David Archuleta: 'Begin' Album Preview!

David Archuleta: 'Begin' Album Preview!

David Archuleta is releasing another album!

The 21-year-old musician is set to release his latest album Begin on August 7.

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David may be on his two-year mission trip, but that isn’t stopping him from releasing new music. This will mark his 5th album since he placed second on American Idol.

“You can hear all 8 exclusive previews off of Begin at DavidArchuleta.com,” David tweeted.

Here’s a preview of the song, “Pride (In The Name of Love)”.

ARE YOU EXCITED for new music from David?

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  • violet4ever

    Yes I’m always excited to hear music from David. I already preordered the CD, before there were any clips. My favorite clips are True Colors and Don’t Give Up, and I can’t wait to hear David’s original song Broken. BWT so far Deseret Book, Walmart, WOWHD, BestBuy and Amazon have preorders. And if anyone is on twitter, follow DavidArchie – he can’t tweet from his church mission so his manager Kari is doing the updates but she includes bits from David’s mission emails.

  • caitlyn

    gahhhh his voice! i need this album like NOWWW!!!!!

  • kimk

    I love this cd so far.. might be my fav yet of his!! his voice is divine!!

  • nanzgee

    Yes! Another amazing CD from David! All the snippets sound spectacular! His voice…OMG! Now that’s what I call a real talent! Pre-ordered mine and can’t wait to have it in my hands Aug. 7!

  • Kingston

    Run out of good things to say about David. He’s one of a kind. Who else releases so much music during a 2 year “break”. This is his second full CD this year! I really want to hear his cover of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful and of course his original song Broken.

  • http://msn Linda Spivey (@erlindita)

    I am so excited to hear the entire album. Davids voice is so on point in those snippets. Hurry up Aug 7

  • djafan

    David Archuleta!!!!! I’m ready to BEGIN.!

  • rose

    I just heard David’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” from the album. Its definitely my favorite so far. But I too look forward to the original song. I hope this will be as good as his “Forevermore” album which is, in my opinion, his best album so far. Every song is done with so much emotion and feeling, absolutely lovely. David is soooooo special.

  • alana

    Can’t wait for this album!

  • Trish

    This album will be fantastic.

  • lct

    Love him and miss him. I’m so glad David is in tune with his fans feelings and knows we are missing him!

  • http://thevoicedavidarchuleta.com Bebereader

    Loving each and every one of the snippets from BEGIN! David poured his heart and soul into these songs, surely a gift to us, his fans! #DA2014

  • pickles

    Cannot believe he recorded this album so fast! Thank you David. We miss you but with your music we feel you close to our hearts.

  • sv18

    Yes! I want this cd asap.

  • sarah

    Wowza!! Amazing vocals!!! Rare singer with power vocals. He has complete control over his vocal power, sometimes, going strong, sometimes, going soft. Love the tone of voice.

    If you go to his concert, you won’t regret because first, audience tries to listen to his voice, not just screaming like tweenie Beib concert or Disney stars’. Second his live singing is always better than CD. He puts more emotions and adds bells and whistles. He also rearranges songs by himself and always changes up, not a single song sounds same!! That’s his trade mark. I can’t wait when he returns to music in 2014.

  • Kingston

    David’s preview of his cover of Beautiful is now up on his soundcloud and his official website. I think I hear a choir backing him. It’s beautiful! I want the whole song!

  • asmiralda

    He finished this album within a week? OMG unbelievable. So far I love all of the snippets, I want them more than just about 20 seconds. Anyway, those are the most amazing 20 seconds I’ve ever known. After this album………what will happen? I’ll miss him terribly. BTW, I’ll listen again and again all the songs from his albums from Crush to Beautiful the whole 20 months from August 7, 2012 till 2014.