Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Still Together!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Still Together!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are still going strong!

The 19-year-old actress and the 18-year-old singer have been reported to be going through a rough patch and on the verge of breaking up, but they are trying to make their relationship work.

“They’re still together,” a source close to the couple tells “They had a pretty big fight but made it through.”

Justin and Selena were spotted together this past weekend enjoying popsicles in a park and having lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

ARE YOU HAPPY that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still together?

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Morgan @ 11:39 pm on 07/05/2012

no, I’m do still not happy that they are still together. this is so stupid

pete @ 11:51 pm on 07/05/2012

they actually broke up months ago. She is just a cover up, he’s gay. He was sucking my d*** last night

iCaandy @ 11:55 pm on 07/05/2012

Every single couple have their ups and downs, but when they have true love, everything doesn’t matter. I’m happy for them :)

wtf @ 11:56 pm on 07/05/2012

reveal your sources! this source can go jump off a cliff. whoever started rumors about them should grow a pair and reveal their name. why are they spilling false accusations? and this comes from someone ‘close’ to them…. uh huh, okay.

Olivia @ 12:00 am on 07/06/2012

THANK GOD. For some reason their “break ups” deeply depress me. They’re adorable together and deserve all the happiness each of them bring to one another.

dina @ 12:00 am on 07/06/2012

sorry but no i am not happy they are still toghter, i wish they would break up already and save us soem heartach, i wanted those rumurs about the their break up to be true

dina @ 12:02 am on 07/06/2012

*some and *Rumors and same the heaertach

iCaandy @ 12:03 am on 07/06/2012

Yes! I’m happy for them :)

dina @ 12:03 am on 07/06/2012


Adam @ 12:29 am on 07/06/2012

This is crazy love! They should of break up. Generally, they had alcoholic drinks and became drunk, again and media still doesn’t know that it happened. Gomez acted up again and hit some people and most likely to go to jail by her birthday. “Bad choice again Gomez, you’re doing things that will really destroy earth, just like the Mayans said” (August 2081).

DESTINEY @ 3:22 am on 07/06/2012

why you’re so angry about that let’em be happy & have their own life…

vANESSA @ 10:52 am on 07/06/2012

@dina @adam don’t worry ,they won’t last long.they’ve been together only for about 18 months and have had a decent amount of chaos in their relationship.if the start is this bad we can think how worse it will get with time.

uite @ 11:14 am on 07/06/2012

aaaaaaaaand still gay

Keep Your Faith @ 12:22 pm on 07/06/2012

Well, guys, now it’s just a matter of time and nothing else. Someone is just as eager as I here? Just a little bit for this magnificent thing happens, we’ll keep praying, right? But not forgetting to ask for protection for the poor souls of the members of The One Direction. Hey, if your name are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne or Louis Tomlinson, JUST RUN, RUN AS FAST AND HIDE IN A SAFE PLACE WHERE NO ONE CAN TRACK YOU EVEN YOUR PARENTS. SELENA GOMEZ WILL SOON BACK TO BUSINESS, AND YOU ARE IN DANGER.

wow @ 12:45 pm on 07/06/2012


What are you smoking? Whatever it is youm should stop!

Selena is the last person to be drunk, hit someone & go to jail – you must be nuts!

mrmedina144 @ 2:03 pm on 07/06/2012

yes i’m happy

Jeff @ 2:45 pm on 07/06/2012

The only reason the girls on this post are commenting are because they feel like they have a slight chance to be with him if they break up. Get over yourself your not worth it, he would never leave selena because she unlike you is not envious of what he has and just wants to be with him because of his “hotness” Grow up.

Patworx @ 3:14 pm on 07/06/2012

Lots of shitheads commenting.

jaxxx @ 4:22 pm on 07/06/2012

obviously you are on some meds with dina (who can’t even spell heartache) and adam!!

justin bieber and selena gomez @ 5:44 pm on 07/06/2012

really srry but i am more than happy and i think they desire each other , whats problem with justin and selena re still in relationship

daisy9614 @ 6:43 pm on 07/06/2012

Wow, you guys sure are heartless. i mean i know you guys love the guy but you guys should at least let him be happy!! that’s what true fans are. It’s not like all of the fans have a chance him. And i’m a huge BELIEBER too ok.

Stephanie @ 7:04 pm on 07/06/2012

Why do people want them to break up? I hate to burst your bubble, but EVERY couple has fights from time to time. The important thing is that you make up and that you don’t say anything unforgivable during the fight. For example, something intended to hurt the other person, rather than to back up your point. Of course their chances aren’t good, they’re teenagers and both still have some growing up to do, but they’re a cute couple and they seem happy together.

Robbie @ 8:35 pm on 07/06/2012

These 2 will NEVER last… I mean, this sorta thing will cause a split sooner or later.

Selena is ONLY dating Justin for the fame. Without him, let’s be frank here, no one would give a **** about her and she’d be 100% irrelevant.

Look at them. This isn’t “love”. It’s just a bunch of bullshit that Selena is using to stay relevant and Justin is just willing to take ANY girl just to deny the rumours that he’s gay.

selena @ 10:54 pm on 07/06/2012

thank you stephanie i am a selena fan and recently in a interview she was asked about is she happy about what her fans think about her relationship with jb she said that she is upset because her fans are disliking her because she is with jb. i dont care who she is with.i love her because of her peersonality and music. her personality is almost identical to mine and i find that very facinating. they are teens and accationnaly fall out and still need to learn things but just because of their accational fall-outs doent mean that they will break up. i wish them a happy future if they feel happy and suitibal for each other.

Jennifer @ 6:22 am on 07/07/2012


I agree with you Stephanie. They are young and have more in their future too. Justin and Selena are a cute couple and they do have problems just like any other relationship out there, so I honestly don’t get why people keep complaining. If you guys are true Justin Bieber fans, then you will be happy if he is happy. And I am pretty sure he is happy with Selena. And he is giving other girls his heart too, he loves each and every of his fans. And so does Selena.

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