Julianne Hough: 'Everyone In London Told Me I Was Crazy'

Julianne Hough: 'Everyone In London Told Me I Was Crazy'

Julianne Hough peeks her head out from behind the driver’s seat in this behind the scenes pic from her Zooey mag cover shoot.

The 23-year-old actress opened up to the glossy about her adventures in London, dating Ryan Seacrest and the Latter Day Saints church. Check it:

On moving to London at the age of 10: “I wasn’t [sad at leaving my family] at all! I was just disappointed that there weren’t horse drawn carriages and men with little eyeglasses. I was really upset that they [London] had cell phones. I didn’t know what was going on!”

On being told no when she wanted to act: “Everyone in London told me I was crazy and needed to stay [in London]. That I was going to amount to nothing and was going to work at “Whatever Burger.” I had my whole life set up in London and I knew it would just be me continuing to dance and I would eventually become professional, win world championships, and then I would be a teacher or I would tour around Europe and Asia and do shows and get titles. I knew all this and it’s not what I wanted. I wanted to act, but living with my dance coaches made dance my only option. It was a really hard decision for a 15 year old girl to make, but I needed to do something for me.”

On the biggest misconception of Mormons and the LDS church: “That everybody has ten wives. At one point that was the case, but…It is community based though. I think about when I have kids and how I want to raise them. I really love how their community is and how everyone looks out for each other. There’s a sense of family and I want that for my kids.”

On her relationship with Ryan: “You know, we gush and mush at each other all the time. At dinner we’ll always be sitting there explaining the reasons why we love each other. It’s corny and silly but it’s great. I love talking about Ryan. He’s so genuine and loyal. I didn’t realize…I had perceptions of who I thought he was. On our first date I thought, ‘This is so not what I expected.’ He’s one of the most thoughtful–not just boyfriends or men–but people I’ve ever met. A lot of the romantic things he does for me are sometimes not even specifically for me. He’ll remember my Mom’s birthday or that it’s Mother’s Day and he’ll send something. I would so much rather him be like that with my family than have him do something for me.”

Julianne Hough – Zooey Mag Photo Shoot

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Credit: Derek Wood; Photos: Courtesy of Zooey Magazine
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    You are not a good example to the LDS church.

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    Who cares about the LDS Church. She seems like a nice young lady.

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