'The Mortal Instruments': Robert Sheehan Is Simon!

'The Mortal Instruments': Robert Sheehan Is Simon!

Mortal Instruments fans — meet your Simon!

“City of Bones” author Cassandra Clare announced earlier this week that Robert Sheehan would will the shoes of Simon, Clary’s oldest friend.

“He’s totally cute and adorable and HILARIOUS, and his chemistry with Lily [Collins] and Jamie [Campbell Bower] is off the charts,” she wrote. “I’ve wanted him for Simon for ages so I am pretty much totally and entirely happy.”

Simon has harbored a secret crush on Clary for a long time, as well as Isabelle who will be played by Jemima West.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Simon’s casting? Is this who you pictured?

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  • Ale

    i love robert i mean he’s an amazing actor,probably not how i picture simon when i read the book but i’m so happy he won the role,he’s hilarious and i’m still saying he’s an amazing actor. Never been so happy with a casting news!
    and if you don’t like it because of the physical appearance .. they can straight his hair and put him glasses =.=

  • nicole

    I’m reading the third book right now and this is not quite how I pictured Simon, but I think that Robert works well for the role! He looks like Simon, just not the one I imagined.

  • Dena

    Not how I pictured Simon, but I think he could definitely pull it off! I’m so excited for this movie :)

  • Keke

    Definitely not who i pictured to play Simon but ohwell, i pray he’ll succeed.

  • gillian

    Way better than Jamie as Jace (who is still so horribly miscast).

  • http://www.eternalozzie.com ozzie

    this movie is going to be sweet

  • Like

    @gillian: I think jamie will surprise everyone. Look at Twilight, everyone said Rob was mis-cast and now think no-one but him can play Edward.

    I think if the author is happy with who is picked and she has seen all there auditions then the fans have no right to judge as after all she created the world, and knows what the characters look like,we as readers only know what we imagine them to be,and everyones version will be different.

  • Princess azula

    yeah, i agree that Jamie will surprise everyone…….. with the addition to Rob , I’m talking about Jennifer – Freaking – Lawrence……… No one liked her when she was cast as Katniss for THG but now, NO ONE can imagine anyone else as katniss………
    Jamie has done some good acting in the past…….not great but good……with a bit of work, he’ll be gold……..I just hope that all these cast members will not lose themselves in the physical aspects of their roles (esp Jamie and Jemima) and actually let acting take the front row seat, just like the cast of the hunger games did…

  • Kiya

    I personaly think that Jamie is going to be a great Jace<3 And I really like this simon!:)

  • Selina arche

    It’s gonna b awesome seeing Robert in this film. I loved him as Nathan in Misfits :)

  • Jann

    Totally wrong for Simon. Guy can’t act. Can’t do accents and this will suffer because of him.

  • Eleanor

    I absolutely gutted when Jamie was chosen to play Jace! I’m sure he is real nice but I do not find attractive at all! However, Robert sheehan is brilliant! I am absobloodylutely in love with him! xx

  • http://hmtisdale.tumblr.com Mmari


  • ad

    No. Simon needs Logan Lerman, a real Jew. Not the Irishman Sheehan!

  • ruba

    im soooo excited for this movie! i think robert is perfect for the role he is halarious and just makes me smile! not sure about jamie as jace i was thinking more along the lines of alex pettyfor i think he would have made a perfect jace! i think they know wat theyre doing tho and itll probably turn out great!! oh and i think lilly collins is the absolute perfect clary i think she is gorgeous and exactly how i pictured her!!!!

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