Julian Morris: JJJ Exclusive Portrait Session

Julian Morris: JJJ Exclusive Portrait Session

Julian Morris gets into motion in our new JJJ Portrait Session held earlier this year at a private residence in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old British star has an exciting story arc coming up on the cult ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars. He also just booked a guest spot on the hit ABC drama Once Upon A Time. He’ll be playing Prince Phillip, Sleeping Beauty’s (Sarah Bolger) true love!

A new episode of PLL airs TOMORROW (July 31) @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family!

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Julian Morris Interview – JustJaredJr.com Exclusive

JJJ: So where are we driving to right now?

JM: We’re going to the Greek Theatre to watch our friend Zelda Williams host “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” concert!

JJJ: You just got back from a little bit of traveling…

JM: Yeah, I went back to London which was wonderful. I spent time with my family, went out with some friends… it was great! I also shot some minor inserts and looping for (my upcoming film) Kelly + Victor.

JJJ: Tell us about the movie and your character.

JM: I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s based on the book “Kelly + Victor” by Niall Griffiths. It’s a very dark love story, which centers around these two people, Kelly and Victor, played by myself and Antonia Campbell-Hughes. It looks back over the process of them falling in love and why they fall in love. I’m really excited for it [to come out].

JJJ: What piqued your interest about this project?

JM: I signed on for three reasons: One, I loved the script, I thought it was really powerful. I’m very fond of the producer Janine Marmot. And the third and probably most compelling reason for me was the director Kieran Evans, who I thought was just wonderful. He’s very subtle in his direction and guidance, but has a really clear idea of what he wants and how he wants to tell a story and how he wants to photograph it.

JJJ: What was the experience of getting to play opposite Antonia Campbell?

JM: Filming itself was intense, not that she was intense or hard to act with. She’s the most charming, beautiful , lovely person. Where are characters go and what they do to one another… the material is quite graphic and it involves some quite intense sex scenes. You know, they’re never easy to film.

JJJ: Are they funny? Did you laugh about it afterward?

JM: Normally after a good sex scene you can go to the pub and laugh about it over a beer. These were pretty insane. What happens to these characters through the sex… the sexuality of their relationship is such a fundamental part of it. Certainly for my character, if not the most crucial ingredient of why he’s in love with her. She introduces him to a way of loving which he’s never experienced before.

JJJ: Did you have to wear a sock in the whole bit?

JM: (laughs) I was offered a sock. Usually the case in the scenes that I’ve done, which are quite explicit, the sock comes off. Partly due to the motion of your bodies moving and grinding together and partly because it just looks ridiculous! Certainly by the point we reached the sex scenes we were very, very comfortable with each other. We completely trusted each other and remained totally at ease by the director and producer and of course it was a closed set and all that.

JJJ: Do you have a favorite off-screen moment?

JM: I have this vivid memory of us… we were celebrating. I wish I could remember what we were celebrating. It might have been a crew member’s birthday, but we went out in Liverpool and went to this amazing pub. Being in America, it’s one of the things I miss most about Britain, just the pubs. You can go down, see friends and relax, get a pint, have fun. We just sort of went from pub to pub, including this one where the Beatles used to hangout. I managed to get hold of a bongo drum and was drumming on the streets in Liverpool at maybe about 3 am. There’s a video, which thankfully isn’t on YouTube, it’s quite cool. The second favorite moment also involves a pub! I play someone from Liverpool and I have to do the accent. I found it to be bit of a challenge. Then one of the producers had this great idea to be set up with a local kid who would just take me around and just talk in the accent and I would just listen and observe and try to mimic it. So they set me up with this wicked, wicked chap and we spend the whole day together. We went to a pub and to a tavern where I think the Beatles first played live music and then going to all the different sites around Liverpool. It was wonderful. By the end of the day I could just about do it and by beginning of filming I nailed the accent.

JJJ: Someone from Twitter asked, “Will there be any Wrencer moments in season three?”

JM: Sure hope so.

JJJ: Describe your castmates in one word each. Troian Bellisario?

JM: Exceptional.

JJJ: Tyler Blackburn?

JM: Dope with an exclamation mark.

JJJ: Lucy Hale?

JM: Gorgeous! Exuberant.

JJJ: Ashley Benson?

JM: Victoria.

JJJ: Shay Mitchell?

JM: Lesbo. (laughs) No I’m kidding, kidding! Drake.

JJJ: Ian Harding?

JM: Vancouver

JJJ: Keegan Allen?

JM: Jeff Goldblum

JJJ: Torrey Devitto?

JM: (laughs) Whistler as in the ski resort. We went there together.

JJJ: What’s it like to play a doctor on TV?

JM: I love it! I’ve had a bit of experience now, because I was in ER. I think it’s really cool because it’s something I would never be in real life because I think as a doctor you need such patience not just with yourself, but with your patient. I think that’s something that I lack. You would certainly have to put yourself through med school, but I mean they’re incredible. I mean these are people that give so much of their lives for the care of other people. Especially someone in something like Doctors Without Borders Organization. I have so much respect for the people who are involved with that. They’re just modern-day saints.

JJJ: What do you think of the doctors you see in real life?

