Vanessa Hudgens: Sun Cafe with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens: Sun Cafe with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens takes a hold of boyfriend Austin Butler‘s hand after lunching at Sun Cafe in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (June 25).

The two took a day off from all their weekend activities — which included moving a few pieces of furniture from the 23-year-old’s actress’ home.

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“Time to get freaky. Freaky Fridayy. Blegh. Bad Joke and it’s not Friday anymore…but I think the bandana completed my look don’t you? lol……,” Vanessa wrote on her official blog.

She added, “What did you guys do this weekend? I moved some stuff and got some yoga in!!”

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Credit: Survivor; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Simone

    K, starting to think one of her many family members is their papp and Jared is a cousin of hers somehow. Major kickback.

  • Ok

    There is my two cuties

  • martinet

    break up already.

  • Boji

    Not complaining. Vanessa is my daily caffeine .

  • mags

    I hope they become husband and wife, ;-) shes petite, brown and brunette, and hes tall, blue eyes and blond, i want to see their baby, lol!

  • samsam

    @Simone: i agree this aint right. i mean no one else gets papped this much but not much we can do. tbh i thought they would’ve split by now but clearly i was wrong. but i don’t think they’ll last years and years her friends apparently said “she’s just having fun” ;)

  • florence2

    @mags: Totally agree uth you and i’m sure it will happen you only have to look at hem together to know he’s the one for Vanessa and she for Austin. Perfect match.

  • jade

    @mags: @florence2: they’ve only been together for 9 months! slow down! and tbh, compared to her 5 years with zac this is nothing so give them some time

  • Vic

    @mags: @florence2: lol u guys talk like u know them, its only been 9 months! not even a year yet

  • jade

    wheres my comment????

  • Sara

    i must say that those who complain about her being frequently seen 1) if she really wanted to be seen, she wouldn’t be seen in casual clothing or going to the gym most of the time 2) she finished her movies so give her a break 3) when she wasn’t seen you complained and now shes here you complain 4) if you think about it, stars like miley cyrus and ashley tisdale have been seen quite often, its just nobody really notices them :)

  • yets

    hope to hear new project for her.

  • what the

    That is the most horrendous outfit I’ve ever seen.

  • vanessa

    @samsam You are perfectly right. T here are so many more bigger stars who do not get papped this much. Even zac doesn’t seem to get papped this much. Its all because of her relationship with austin that she gets papped this much.Anyway I dont think they will ast for years too.Austin is hardly a good match for a rich famous girl like vanessa. Vanessa PLEASE BREAKUP AND GO BACK TO ZAC.

  • vanessa


  • Simone


    Ur naive. She has had frequent weight problems and rumor is aside from the obvious bad acting she gets beat out for parts by thinner girls. Its for her career that she is strutting to the gym and back.

  • Haters Suck!

    You’re just an evil, rotten, son of a b!tch aren’t you. You shouldn’t believe rumors that you yourself start.

  • maria

    @Simone:There is nothing wrong with her weight. At all. She has lost what she gained last year and looks just fine. Some of you need to realize she’s now 23, and not a teenager anymore. She’s a woman, not a girl. Big difference in a woman’s and teen’s bodies.

  • Zara

    i freaking want her pants!!!!!!!!
    does anybody know where 2 get them???????????
    or does anybody at least know what type of pants they r? i desperately want them lol

  • muse

    @Simone: If you honestly think she has weight ‘problems’ you are blind. She gained a few pounds for a character role. To me and alot of other people, that is Vanessa taking her acting and her career very serious! And even with the few pounds she willingly gained and then worked to lose, she was still beautiful. If you think otherwise than you are small minded and blind. You shouldnt be harsh on someone because of their weight. And to say she lost movie roles to ‘skinnier’ girls is absolute bullsh*t. How the hell would you know!
    What type of person comes here to bully and harras someone they dont even know or like? Her fans, we come here to support her coz we respect her and admire her. Why waste your time being mean?

  • Lexie

    She’s a beautiful and lovely girl, shame about her acting career though. She should be successfully headlining in this day and age, the movies seem to flop when she does. Wish she would stop with this PR though, even as a fan I know there is no-way in hell she would get papped this much without her management calling them. It’s a trick a lot of young actresses use to keep them fresh in the minds of people. Some are far worse than others.

