopina to make it. Not happening.

  • maria

    @Simone: Do you get a thrill out of being so mean?? You just love making nasty comments on her posts. Why don’t you just find a homey and go be supportive?

    I think she looks great! It’s always nice when we get a glimpse of her with Laura.

  • Boji

    Love that she is still very much in touch with her close friends. Funny, but I just got back from my hilly walk.

  • Haters Suck!

    Vanessa ain’t your homey but I bet she could make you her b!tch. Racist jackass

  • peggy


    LMAO you are the biggest ass on the net.

    Lets see 3 new movies coming out – the last movie made over 325 mil.

    You’re not only bitter you are stupid

  • mags

    Nice to see her doing this healthy workout, just wait im sure she’s doing onother project, love her.

  • Angie

    hiking seems fun

  • Angie

    ……let it go people there’s always a nonfan when it comes to Vanessa. And that is ok. V is still V, me is still me, it’s much better to “brush pass them”

  • tina

    @Simone: Lovely girls, lovely friendship.

  • tina

    @Simone: Be gone.!
    Karma Baby!

  • tina

    I think her hair is cute. I love her workout outfits.

  • tc

    Vanessa is gorgeous!

  • tc

    It’s nice to see her with Laura New.

  • tc

    @tina: LOL I agree 100%

  • My 2 Cents

    That looks like a cool place to hike.

  • Boji

    @ Tina, I like that, hehe
    Be Gone, I say.

  • ehryle

    That bracelet is given by Austin.. just saying!! She look gorgeous as always and she having a good time bonding with her BFF Laura.

  • londonlipton

    Baffles me when people say they “love their friendship”.
    Do you go up to two friends walking in a street and say I love your friendship?No you don’t,because that would just be weird. So why say it just because Vanessa is a celeb? It does not make it any less weird. Yet again it is a sign of some fans thinking they have a right to have an opinion on what Vanessa does when she is not working.
    Vanessa is a normal person, whose job it is act in movies and endorse products,and sometimes sing. Yes part of that job entails being followed by people with cameras, but to comment on her friendships,who she dates and say you like /dislike them is over stepping barriers. It’s as though people lose all common sense when it comes to celebs. It’s not just Vanessa i’m talking about here,it’s pretty much every celeb. Just because you watch their movies,buy their music whatever does not mean you have a right to comment on who they hang out with and pass judgement on the people they have in their lives.

  • Whatever

    @londonlipton: Are you serious? What’s wrong with seeing friends enjoy each other’s company? Celebs have friends too, and there’s nothin’ wrong with sayin’ that. And not for nothin’ but if Efron was nuzzlin’ Tisdale’s chest again, you’d be gushing over their friendship.

  • tree

    I admire Vanessa for her work out schedule. I wish I had her enthusiasm in my work out schedule. She looks great. I hope we get some news on a new movie role.

  • londonlipton

    @Whatever: If you knew anything about me you,you would know I have never commented on Zac/Ashley’s friendship.Because I don’t care, all I care about is the projects people take on. Why is it everything with you people,comes back to Vanessa’s old co-stars? I mentioned neither in my post, I was talking about all celebs,and my point was celebs are NORMAL people,so yes they have friends. To re-quote my original post ” Do you go up to two friends walking in a street and say I love your friendship?No you don’t,because that would just be weird. So why say it just because Vanessa is a celeb? It does not make it any less weird.

  • yets

    go V.

  • Haters Suck!

    Why am I not surprised you have a problem with this. It seems no matter what Vanessa and her fans will always be the bad guy to you. No matter what any of us do it’s always wrong and the people who hate on Vanessa are right. I agree with whatever if this was your little golden boy you would have no problem with it. So do us all a favor and piss off back to his posts or go b!tch to your know it all friends on twitter. We do not need your self righteous, two-faced commentary here.
    P.s I like Vanessa and Laura’s friendship to so fu*k you.

  • tina

    @londonlipton: We “like this friendship” because they seem to support each other rather than it being one way. We don’t get the impression (as we do with unnamed others) that this is fake and on toted out when it benifits the other person in it.

  • londonlipton

    @Haters Suck!: Oh I am sorry I completely forgot,you are one of those imbeciles that thinks because a person does not give a s*** about what a celeb does in their PRIVATE life and who they hang out with is their business,and find it totally absurd that fans comment on who they hang out with; that it means I am hater.
    I will state this once and for all,I do NOT hate Vanessa Hudgens. I think she has done some great projects,and I am looking forward to seeing her in Frozen Ground. I also think she should produce a fashion line as many people seem to like her style and would buy her clothes.
    I just think that commenting on her family,people she hangs out with is step too far. Same with ANY celeb. nine times out of ten the people pictured with them are not famous therefore should not be submitted to the same scrutiny as a celeb.

    I also forgot that you are so narrow-minded that you live with the assumption that you are either a Zac Efron supporter or a Vanessa Hudgens supporter,you cannot be both. Well take your blinkers off,and learm to read because I say the same things on his posts as well.

    FYI I don’t think haters are right. I think hating is silly. Just as your username is a way to goad them in to posting.
    But just as you love Vanessa, people will dislike her and are entitled to express that opinion.
    If you don’t like the opinion- fine.If everyone agreed the world would be boring.
    But I fail to see the need or the point of calling out every hater,Vanessa herself has said she does not care what others think of her,so why cannot her more ardent fans share that philosophy?
    When are you people going to realise, that there are different types of fans? Those that are just interested in the projects they do,those that want news of their favourite celebs everyday whether they are working on a project or going to the gym.

  • Haters Suck!

    You’re so two faced and full of $hit its scary. Here’s the thing I used to follow you on your twitter account till I got sick of hearing you and your dumbass friends constantly talking crap about her that I unfollowed you and left. I know every rotten thing you’ve said about Vanessa and how you constantly kissed zacs ass. So the more you lecture me the more two faced you become. So for the record after everything I’ve seen you say you are a zac fan and a Vanessa hater and you are full of $hit.

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I did the same, Haters. The things that were said by her and Merlin were awful. I don’t get what she’s griping about here. So a post shows Vanessa and Laura, and we’re not allowed to say anything about them? That’s bizarre. Girlfriends have wonderful bonds, and sorry, but we can’t help but notice. Even in high school, seniors choose the best guy friends and girlfriends in the class Round here. People admire friendships all the time. It’s a beautiful thing. Anyone who has a problem with positive things being said about a nice friendship is crazy!!

  • neil

    Why vanessa hudgens’s post always gets so many comments? Like she does nothing wtf?…I don’t understand. I think is just the same person changing their username and commenting again and again and again…

  • Dani

    Zacnessa 2.0 needs to happen.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well just for the record you can’t change your username on jjj without having your comment moderated amd having to wait a long time for it to actually post. Read the print below the submit button

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