JM: You know it’s funny, I love going to the dentist. I don’t know why, I just do. I hate having my blood taken though. I wish I could donate blood, but it’s something I couldn’t do. Literally it’s the act of having blood drawn and yet when it comes to other people’s blood or if someone needs help medically, I’m not phased the slightest. I quite enjoy it to be honest.

JJJ: Do you not like shots?

JM: It’s just drawing. I think when I was a kid I had a blood test done in the palms of my hands and I think it just traumatized me.

JJJ: What’s your favorite prop from the set?

JM: My stethoscope. I have so much fun with it!

JJJ: Where’s the craziest place that stethoscope has been?

JM: (laughs) Probably, umm, yeah.

JJJ: Are you working on any other projects besides Pretty Little Liars and Kelly + Victor?

JM: Yeah, Guilty, which is something I’m so proud of. I think it’s such a great little piece of television. I hope it sees the light of day, but I’m not really sure at this stage.

JJJ: Tell us about it.

JM: It’s so much fun. Myself and Cuba Gooding Jr. are in this legal show. It’s a pilot for Fox. Over the last year and a half, it’s been a process of me learning a lot about my craft from some really awesome people that I’ve been working with, like Jon Voight on Beyond, who really was incredible. He’s a big method actor, which is something I’ve never done. We were rehearsing and it was going great and then we walked back to the hotel together and he starts telling me some pretty intimate details about his life and I was like amazed that he trusted me with it and then at the end of it he said, “Listen, I want you to use this on me.”

There was a scene where I couldn’t turn the tables on him and from his character being in the position where he’s dominating mine, I turn things around and kind of like you know take him down a peg or two. He wanted me to use those personal details of his life when I was off camera against him and we did and it was really powerful stuff. I think it had some great results.

It’s just been released on Blu-ray right now. My character is a television psychic and we link up together to solve this kidnapping.

JJJ: Do you believe in psychics?

JM: No.

JJJ: Do you believe in super-natural?

JM: I’m very, very spiritual. Hugely spiritual.

JJJ: Congrats on booking Once Upon A Time!! What’s it like on set?

JM: My experience on set has been amazing so far. Everyone, cast and crew, couldn’t be nicer and more welcoming. I’ve been a fan of Sarah Bolger’s for a while now and so it’s great to finally get to work with her. It’s also fun being back in Vancouver where we filmed the pilot for Pretty Little Liars. It’s bringing back a lot of great memories.

JJJ: Can you talk about your character at all?

JM: I love my character in Once Upon a Time! I play Prince Phillip, a noble and heroic warrior. And of course there’s that famous kiss between him and Sleeping Beauty…

JJJ: Can’t wait! Now let’s get into a few random questions… Have any more summer plans?

JM: Wicked question. So umm I’ll be filming Pretty Little Liars through November. Would love to go back to London for a bit and definitely planning an adventure somewhere… maybe Mexico, the Philippines, and Brazil.

JJJ: What music have you been listening to?

JM: I’ve been listening to a lot of classics recently. Just went to Joshua Tree a couple weeks ago. There’s this amazing bar/live music venue and they were playing all this classic music and it kind of reignited my interest. I’ve been playing a lot of Rolling Stones recently, Beatles, Buika- she is… well if you’ve seen the movie The Skin I Live In, that Pedro Almodóvar movie, she is that incredible singer from it. She’s the one in the band sequence. The soundtrack just captivated me. I looked her up and she is amazing.

JJJ: Any movies you’ve been watching lately?

JM: I just saw Skin I live In and was blown away. I mean he’s my favorite director, Pedro. He’s in my top three favorite directors. I would do anything to work for him. I love, love cinema. I really like Latin cinema right now. Read My Lips is an amazing French film. Gasping Away, Irreversible, a film that Torrey Devitto told me to watch.

JJJ: Favorite actors?

JM: Michael Fassbender.

JJJ: Where do you discover the films you want to watch?

JM: Recommendations from friends and honestly a lot from Rotten Tomatoes, seeing what gets good reviews. I always read the New York Times review section. I mean I love cinema.

JJJ: Favorite junk food?

JM: Hamburger and chips

JJJ: Who did you last kiss?

JM: (laughs) Not saying… I don’t kiss and tell!

JJJ: Did you kiss that person on a personal level or for work?

JM: (smirks) Personal level.

JJJ: Amber on Twitter wants to know how she can get lucky and go on a date with you?

JM: (laughs) Well, we’d have to meet. Come find me in a pub somewhere.

JJJ: Anything you’d like to add to the Julian Army?

JM: Just that I really appreciate their support. I think it’s awesome. I get a huge amount of joy going to set each day and it’s really satisfying and really joyful getting such awesome feedback and I really, really appreciate it.


A new episode of PLL airs TOMORROW (July 31) @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family!



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Christian Dior bowtie
The Tie Bar pocket square

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Howe pants
Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers shirt, tie, jacket

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Model: Julian Morris (@Ju1ianMorris)
Creative Director/Photographer: Justin Campbell (@JustJustinNYC)
Stylist: Sophia Banks-Coloma (@sophiabanksc)
Assistant Stylist: Ali Mandelkorn (@amandelkorn)
Makeup/hair: Grace Phillips (@grace_phillips)

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