Coco Jones: Exclusive JJJ Interview!!

Coco Jones: Exclusive JJJ Interview!!

Check out this exclusive interview with Disney star Coco Jones!

The 14-year-old actress recently chatted with about her new movie, Let It Shine. Check it:

JJJ: Can you give us a run-down of Let It Shine‘s storyline?
CJ: The movie is about a modern day Cyrano de Bergerac set in the world of hip-hop and gospel music.

JJJ: How would you describe your character, Roxanne Andrews?
CJ: My character, Roxanne, aka Roxie, has two sides. In the beginning of the movie, she’s doing and being whatever to please the people around her. The second side of Roxie is more like me. I love that confident side.

JJJ: When would you say you first fell in love with music?
CJ: My mom always says that I was singing basically since I started to talk. Like any kid my age, I knew all of the Barney songs. When I got a little older, I would watch Raven on TV and tell my parents that I knew I could do that. After I performed for the first time on stage I knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

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JJJ: Have you ever found yourself singing into your hairbrush while you were rocking out to your favorite artist?
CJ: Oh, of course! I still do that all of the time.

JJJ: Congrats on your recent recording deal! Are there any musicians you look up to?
CJ: Thank you so much! There are a ton of artists I look up to. As far as voices go, I love Adele, Cece Winans, Aretha Franklin, India Arie, and Roberta Flack. They all have such powerful, incredible voices and they inspire me constantly. Personally and creatively, I love Selena Gomez. She’s incredibly talented and takes time to do good for the world and people around her. I really respect and admire that.

JJJ: What songs would you say describe you best?
CJ: “I’m The One” Cheetah Girls, and “Survivor” Destiny’s Child.

JJJ: We love your character’s fashion in the film! Did you get any say in what she wore?
CJ: I didn’t, but it’s okay because we had the most incredible costume designer ever. She did such a great job and picked such fun costumes that I wouldn’t dare change a thing!

JJJ: What was your favorite costume from the flick?
CJ: My favorite costume had to be from the scene where we [performed the song] “What I Said.” Not only was that tutu incredible, but I loved those sneaker heels!

JJJ: Are there any props you got to keep or wish you could have walked away with from the set?
CJ: I wish I could’ve kept all of the clothes that Roxie wore, but I did get to keep the set chair that said “Roxie” on it- so that’s cool

JJJ: What’s your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?
CJ: All of the Cheetah Girls movies! I’d stay up all night trying to learn those dance moves.

JJJ: Can you tell us about any embarrassing moments that happened on set?
CJ: One time, I was stepping off set and I didn’t see a stair, so I slipped very elegantly if I do say so myself. Thankfully, no one saw, so I just walked it off.

JJJ: What characteristics would a guy have to have to sweep you off your feet like Cyrus does with Roxie?
CJ: Maturity, swag, a nice personality, cute, and most importantly they need to be taller than me. I’m 5’9″ so that’s the hardest to find!

JJJ: What’s your favorite song from the Let It Shine soundtrack?
CJ: My favorite has to be “What I Said.” It’s just so fun and has a great beat. Plus, my brother and I wrote the rap together so it means more to me. It’s so catchy and always find myself singing it.

Interviewed by: Morgan McMurrin (@MorganMcMurrin)

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