Vanessa Hudgens: Nail Salon Sweetie

Vanessa Hudgens: Nail Salon Sweetie

Vanessa Hudgens hides her pretty face from the cameras after stopping at a nail salon on Wednesday (July 25) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress also met up with boyfriend Austin Butler on Thursday morning for a workout at their fave gym.

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Earlier in the day, Vanessa and Austin returned from a weekend away and were spotted with a fit of the giggles at baggage claim at the airport.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa and Austin

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Vanessa-nails vanessa hudgens nails gym 02
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Vanessa-nails vanessa hudgens nails gym 05
Vanessa-nails vanessa hudgens nails gym 06
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sarra @ 4:47 pm on 07/26/2012

love her <3

teamhudgens @ 5:10 pm on 07/26/2012

can paps leave her alone?
I hate getting candids everyday!


kelly martineau @ 5:53 pm on 07/26/2012

Arent those two sick of each other spending everyday togehter and maybe living together.

Nessa needs to spend time with family and her friends. Getting sick of big lips with her all the time.

kelly martineau @ 5:56 pm on 07/26/2012

JJJR keep coming with the pitchures.

Ok @ 6:16 pm on 07/26/2012


mark @ 6:37 pm on 07/26/2012

Im not understanding the draw of never having privacy? Why does she keep calling these photographers? No one is that ignorant to believe that they follow her and her boytoys and not Beyonce, Tom Cruise even Kristen Stewart and Rob. Those people rarely have photos out because they are caught and not called daily. I hope she has a good therapist.

tina @ 7:01 pm on 07/26/2012

@mark: I hope YOU have a good therapist. Don’t like her skip her threads.

Lawrence @ 8:51 pm on 07/26/2012

I envy Van, she gets to be held by those big bicep arms!. Austin needs to show more of his gorgeous bod!.

vanessa @ 9:22 pm on 07/26/2012

omg, did you guys hear! At any price and Spring breakers both are going for venice film festival.will zac and v both go for it or will one of them skip it as usual?.I just hope that they both go there and that they hang out together as friends.

Haters Suck! @ 9:25 pm on 07/26/2012

You’re one crazy son of a b!tch.

barbara @ 9:40 pm on 07/26/2012

Ihope if vanessa and pretty boy have kids i hope they have vanessa’s legs, he has the uglyest legs i have seen on anyone.

Haters Suck! @ 9:45 pm on 07/26/2012

Christ when are people like you and Kelly and other fans get over your fairy tail denial and get off Austin’s back. He’s been a good and supportive boyfriend so how bout throwing him a bone for once.

vanessa @ 9:55 pm on 07/26/2012

@Haters Suck!: You are right. Austin has been very supportive of her always showing up by her side.Then again did you once think that he has nothing else important to do.Not to be rude or anything.I like this couple,but come on,he isn’t working.So he can always stick by her side and push grocery carts for her,open the doors ,go to gym and yoga with her blah blah blah.

Haters Suck! @ 10:52 pm on 07/26/2012

Better than a boyfriend that does none of those things and puts his own agenda ahead of her each and every time.

vanessa @ 11:51 pm on 07/26/2012

@Haters Suck!I think the boyfriend you are referring to is zac.he didn’t put his agenda ahead of her each and every time.they spent as much time as possible with each’s just tat towards the end of their relationship they both got busy,they both got numerous projects to work can’t blame only zac for putting his agenda ahead of her.she put her agenda ahead of him too,she filmed more films than he did.she was busier.she was the one who put her agenda ahead of him,if it has to be put that way.but the thing is that when you are in a relationship you can’t always ,always give the first place to your relationship.there are certain times when you have to give the priority to other matters such as career.we liive in a practical world.that’s life.but the thing is that you have to support your partner when such occasions arise,that way you can keep a relationship going.but in this case neither of them did that.

