Kevin & Danielle Jonas: 'Married To Jonas' Promo - Watch Now!

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: 'Married To Jonas' Promo - Watch Now!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your hubby was a Jonas Brother? Tune in to E! next month and you’ll see!

On August 19, fans will get an inside look at the lives of Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle on the new reality show, Married To Jonas.

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The show will follow the couple as they try to balance fame with their every day life.

Kevin‘s brothers Joe and Nick will also make appearances, as well as Dani‘s Italian family.

Married To Jonas
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  • shanghai


  • ding dong

    BOO! they will attempt to make it like the Kardashians but people are too into that to take notice of this show. it will eventually plummet, like their careers…

  • minah

    BAHAH embarrassed for anyone who is going to watch that

  • seby

    OMG they will be like kardashian

  • seby

    @shanghai: ahahhahaha i’m agree with u

  • Lauren

    @shanghai: @minah:

    What is wrong with u two!

  • seby

    why my comment is awaiting moderation??

  • shanghai

    Like Yoko Ono who broke up and finished The Beetles Daniel did the same for the Jonas Bros!! Doubt they would have stopped so soon if Kevin had not been in a rush to get married. Whilst I look forward to new music from them I doubt if they can regain the fans and what they had.

  • Lisa

    Used to like Kevin, but now have lost a lot of respect for him. Using your marriage to front a reality show? Cheap and tacky.

  • Lisa

    @Shanghai You sound like an idiot. Your point is completely ridiculous. Plus, learn that it’s The Beatles, not “The Beetles”, and that her name is Danielle, not “Daniel”, and you may have more credibility. Right now I can only assume you’re a pre-teen who’s pissed off that the Jonas Brothers split. Am I right? When you’re older you’ll realise that right now you are just an immature child.

  • amanda leigh

    If they weren’t desperate to get back into the scene before, they sure are now…….

  • Patworx

    As long as they continue to work, I don’t mind this show.

  • Patworx

    By the way, they haven’t split you fucking morons.

  • Equivalent to Nick and Jessica’s show in the 2000′s

  • Ilelaresp

    Really?? who will be interested in that.

  • Nori

    @shanghai: You wish you were living his life and have a reality show!! :P

  • rikki

    i remember when nick jonas was handsome… what a shame he shaved his head

  • avionne

    @rikki: Since when does someone’s hair make him handsome? He’s still handsome. Only a true fan would know that.

  • Marielle

    Lol, but lift in a box.