Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Shopping Sweeties

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Shopping Sweeties

Vanessa Hudgens picks up a bundle of lavender while out at Trader Joe’s Market on Monday afternoon (July 16) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress left boyfriend Austin Butler with the pushing the cart duties.

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“I love doin’ my nails but VHOfficial sent me some of your guys nail art that you sent and wow! It was so so sooooo hard picking just one so I picked five instead. lol. !!” Vanessa wrote on her official website.

She added, “ps. Thanks Tiffany Muller for the idea! Yin yang!!!”

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Ok

    The Cutie and the Hottie

  • britt

    Love her dress :) I would sp wear it if I had the confidence :/

  • maria

    Both are looking good! Vanessa looks so gorgeous and summery in that flowy, feminine dress! And the girl loves her flowers! She is always buying fresh flowers to take home!

  • Lawrence

    Van’s got herself a hot man!, a attentive one to boot. Sweet.

  • Xo

    I love her outfit! She looks gorgeous :)

  • http://jjr aqua

    she looks pretty in that dress very feminine and cute.

  • creep

    Drop Dead Gorgeous!!

  • mags

    Is she wearing bra?

  • annie1st

    I don’t know why but I like to see this adorable two together nowadays awww

  • WM96

    I have clearly noticed that vanessa is the leader in this releshionship. she is walking infront of him like she is the madam. all dressed up. and he is behind her pushing the cart. and he always open the door for her. wonder how long he is gonna do this stuff(act like her servent) until he get sick of serving her. he will someday couse releshionships doest work that way.

  • WM96

    And she also seems extreamly controling,clingy,anoying and girly. and lot of guys don’t like that. and austin is still young. he will hit his manhood in two or three years and then he will get sick of her. boys like her but not men.

  • My 2 Cents

    @WM96: How interesting that you have been with them every second of their relationship to know all of that. Then you spill and tell all . Seriously shame on you for judging someone you don’t and will never know. She seems and I will say seems because I don’t know her either but I love what I see. She is sweet, fun loving, kind and affectionate. I will also add gorgeous girl.

  • Emma

    @WM96: oh~ Shut up

  • Haters Suck!

    He pushes the cart and opens doors for her oh my how horrible. It’s called being a gentleman dipstick.

  • Leilane

    @ WM96: Thank God, envy does not kill, because if it killed, you would have died a long time. Well they are still beautiful as always, I love this couple too!

  • xo

    Wow, so Austin treats her like a queen and that’s a bad thing? He’s treating her like a man should treat his woman, and considering how thoughtful V is, I’d be willing to bet it’s not one-sided.

  • Boji

    Austin has always been a gentleman even before he dated Vanessa. I’d think he’d open a door and push a cart for any female.
    Love Vanessa’s white dress. It doesn’t seem like she’s wearing a bra but it doesn’t look indecent as she’s not top heavy.

  • adiane

    @WM96 just because you’ve never had a “boy” or a “man treat you that way doesn’t mean you have to take it out on vanessa. Keep on dreaming

  • muse

    My gosh I love her style. She’s different, she takes risks and she’s original. Honestly one of the reasons I admire her so, is because she is an invidual. A lot of people may think otherwise, but thats my opinion. She’s unique. Love her her boho style and way of life :)
    She did really well with that dress, its flowy but doesnt make her look frumpy or anything which a lot of flowly dresses can do and she matched her accesories beautifully. Although, it would have been more boho with her flowing curls, but pinned up and showing her necklace was just as well done :D

  • muse

    And also to @WM96, a relationship works both ways from each partner. What you see are mere photos and I doubt they’re thinking of who can look more dominant right now. They both seem to quickly get away from the paps and Austin is man enough to look out for her and protect her. Not that she needs that, but from her last relationship you didnt see much of a gentlemenly side from Zac, so for Austin to treat her like his actually dating her and not like shes got the plague, then we support that. Guys and girls are equal now, but its still amazing to see a young man treat his girlfriend so well, coz its rare.

  • maria

    @WM96: : Oh, just go back to your Zac post and leave her alone. Just because he treats her like a gentleman, doesn’t run to the car and leave her to fend for herself, and loves spending time with her, doesn’t mean she runs the show. She is a very loving, thoughtful person, and I’m sure she treats him well also. Being together does not mean SHE is clingy. Newsflash…some couples enjoy spending time together, even doing everyday things. My husband loves when I go to Home Depot with him, and he enjoys grocery shopping with me. And that is NOT being clingy.

  • yets

    wow sexy and hottie.

  • tina

    @WM96: Apparently you don’t know a great many real men. I am the daughter of one, married to one and the mother of three. ALL OF THEM OPEN DOORS AND CARRY BAGS. When my sister and I were dating I would joke with her about having a boyfriend that was a pretty boy without manners. I would say if you attacked by a mugger in the streets would he protect you or hide behind you. GOOD MANNERS COT NOTHING BUT THEY ARE PRICELESS.

  • tina

    s/b cost nothing

  • Javita

    Vanessa is so Gorgeous <3 I love her! but something that I don't like is her Boyfriend. For me he's not a gentleman. My opinion. I don't care what you say and, of course, She is too much for him.


    I AGREE! BUT WHICH ONE IS HOTTIE AND WHICH ONE IS CUTIE! That does seem to work for both of them! :)

  • ehryle

    V and Austin relationship is the real thing weather u like it or not they still going strong, continue to be happy and in love plus they stay on each other no matter what!! Beautiful Couple :)

  • hermaione

    @muse: 100% agree <3<3<3
    I just love the way she is …she's vanessa & and no one else

  • kelly martineau

    Don’t think shes wearing a bra. Some pitchures you can tell with the hole in the midde of the dress. That she not wearing a bra.But she looks cute.

  • kelly martineau

    Don’t think shes wearing a bra. Some pitchures you can tell with the hole in the midde of the dress. That she not wearing a bra.But she looks cute.

  • mykamicks

    Now that Vanessa has A man who is ” gentleman” there is something to comment still. What else to say???

    Austin is a person who carries a personality of being a gentle guy. Far from the usual young male hollywooder. That’s his EDGE among the rest. The voluntariness & willingness comes naturally.

    We know that Vanessa is not a primadonna type of person. She does things her own as long as she can.

  • Gemzyaus

    Does anyone know where her dress is from? It’s awesome