Haters Suck! @ 12:32 am on 07/27/2012

Well I blame that dirty rotten sorry excuse for a boyfriend piece of garbage for a lot of things that I’d rather not get into at the moment. Let’s just say I much better favor the way Austin treats Vanessa than the way he ever did.

vanessa @ 12:50 am on 07/27/2012

@Haters Suck!: Why do you say so many bad things about zac and nessa’s relationship.just because they didn’t kiss or cuddle much in the open as much as these two do or just because they weren’t seen together most of the time doesn’t mean they had a bad relationship or zac didn’t treat her well.their relationship was just different,more wasn’t zac who was being private but vanessa too.they wouldn’t have lasted 5 years if zac didn’t treat her well,and the way she behaved after the breakup showed clearly that she was hurt and hurt badly.would she be hurt over a ”piece of garbage of a boyfriend”.I also want to like the way austin treats her.but we don’t know him or what is working in his mind.he could really be in love with her or could be after her millions of dollars and her fame.we know that being with her hasn’t exactly hurt him,he gets a hell lot of attention than he ever used to and that fame has obviously helped him gain a new role in a new show.

Haters Suck! @ 1:01 am on 07/27/2012

Cause I don’t like Zac I used to but i don’t anymore.
I think he’s a lying, no good, rotten piece of $hit, snake in the grass who gets away with way too much crap because girls think he’s “hot”. And no I don’t think he treated Vanessa well at all. There are you happy now?

vanessa @ 2:22 am on 07/27/2012

@Haters Suck!: no i am not shouldn’t call people names and you should learn to have a control over what you are saying.this is a public site.anyway,i guess it’s good practising calling people names a bit.because,when austin leaves vanessa you wouldn’t have to try too hard finding dirty names to call can just say the same things you are saying to zac now.

Haters Suck! @ 2:33 am on 07/27/2012

If Austin and Vanessa broke up tomorrow I would not have one bad thing to say about Austin. I would still think he was a good guy. He’s treated Vanessa a hell of a lot better than zac ever did so I would have nothing bad to say against him.

vanessa @ 3:32 am on 07/27/2012

@Haters Suck!: yeah,hell lot better than zac,,she’s worth millions and loads of fame,of course he;d treat her so well.

muse @ 4:58 am on 07/27/2012

This thread has nothing to do with the relationship about ‘Zanessa’. They are over and have been for a while. YES there are still people who believe in the hope that one day they’ll get back together. But for right now, they are both living different sepereate lives and both seem happy. Respect who they both are and no one should talk s**t about either party. Vanessa and Austin seem happy and in love. Zac seems to be doing well for himself. There is no need to hate on Vanessa, Austin or Zac.

And to the ignorant fool who keeps posting that she’s calling the paps…buzz off! There have been very obvious celebtrities who have called in the past (*coughSPENCER&HEIDI*cough) but Vanessa is not one of them. Not saying that because I’m her fan. but because of body language and how she repsonds to them, she isnt the one who calls them. Its the paps JOB to find HER and take a bunch of unwilling photos of her and sell them. There’s so mamny posts about her going about her daily life coz JustJaredJr finds or buys the pics and posts them coz she’s one of the most popular celebrities on this site. If you have a problem with that, then skip her post and move on. Stop being immature and a bully.

Rant over! Impatiently inticipating The Frozen Ground, Gimme Shelter and Spring Breakers trailers :D

just love @ 6:32 am on 07/27/2012

ohh please i’m sure that 30 years from now people will still talk about zanessa and they will always have hope ohh **** you..i’m excited about vanessa’s career you like it or not since she broke up with efron her career is doing better<333

vanessa @ 6:51 am on 07/27/2012

@just love: I can’t agree with you more.@muse: You know,you can’t understand celebrities by their body language,specially actors.anyway I really don’t think that vanessa calls paps,she is not so low.I think it’s her agent that is calling the paps.

vanessa @ 6:57 am on 07/27/2012

why the hell wouldn’t you show my comment?

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