Do You Have Any Questions For Joe Jonas?

Do You Have Any Questions For Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas and lil bro Nick enjoy the beautiful weather by taking a walk on Friday (July 6) in New York City.

Earlier this week, the brothers celebrated Independence Day together.

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Next week, Just Jared Jr. is interviewing Joe about the Jonas Brothers, his new show The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep, and much more!

WHAT DO YOU want us to ask him? Leave your questions below.

10+ pictures inside of Joe Jonas and Nick out and about in New York City…

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Credit: Curtis Means, ACE; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Marc Azria

    Where and what do you see yourself doing 10-20 years from now?

  • dani

    what we want you to ask joe jonas is , why did he said he was single to Ryan secreast ? is he single? and if its a no why he went to the choice a show that is for single people and went on a date with a girl ?
    he needs to confirm this to us.. please do ask him! and thank you so much!

  • Inka

    How is the recording of the new album going? when will we hear some new music? AND DON”T LET HIM SAY ”SOON” !!!


    you want to go to Brazil with his solo tour will ”FastLife tour” ?

  • Reem jonas

    Has there ever been a time where you felt like you couldn’t take the Hollywood lifestyle anymore? and can you say hi to Reem from Houston Tx. :))

  • http://xomarjorie Marjorie

    Which album did you have the most fun recording and what should we expect for the next album.

  • http://lovatic0001 Yasmin

    I have 5 questions to Joe. (:

    1. Is there a chance that there will be camp rock 3?
    2. Are you hurt that so many are against your relationship with Natashia?
    3. Are you and Demi still good friends ? Why do we never see you both together as friends?
    4. Does Nick still in touch with Demi?
    5. If you could have a wish come true, what would it be?

  • Julie

    My question for Joe is Are you going to do another solo tour anytime soon?

  • I’m sarah,An egyptain Fan Joe

    Hey Joe..I’m A Crazy Jonas Fan,,And I’m egyptain,,Joe We want you and your borthers to notice us, we really want you guys in egypt ! :( You Said Before in many live chats that you guys wanted to come to egypt but you never came :( We really Love ya guys, and we will never lose hope about you coming to egypt :) My question is: If you guys had the chance to come to egypt and see your fans, will you do it on your next tour, And if you come, How many days will you stay there :) Hope you see my question and give me a replay :)
    With Love : An Egyptian Jonatic <3

  • TasteLikeCandy

    They don’t even have a record label…chancing of the Jonas Brothers getting new music to fans soon is slim and none.

  • neil

    What is your workout routine, Joe? And how long did it take you to bulk up like that?

  • Megan

    When will you be coming back to Scotland with your brothers? It’s been 4/5 years since you came here!! xo

  • Megan

    They do have a record label. It’s called Jonas Enterprises.

  • Torrie

    Hi Joe! I was wondering! What kind of music can we expect on the New Record? Will their be a tour also?!?!? Much Love!~ Torrie from San Diego

  • http://@lusouza_br Luana de souza

    When you come to Brazil?

  • Andrea

    Guys, please, come to the Czech Republic! We Love you here!!

  • Angela

    How many songs do they have recorded so far?

    P.S. Tell him Seattle misses him and his brothers.

  • http://beliebthecause christina

    What can fans expect off the new album?
    When will you be going on tour again?
    Any musical guests on the album?

  • http://@Mrslaurajonas Laura

    When will be able to listening the new Jonas Brothers single? :)

    P.S. Spain loves you! We can’t wait for see the Jonas Brothers back!

  • Elizabeth Jonas.

    When you and your brothers release the new album from the Jonas Brothers? Is it true they have their own label “Jonas Enterprises.”?

  • bridget

    How is the Next different than any other show he has done?
    Do you still drink neuro drinks?
    What kind of shampoo do you use?
    Will you get a chance to relax anytime soon?
    is it true that the new single will come out before the summer time?
    Do you still workout with Joey Rubino?
    Where did you find Derick your security guard?
    Do you miss Big Rob?
    When will you have the next live chat? Its been awhile.

  • http://@nadanodymostafa nada

    are you going or thinking of visit an arabic country soon ? & would you like to hear the title uncle soon ?

  • http://@nadanodymostafa nada


  • Tatiana

    Are you dating Natashia Ho?

  • Sofi

    I would like to know if he is going to do a South American tour this year with FastLife???
    PLEASE PLEASE ask him that! :D

  • http://@dearnai naiady

    when you’re alone, you keep talking about music with your brothers in im or something?

  • naiady

    what is your favorite place in the world for have fun with family?

  • naiady

    joe, you keep fighting with dragons? you can help Nick with her aliens

  • naiady

    what is your favorite fairy tales?

  • naiady

    Joe, instagram or your fans? :)

  • Yasmin


    1. Do you have any contact with Miss Demi Lovato at the Moment?
    2. Are there some interesting duets on the album?
    3. Describe yourself in one word.
    4. Describe the new album in one word.

  • naiady

    Nick, you were in south america last year and your concerts were so amazing! What you think about your fans there? And how about you Joe, are you going to Brazil soon? SAY YES :(

  • naiady

    Joe, if you say you’ll to Brazil I promise i will do so much Po de Queijos and Caipirinhas for you!

  • naiady

    What’s the color of your toothbrush?

  • naiady

    Nick, I was in your concert last year in So Paulo – Brazil, and I remember for see you smiling… Means a lot! I slept in the line for see you!!! And my question is: Do you like your brazilian fans?

  • naiady

    Dance Until Tomorrow was a hold song or you guys wrote for the new album?

  • naiady

    Yesterday my friend ask to me “where is Joe?” and I answer “EVERYWHERE” lol
    Where are you now?

  • naiady

    You guys were on punk’d this year, how was that?

  • Charlie

    Will you come back and do another concert in Newcastle?

  • http://@Danielleeiland danielle

    Hey Joe is the new Jonas music is going to have some of u guys old music sound in up coming new sound that u guys are working on!!

  • karen purchase

    when are you coming back to florida to performed again because i enjoyed your music and your brothers you and your brothers will always be my favorite group.

  • http://@dangercitajb Mar

    When are you coming to South America? We love you and miss you. Greetings from Argentina :)

  • Selenalove

    Are you growing out your hair? You should cut it like in FastLife, it’s sexy!

  • http://UCarlotta Taychanted

    Are you going on tour with the Jonas Brother after the new album released?
    I really need to know! :)

  • nikki

    what is ur favorite song at the moment?

  • MILENA c.

    what you think about a Jonas Brothers The 3D Concert Experience 2?

  • MILENA c.

    Nick came for Curitiba-Brazil in September, so, what you think about come here with him again and with Kev?

  • destiny d.

    what is the number of your pants and what is your favorite color?

  • destiny d.

    Say something about FastLife South America Tour!
    Brazil loves u sooo much and miss u here!

  • http://@xbigtimejonas yadira

    What kind of sound can we found on the new JoBros album? (: ? Kisses from Peru,south america miss you <3