Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Morning Yoga Class

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Morning Yoga Class

Vanessa Hudgens tries to hide behind boyfriend Austin Butler as they leave a yoga class on Saturday morning (June 23) in Studio City, Calif.

Just the day before, the 23-year-old actress and 20-year-old actor were spotted loading up some belongings in a Uhaul van outside her home.

Looks like the two are moving in together?!

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Earlier in the week, Vanessa was seen out with mom Gina at a business meeting.

10+ pics inside of Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens

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thetis @ 4:36 pm on 06/23/2012

How ridiculous JJ if they were moving in wouldn’t they be bringing things in not out and further they would live in her home not his little apartment.

Maybe she were donating some stuff oh and btw his new show tapes in NY

Haters Suck! @ 5:04 pm on 06/23/2012

I don’t know I think it’d be cool if they were to move in together. I doubt that’s what’s going on but they are good together. Vanessa looks hot.

barbara @ 5:34 pm on 06/23/2012

he starts his new show, in a couble of weeks he will be living in new york, for a while, and wants so dumb, they had van, and zac always moving in as you can see, they never did.ypu can see they are proably giving furnture away, for the poor. vanessa has always been generous.

What a laugh @ 5:46 pm on 06/23/2012

really jared! just how much do you get paid by v’s people to post these pictures day after day and then to pass out crap like this?

Elendur @ 5:48 pm on 06/23/2012

My guess is he is moving his stuff to NY for his new tv show and since she’ll probably be there lot also , she’s moving some of her stuff there as well. Doesn’t mean they are living together but they seem to really like each other.
A great couple.

maria @ 5:50 pm on 06/23/2012

I have no idea what moving random pieces of furniture out of her house means, but one thing is fairly certain. They are not moving in together at this point, or not by the looks of these pics. Like thetis said, I would think they’d be moving his stuff INTO the house, not out. The timing is off too, cause he must be getting ready to head to NYC soon. It just may be she’s giving him or someone else some unused furniture, or donating it to a charity. I think it’s great that she is no priss, afraid of some physical labor or breaking her nails. Such a guy’s girl.

Simone @ 5:50 pm on 06/23/2012

Hmm, Austin used to seem like a gentlemen to me. But why wouldn’t he get one of his friends to help move the stuff? and he has her on the hard side of moving. Pushing up is harder. Not cool.

samsam @ 6:05 pm on 06/23/2012

@Simone: maybe he’s not as nice as everyone thinks…We really don’t know because honestly, and no one can disagree, we personally don’t know them!

Ok @ 6:19 pm on 06/23/2012

There’s my beauty and my cutie. Austin is and always has been very well mannered. he is polite and a gentleman at all times. ask anybody who has ever worked with him.

londonlipton @ 7:09 pm on 06/23/2012

Wow so putting stuff in a movie fan equates to Vanessa moving house. Gotta be a slow news day for JJ. As many posts on here have said, there could be many reasons why.

Haters Suck! @ 7:25 pm on 06/23/2012

Oh blow it out your ass would you.

kelly martineau @ 8:41 pm on 06/23/2012

v and Big Lips look like robers with there hanker chiefs around there faces. Wonerder if her neighbors watch her come and go. V is good enteritament.

muse @ 9:02 pm on 06/23/2012

Agreed, if they were moving in together, they would be moving furniture in not out. Vanessa never seemed like the type to rush into major. She has fun, but she’s still young and enjoys her leisure time and freedom.
And to whoever said Austin isnt a gentleman anymore just because Vanessa is the one pushing it up, thats ridiculous. Moving furniture is hard period. And depending on angles, most the time it’s harder for the one pulling it up than pushing it up. Why read so much into their actions then disregard of them and think so little of them once you do? Its moving furniture…not exactly a sin.

They do well together and I agree also that it’s cool to see them doing this together, not having movers. Shows how true and real they are :)

Eu sou fãs da vanessa hudgens e zac efron .

Simone @ 2:21 am on 06/24/2012


Showa neither of them has a good male friend that would help them. Maybe they are both not very nice people.

florence2 @ 3:07 am on 06/24/2012

I hope that Austin does move in with Vanessa soon becuase they are serious about each other so why waste time look where waiting 5yrs got her no where, so if they both feel like it is right then they should go for it go Vanessa and Austin.

Hope to that we see him with her at the TCA this weekend and we get some lovely photo’s of them it’s been a while since we’ve had some photo’s so this weekend would be a great chance to get some of the happy couple.

muse @ 8:57 am on 06/24/2012

Why does it have to be a male? Woman are just as capable…point and case: Vanessa moving the furniture with Austin!!! In my household, there’s only my sisters and mother, we do all the heavy moving ourselves because we’re capable, not because we’re not male or dont have friends who can help. Its a part of being independent and an adult.

yets @ 8:58 am on 06/24/2012

i love vanessa and i support her all the way.

florence2 @ 9:25 am on 06/24/2012

I would say that Austin is the one trying to hide from the pap’s as Vanessa is clearly laughing and smiling you can clearly see that in the pictures so they obviously don’t bother her so why is she trying to hide behind him and make it look like she does’nt like the pap’s I don’t get that.

tina @ 9:36 am on 06/24/2012

@Simone …or they are moving, storing,or donating a few items and saw no need to bother their friends. If this was a couple down the block you’d walk right passs them and see nothing wrong.

Ok @ 10:05 am on 06/24/2012

How can Austin have haters , look at that face.

maria @ 10:35 am on 06/24/2012

@Ok: He has a very nice face, and a perfect bod. Tall, lean, and muscular. But honestly, Vanessa sees so much more. He just sounds like a great guy. The idiot Zac fans who rag on her for prancing in public and the PDA, would be ruthless if she was doing what he is doing. Sleeping with whomever is there, dropping condoms in public, and standing naked on balconies, to mention a few. I am glad that she is in a happy relationship, keeping her away from all that trash in Hollywood.

barbara @ 11:08 am on 06/24/2012

this is hollwood, relationships, never last, even if they live together, or married, look at johney depp,and his girlfriend, lasted 14 years with two children, did not last, hollwood relationships hardly last , distance is hard on relationships, the more poplar they are, the more work they do, they hardly make movies in LA anymore, they even make movies over c’s, and tv moves all over the place, i think her movie gimmie sheller, will come out soon, she has a nother project to do, and frozen ground, comes out the first of december, he has tv show to be filmed in NY, and if he gets more popular, he will get movie offers, vanessa, is a free spirt,she even said so, she just likes to have fun, and enjoys life, she said she will wait to get married when she is 30.

Ok @ 12:01 pm on 06/24/2012

@maria thank you for that. i don’t mean to start anything. I love Vanessa , I love austin , and I love Zac , I don’t think zac is as bad as everybody thinks. But I’m not going to fight

maria @ 12:13 pm on 06/24/2012

@Ok: I don’t either. I was just pointing out the double standard, alive and well in the world. She would be crucified if she was doing what he is doing. Seriously.

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