Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Landing with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Landing with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler wait for their luggage at baggage claim after arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (July 25).

The adorable couple took a mini-vacation where they had a relaxing weekend away from Hollywood.

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Vanessa is still showing her love for nail art and polish on her official site.

“I love nail polish and paintin’ my nails. The darker colors that shimmer are the best! Check out this awesome nail polish by Butter London,” she wrote.

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Credit: VLUV; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Ok

    The Cutie and the Hottie again. Love it!!!

  • selma

    Already ? I though she was filming her new movie in texas ? Maybe she’s coming back for the week end :) By the way she always smiling and obviously I LOVE HER <3

  • muse

    Vanessa is constantly wearing a beautiful smile on nowadays and that really has to say something about how happy she is with her life and Austin. I dont care how long they last or if people dont like him, he seems to make her really happy and treats her well and with respect.
    As fans thats all we could ask for :)
    Really hope to hear of some upcoming projects for her. Its good she’s able to relax a bit and then work again. She seems very dedicated to her career but balances it well with her personal life too :D

  • Leilane

    Oh my God! I’m very happy to see that there is still a bit of true love in Hollywood after what happened today. Here’s a young couple that seems to be so in love. Seriously I have great respect for Austin and Vanessa, they are lovely and so down to earth, I hope this love lasts long, and I wish the same for Miley and Liam. The two best young couples in Hollywood today.

  • http://google barbara

    OK, She was only going to film two days, she had a very small part, and i read she dies in the movie, which i hate, that was the one thing i didn’t like, when she was killed off in the movie.of sucker punch

  • teamhudgens

    @selma: it was 2 days filming only.

  • EmmaG

    Wow look at those arms :) and sucks to hear that she was killed off of her new movie

  • sony


  • sony

    she is lovely not her boyfriend

  • yomomma

    Don’t really feel the couple but that is a cute picture

  • QTIP

    Oh look! She bought him new clothes!

  • QTIP

    Oh look, she bought him new clothes

  • Haters Suck!

    It wasn’t a vacation Jared. I believe she went to texas to film her part in the movie Machete.
    I love the smile Austin brings out of Vanessa, she can be herself and have fun around him. Cant beat it.

  • xo

    She was filming Machete in Austin Texas with my girl crush Amber Heard <3

  • My 2 cents

    Welcome back Sweet girl. I love how happy they look , it’s nice after a bad day to see.

  • http://soprettyhudgens Melany N

    so proud of you.. booo small part or not u’re a great… i love you and i love your smile?

  • Carrie

    As a big fan I have to say that I loooooooooooooovee how happy she looks when Austin is around. I think he is a good guy and I respect him because of that; unlike some other ‘fans’ that since the begining said horrible things about them for being together and now they LOVE the couple. That is just b***sh*t !

  • maria

    I have to agree about how happy she looks. Muse said it perfectly. They are just happy, normal, and in love. It’s really lovely. Say what you want, but I really respect the kind of girlfriend Vanessa is. She is supportive, faithful, and loyal to her guys. Not many girls like her in Hollywood.

  • Lawrence

    Looking sweet kids!.

  • florence2

    Love Vanessa and Austin but was just curious as to when Austin is going to start filming ‘ Carrie’s Diaires’ as the way JJ posted it he was going to be off filming very soon.

  • nessa

    cute but Zac and vanessa bring the best to each other just saying.

  • amante

    @nessa: I know you miss them together but obviously things did not work out. Looks aren’t everything and sometimes you find out that simplier is better and happier. It was just too hard with the ex, just too many complications.

  • tc

    Nice to see a happy couple in this c***town Hollywood.

  • tina

    So it verified she went to film? Well whatever she looks happy to be home and they look so cute together

  • amante

    I forget she looks beautiful as usual. Prettiest smaile in the world.

  • mags

    i think they back from vacation, they looked tan, u dont bring yr boyfriend at work, right. anyway sweet couple.

  • vanessa

    hate austin

  • tina

    @mags: She actually went to film in Texas, so yes, she did bring her boyfriend to work.

  • http://google barbara

    austin, starts filming his new series, in august, they were suppose to start in july, but changed it to aug.

  • Haters Suck!

    Wonderful news for Vanessa and the rest of the spring breakers cast going to the Venice film festival.

  • kelly martineau

    Nessa can’t go anywhere with out big lips. Nessa can do better in the boyfriend department. Not a cute couple.

  • evz

    Love to see her smiling and happy! So glad SB will be in Venice film festival. And I can’t wait to see her in Machete with Jessica Alba, even it’s just a small role… So happy for her! Love you V!

  • mark

    I hope she can get help for the tantrums she has when other girls get more attention.

  • sony

    @kelly martineau: hahahah right i don’t like this guy he has nothing special at least her ex douchebag boyfriend was better looking than him ¡¡ seriously vanessa u can do so much better