  • selma

    No please stop with that. Don’t say that she calls the paps it’s not true. Do you have some proof ? I don’t think so. Sorry but you should shut you mouth. A fan don’t say something like that.

  • tina

    @selma: Lexie is not a
    fan, she is a fan of Zac’s she once stated it was her job to come to Vanessa sites (and she goes to all of them) and say basically the trash she is saying now. So I take it to mean she PR for someone else (or a mental case).

  • Lexie

    @Tina @ Selma

    Nice to be stalked. You’re right it is my job to visit media websites, I work in PR/market research and have done for many years. It is not my job to visit Vanessa websites- this is JustJaredJr the last time I looked- although admittedly she does seem to dominate with all her pictures. I am a fan of Zac’s but, I am also a fan of Vanessa’s- think Austin’s alright too, don’t know much about him. I am also realistic about Hollywood and the LA scene.

    Talk to the paps who are taking the pictures for starters, Vanessa is a B/C List actress- not much money is made off her as someone like Tom Cruise for example therefore paps do not camp outside her home/follow her around as there is more money to be made elsewhere. It’s basic common sense at the end of the day. This is not to say that they don’t get lucky at points with their pictures, she does seem to go to a few celeb haunts. I’m not saying it’s her calling the paps, I’m saying her management is- and it’s working.

    Answer me this: How do bigger celebrities manage to avoid having their picture taken hmm? Face up to facts, or at least realise that Vanessa is not perfect. No-one is. A lot of fans seem to have forgotten than she is a normal person and being an actress is just a job.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh goodie another person claiming to have “inside info” and “work” in the industry. Amazing how many of these people flock to this site and claim to know everything boy if I had a dollar for everytime this happend.
    Tell @Lexie why I should believe a word you say.

  • londonlipton

    What’s with the weight debate?
    Vanessa’s figure fits Vanessa and fits her lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with her figure, infact I would go as far as to say she is probably one of the physically fittest twenty three year old around, with the amount of hiking,walking and gym classes she does.

  • Haters Suck!

    Go suck a dead dogs nose.

  • Lexie

    @Hater’s Suck- How would you like me to prove it?

    On a side note, you seem to be quite aggressive to people who do not share the same opinion as you, perhaps I’m missing some history but, your username is quite ironic considering.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well that’s the thing you really can’t can you. Yet you expect people to believe you. Not likley.

  • Maria

    @Lexie: I beg to differ on her career. She has a lot of obstacles including Hollywood’s obsession with white talentless bimbos, her Disney connection, and her young looks. She is never going to be handed roles like her pretty boy ex, and will need to fight for whatever she gets. She has very distinct exotic looks and lets face it….. not many roles are written for women who look like her. In spite of that, she has been working regularly and has 3 movies in post-production. Compare her to mixed race actresses her age, and I’d say she’s holding her own. She’s been more successful than Ashley Tisdale, who was pushed by Disney. I think she will go about her career in a steady way, and patience will be key. Would root for her any day over the bimbos getting handed roles, like Huntingdon-Whitely or Lively.

  • Maria

    Sorry, but that is me, maria!

  • Lexie

    @Hater’s Suck- I doubt evidence will even convince you at this stage. I’m an adult so, I’m not going to get in an argument about trivial things but, I would welcome a discussion to see your point of view, at the moment all you seem to be doing is criticising anyone who disagrees with your opinion which doesn’t work in the real world. Whatever you reply, have a nice evening.

  • Boji

    @lexie, shall I answer your question why? Because the ‘ A’ lister celebrities have tons of money to afford bigger more secure homes, body guards, surveillance cameras, personal assistants to run errands for them and eat in fine dining restaurants amd be chaiffeur driven and shop in exclusive high end stores.Vanessa cannot afford such extreme luxuries. The fact that she goes about acting normally makes her an easy target. Did it ever occur to you that Vanessa is one of JJ’s favorite celebrities? Enough with the PR nonsense.

  • Maria

    @Boji: You got that right, Boji!!

  • tina

    Where are my comments.

