Meaghan Martin: JJJ Exclusive Interview!

Meaghan Martin: JJJ Exclusive Interview!

Meaghan Martin is such a sweetheart!

The 20-year-old actress is currently living her dream and for the second year now — helping others follow theirs with the help of Acuvue’s One-Day Contest — and took time out to chat with JJJ about that and much more. Check it:

JJJ: You’ve been involved with Acuvue a couple years now. Who would you say has been your biggest cheerleader when it comes to helping you achieve your own dreams?
MM: My family’s always been so amazing through thick and thin. They’ve been supporting me and encouraging me to do what I love doing, which sometimes seems crazy, but they’ve always seen me through it.

JJJ: Joe and Demi have also teamed up with Acuvue. Has it been fun being part of a project with them again?
MM: Yeah, definitely! It’s awesome. It’s always good seeing people that you know and are friends with. This year with the contest, I’ve worked with every person that’s been involved with it!

JJJ: Everyone loved you three in Camp Rock, do you think that chapter in your life has come to a close, or is there any chance fans will you see rock out in another one?
MM: I don’t think there will be another one. If there is, I won’t be a part of it. We had so much fun working on it, but it’s definitely coming to a close.

JJJ: Acuvue is all about embracing your confidence. When do you feel most confident?
MM: I think I feel the most confident when I’m surrounded by the right people. Whenever I’m around my family and my friends – they’re the people that make me feel confident. It’s hard when you’re in a new space and around people that you don’t know, but when you’re with people who you know love and care about you, it’s easy to just be yourself!

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JJJ: Are there any actresses in Hollywood you admire?
MM: Absolutely! Anne Hathaway is a huge idol for me. She’s so talented. She seems like a really cool person and I would love to follow in her career path. I mean, if I could get a quarter of her career I would be a very lucky person. [However], I’ve never met her.

JJJ: We heard you love the film Alice in Wonderland. Is that true?
MM: I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan! I like have like a whole wall in my house dedicated to it.

JJJ: That’s awesome! This October you’re in the upcoming movie Sironia! Was that role fun?
MM: Yeah, I have a small part in it, but it was fun! I kind of play a Taylor Swift [type of character]. She’s a pop star. There are a lot of really awesome people in it. I filmed it like two years ago and just saw it for the first time a week ago!

JJJ: Nice. We’re sure you’ll look great on the red carpet during its premiere. Do you have any beauty tips you live by?
MM: Thanks! [I'd have to say], sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. It may seem so trivial and silly now, but in twenty years you’ll appreciate it. That’s what I keep telling myself, because as great as a tan can look, you shouldn’t do it!

JJJ: Over the years you’ve had a lot of roles that have showcased your singing. Would you ever be interested in coming out with an album?
MM: I’ve thought about it, but for me, I like singing in character like in musicals. Acting is my first love and my first passion and that’s what I’ll be sticking to.

JJJ: Speaking of music, what song have you been obsessed with this summer?
MM: Umm, “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber!

JJJ: How would you describe your summer style?
MM: My style is very feminine. I’m pretty eclectic. Sometimes [my look] will be more boho, some days it’ll be more classic, but overall just super feminine.

JJJ: What three items do you think every girl should have in their warm-weather wardrobe?
MM: Definitely a maxi dress, a pair of good, solid, go-with-anything pair of shorts, and the third item would be classy flip-flops that can match with everything.

JJJ: Next year your film Geography Club is coming out. Can you tell us about that?
MM: Yeah! My character’s name is Trish and the lead boy, who the movie is centered around, is in high school and he’s gay – he’s coming out. So it’s sort of a coming of age story about finding yourself.

JJJ: What do you think your fans will like most about it?
MM: I think it’s really relevant and I think people will really enjoy it. It’s an awkward comedy. I have a lot of funny scenes in it, because my character doesn’t know that he’s gay and she’s trying to hook up with him! (laughs). Really awkward…

JJJ: What drew you to your character, Trish?
MM: It’s funny because I originally auditioned for a different character, and I ended up saying to them, “No, I’m Trish I wanna play Trish. Like, I talked to my agents and I know that this character is who I want to be.”

JJJ: So you had to fight for that role?
MM: Yeah, I just felt a connection to Trish in the weirdest way. We really don’t have that much in common, but it worked out perfectly!

JJJ: You have an interesting Twitter name. How did you come up with it?
MM: (Laughs) It’s actually Meaghan Jette backwards! I don’t really know where it came from. I remember back when Myspace was big, that was my name for a while. I didn’t want to use something like the real Meaghan Martin. I wanted something fun and silly, so why not my name backwards?

Interviewed by: Morgan McMurrin (@MorganMcMurrin)

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