Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Pilates Pair

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Pilates Pair

Liam Hemsworth holds the door open for fiancee Miley Cyrus as they leave Winsor Pilates on Friday afternoon (July 13) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The recently engaged couple took a pilates class together, keeping up their fit physiques.

Earlier this week, Miley took to Twitter to set the record straight about Liam being on the popular social media network.

“Btw Liam does NOT have a twitter! Someones posing as him & tweeting pix of us Ive never even seen before… Weiiiird. #posersarewack,” Miley wrote.

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Tia

    Sweet Couple.

  • V

    She’s self-harming. That girl needs help

  • Tia

    @V shut the hell up. Obviously those are not cutting mark. I am a Therapist when people cut themselves its much deeper. The scratches she as is obviously from her pets. leave miley alone and get a life. Love you miles.

  • Nijah


    Obviously you’re not a very good therapist then. Just because someone doesn’t have scars, doesn’t mean they’re not cutting.

  • V

    @Tia: I used to cut myself (for years, actually), those are scars from self-harming. And Sorry, for the way you write I think you’re a teenager, not a therapist. If you’re a therapist you shouldn’t replied my comments so aggressive. My comment was not meant to be mean. The girl has issues and no-one is giving a crap, so… If you are a true fan, you should be worry, no deny it.

  • sam


    A therapist NEVER says “shut the hell up” to a patient or anyone else. That is the first clue you are not a therapist. I’d say you’re around 15 and a Miley Fan. IF she is cutting herself, she needs help, not fans who hate on everyone who wants her to get help.

  • V

    @sam: thanks dude ;)

  • Tia

    So Because the tabloids see a few scratch marks and says she is cutting makes it true wow. When the tabloids have nothing to print they write silly things about Miley. and BTW I am not a teenager I am just sick and tired of people hating on Miley. They are always trying to tare her down.Miley is not cutting and until she says otherwise I am never going to believe the stupid tabloids. Innocent till proven guilty.

  • Wren

    The fact the scratches show up in the same place time after time, in a place she keeps covered in bracelets is quite a coincidence. The fact that her friend tried to explain the first time the marks were photographed that they were from a bouncy tent.. Since the marks have shown up again, just how much time does she spend in a bouncy tent?

  • amy


    You may have been a cutter, but it is hard to believe that your comments about Miley are to “help” her. It is obvious on almost every post that these comments are made by people who are jealous haters of Miley.

    I am not a therapist but I do not believe that Miley is cutting. Miley is probably the happiest she has ever been in her life and madly in love with Liam – I DOUBT that she is cutting.

  • V

    @amy: you’re wrong. I may not be a Miley fan (or a Smiler) but I actually like her. I think people are really hard on her, she’s a teenager and she’s not gonna be perfect. And I also think they (the people, music industry and stuff) are not giving her enough credit when it comes to music. I think she has a really unique voice, different. Her cover of Bob Dylan is actually really good (I’m a Dylan fan since a lot, and I’m gonna admit that I have her cover on my iPod); her last cd it’s an amazing pop album, I’m not really into pop, but in the album, a lot of songs are beautiful (and she actually write her songs with beautiful lyrics). I don’t think they choose the best of the album to make singles, but wathever. I have her album and I’m not a fan.
    My comment are because those scars doesn’t seem like anything but self-harming. I’m not saying she’s not happy, maybe she’s stress about something, or I don’t know. Or maybe she takes cutting like something normal, which is not… She has a lot of preassure, from the media and the tabloids, and people (sometimes -or most of the times- they’re mean and idiots), and self-harming is a way to release all the stress… I couldn’t stop because I didn’t know how to express my feelings in other way.
    I understand you react like that, but actually I wish her the best.

  • kristen

    Leave Miley alone you losers. She is never cut herself! All the marks were from animals and from her bracelets! She proved it. Now…on the serious part of the post:
    Miley and Liam are the best couple I’ve ever seen!!