  • mykamicks

    Vanessa works hard for her craft and does take seriously being a professional actor. Her name was earned by her and not being handed by anyone.

    A lister means- Good Acting Skills, Moneymaker, Bankable Actor, In Demand endorser, etc…

    She is leading her way there, not just another young pretty woman but a YOUNG A Lister in hollywood .

  • Boji

    @ Maria, thanks. And to prove my point she’s been papped at Ikea, the budget store everyone loves. As spotted earlier she was seen moving out some furniture. How many A listers shop there? Vanessa has strived hard for her career. She’s got more hurdles to overcome than a lot of other celebrities for one so young. Nothing was handed to her on a platter and she doesn’t have the connections like some we know. @ Maria, what you said in your post earlier holds true.

  • mags

    @Lexie: Why you compare her with tom cruise, he’s such a big star and yet his current movie flop big time, and please i like vanessa style of leaving we can relate to it.

  • mags

    sorry, living not leaving, to @jade/@vic im just joking u two r too serious.

  • kelly martineau

    Don’t like her clothes. She’s dressing like a hippy. To bad she wasn’t born back the.
    V needs to start working on a movie again its been to long sense Feb.

  • kelly martineau

    Don’t like her clothes. She’s dressing like a hippy. To bad she wasn’t born back the.
    V needs to start working on a movie again its been to long sense Feb.

  • theresa

    Hopefully what I’m trying to say will make sense. The fans don’t think nor believe that she’s perfect, because lets face it there are no perfect people, only perfect A-holes. What we’ve done is forgiven and accepted her for any flaws (yes this includes mistakes she’s made). We’ve been saying for a long time she is just a normal woman living her life the way she wants to. I disagree with you on her career, Journey 2 did extrememly well and although it would have done well no matter what given the genre of the movie, the entire cast including her should be given credit for a job well done; that’s one of the problems I have with others opinions regarding her career; if the movie does bad it’s always her fault, if the movie does well it’s never because of her. I’m sorry, but the success or failure of a movie is not solely based on one person and one person alone. I can’t speak for everyone when I say this, but I’ve accepted her for who she is and no matter what people say about her race/career/looks I will continue to support her.

  • Boji

    @ Theresa, exact same sentiments. Well said!

  • lexie

    There seems to be some confusion so first of all, I’d like to emphasis that I don’t dislike Vanessa. I think she’s got the potential to be a great actress, she’s very beautiful and seems like a nice person.

    @Theresa- Journey 2 did well yes, that’s why I didn’t include it when I was referring to flops (apologies if I didn’t make this clearer) but, Vanessa was not one of the major stars in that- look at the billing and then any film site will show you that she got paid pittance- granted it’s not all about the money but, the stark difference to what she was paid in comparison to the headlines might shock you.

    @Mags- Tom Cruise is probably too big a star to compare with. Look instead at actresses her age, with the same level of “success” and you will see my point. It is a fallacy that you can’t have a private life in Hollywood- a LOT of people do. Vanessa was capable of it, even with her high profile relationship with Zac Efron, even with all the success of High School Musical etc. It is easily doable, come to Hollywood and find out for yourself.

    @Boji- You’ve not exactly answered my question have you? My question was why she is always papped and others often more successful, often same level of success are not. This is where celebrities make the distinction between public and private. Paps can not stalk celebrities, this is harassment and is recognised internationally. They can however, go where they are certain they will get pictures e.g. a tip off. They will not camp around/follow Vanessa and her boyfriend as she is not worth much money in the scheme of things- if anything at the moment due to the frequency of pictures saturating the market.

    @Maria- You seem to have something against Zac Efron? “pretty boy ex”- OK, we’ll take him as an example- he is far more successful in regards to movie roles and headlining than Vanessa, he is more well known- a recent poll of the UK for example put his awareness level at 79%, Vanessa was 7% (Figures will come out in People magazine, October and were targeted at their audience demographic) and yet he can avoid the press? Strange.

    You are right that for women it is harder to succeed in Hollywood due to ageism etc but, the choices you make affect your standing. In terms of her exotic looks, there has never been a better time for her with the huge range of diversity. Vanessa’s management/Vanessa have clearly not made the best choices- Bandslam, Beastly, Suckerpunch= Flop. Look at the statistics which can be found on any film website, although you may want to find the ones which are verified.

