Big Time Rush: JJJ Exclusive Interview!

Big Time Rush: JJJ Exclusive Interview!

Girls get excited – we recently chatted with Big Time Rush and you’re going to love what they had to say in our exclusive interview!

During our chat, the guys – Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, and Logan Henderson – dished about their upcoming album, One Direction, and even serenaded us with their favorite shower songs! Check it:

JJJ: You guys have teamed up with Nintendo for your tour. Is it true that you all got to design your own video game characters for Mario Kart 7?
BTR: Yeah, they asked it if we’d be down to create our own characters and we all jumped at the opportunity to do that, and more importantly design our car. They also decided to come on tour [with us] and set up kiosks for all our fans so they could get to know the game too!

JJJ: How fun! Were you guys big gamers growing up?
KS: I used to play Mario Kart growing up and Star Fox.
JM: Yeah Star Fox is a great one. My dogs are named after that game! Although, the second one I didn’t realize until after I named him, but Falco came from that game.

JJJ: Since you’ve been driving all over the country on this tour, have you guys ever fallen out of one of your bunks while traveling on your bus?
BTR: (Laughs) That’s a good question!
JM: No, we haven’t fallen out of them just from traveling, but I know I’ve definitely fallen out of the top bunk when I was really sleepy and trying to get out really early in the morning and I missed it.

JJJ: Besides being a band, you all are also on your own self-titled Nickelodeon show. If it were to suddenly end, would you guys still make music and continue to tour?
BTR: We’re going to be a band as long as our record label allows us to. We don’t have any set dates on when we’re going to really try to work on our own stuff. We’re dedicated to BTR until the very end and we don’t even know when that is.

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JJJ: That’ll make Rushers very happy! Is there anyone you’d love to have come on as a guest star?
JM: Sacha Baron Cohen would make a great character of some sort. I’m sure they could come up with something hilarious for our audience, so if you’re listening, Sasha

JJJ: Are you guys working on any new tracks for your upcoming album?
BTR: We’re always working on new songs, and we’ve been recording on the road. We’ve been writing new songs and we have a coupe producers coming out to cut some [tracks]. We don’t have a set date on anything, but we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

JJJ: How would you describe your music to people who may not be familiar with it?
BTR: Exciting, thoughtful, upbeat, positive, and energetic! If you haven’t seen the show, we literally don’t stop moving and mostly because we’re just dancing to our own music.

JJJ: Your fans are lovin’ your latest single, “Windows Down“! Was your music video for it fun to shoot?
BTR: Yeah! We’re very excited about “Windows Down.” When we heard the song, we just thought that it was the one to go with! It’s a great summer anthem and the concept of the video came from us having five days off and we thought it’d be great to show fans what we do when we have time off, so we went back to Maui two weeks later and pretty much re-filmed our vacation!

JJJ: Do you guys have a go-to song to sing in the shower?
BTR: Go to song in the shower? What about… (Sings) Ain’t no mountain high enough! Ain’t no valley low enough…

JJJ: If you could date any fictional character who would it be?
JM: Snow White, because she’s a lady!
KS: Peter Pan.
JM: (Laughs) You would date Peter Pan?
KS: Oh wait, you said date not be, (laughs.) Then no, not Peter Pan! I was thinking “Forever young!” I would say I would date the Wicked Witch of the West.

JJJ: During your last tour you had One Direction open for you! Did you guys get to know each other pretty well?
BTR: At the time both groups were really busy and it was actually hard to hangout with them. We made a point, I think it was in Chicago, that we basically said, “You guys are staying after the show. We’re locking ourselves in the dressing rooms and we’re going to have a great time!” We basically had a little party and had fun. They did get us all soccer jerseys as a thank you for opening for us on tour.

Make sure to check out BTR while they’re on their U.S. summer tour!

Interviewed by: Morgan McMurrin (@MorganMcMurrin)

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    congratulations big time rush for everything like your singing in the past my favorite song is confetti falling and like nobody’s around and worldwide and elevate those songs from Nickelodeon star of BTR. you guys are helpful sweet boys that cares about their fans and the and down syndrome fan’s that have cancer with special needs. I want you guy’s to sing worldwide for my birthday song and tape it for me please