    Hopefully now she’s an adult, she will have a lot more success Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter sound very promising, after these maybe she can headline. Spring breakers however is just terrible- wait till you’ve seen it, I would put that more down to the writing though. She is a lot more talented than the other actresses you’ve listed, and of course Ashley Tisdale who seems to have converted back to tv roles because of not enough interest. She is also another one calling the paps.

    @Everyone- What do you feel like she could do to get herself taken seriously in Hollywood? I look forward to reading your responses to the points I’ve made, hope you all have a nice day.

  • Boji

    @ Lexie, shall we say the paps are fascinated with Vanessa. I can bet you my bottom dollar that this has absolutely nothing to do with PR. Maybe Austin and Vanessa make such a cute couple, they are a natural magnet. I think only those paps who take her pics can give you the answer. A

    As you say Vanessa is only a b lister and therefore she does not have enough clout to garner publicity nor the means to even have a PR team to tirelessly get her pics posted all the time. Could it be fans like us and JJ are the ones who keep the interest flowing? Just giving you some possibilities. Well, her pics seem to sell and I ain’t complaining.

  • mags

    @lexie: lexie you simply hate her thats yr point, nobody say shes A lister, so please stop! I think u enjoying the attention too.

  • theresa

    My apologies I wasn’t trying to imply that she was a headliner in the Journey 2 movie, my point was that she as well as the other actors should receive credit for a job well done; and there are some “haters” who didn’t think she and some of the others actors should receive any praises. I apologize if that sounds harsh because I don’t mean for it to come off that way. To answer your last question. IMO she’s doing well in her choices thus far. We may not agree with her choice of scripts, but it’s not really up to us either. To me she’s putting feelers out there so to speak; she is trying different genres and trying to not be typecasted to any one specific type of role. IMO not every actor/actress can pull off different genres and if they continue to do all the same type of role they will be stereotyped to only that type of role. I just think she’s trying her hand at different roles and she like others before her will find her “nitch” and it may be that comedies or dramas (just examples) are her rise to the ultimate fame in HW. For example, Bruce Willis is best known for doing action flicks and when he tried his hand at a comedy and then a drama he didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome to the role change; doesn’t mean he didn’t do the role justice, he was just stereotyped as only being an action hero. I think she’s got a lot of potential to be great, but with every great actor/actress has to be a great script; sometimes no matter how wonderful the actor/actress is if the script is below par there isn’t always a lot they can do with it; plus no matter how great the actor/actress is, they won’t always give award winning performances every single film. Of course anything I’ve stated above is just my opinion.

  • Haters Suck!

    Don’t bother with Lexi. She’s a a know it all with all the answers because she works in the industry apperently. We’re just simple minded folk who don’t know $hit. So really no point in arguing with a person who thinks they got it all figured out. No answer we give will be enough to satisfy her ego. She’s one of those people I think that just likes to hear themselves talk just because they claim to know it all.

  • tina

    Ok here’s my two cents.@lexie is a joke she claims to be PR, yet she’s asking us (fans) how Vanessa is paped. She spents her time trolling all of Vanessa sightings to same the same thing. Then she accuses me of stalking her when I who am a fan go to the same sites. She does that little thing where she belittes every thing that Vanessa has ever done by saying her career is a flop. I wonder sometimes if she is in PR is this what her clients are paying her for? To take down Vanessa? In J2 Vanessa was the female lead you can’t get around that. All the publictity for the movie revolved around her.The producers of the movie thought enough of her to allow her to represent them at the press conference. We know the critic gave her great reviews for Bandslam the fact it was mismarked was the fault of their PR people( see a trend here).
    My point here is this if @lexie is PR she either is not very good at it or thinks by stated the same lies about Vanessa they will become someones truth. So what is it @lexie is that your job?

  • Susan

    @lexie: Like you, I am suspicious about how often Vanessa is papped. I live near her and have literally NEVER seen a pap parked near her house. The fact that paps are only there to take the pictures and leave makes me think they are tipped off by Vanessa and Austin in exchange for a kickback.