Harry Shum, Jr.: Will Mike & Tina Stay Together On 'Glee'?

Harry Shum, Jr.: Will Mike & Tina Stay Together On 'Glee'?

Check out what Harry Shum, Jr. had to say about his character’s future on Glee in this new interview!

The 30-year-old actor even went into detail about his and on-screen girlfriend Jenna Ushkowitz‘s relationship for the upcoming season. Check it:

On where his character ended up going to college at: “He ended up going to Joffrey Ballet School in Chicago. No one else is in Chicago, so I’m sure he will get very homesick and maybe come back to McKinley and say, ‘Hello.’”

On whether or not Mike and Tina are still together in the upcoming season: “He has a girlfriend. So that whole deal is going to play into the storyline, I think, because long distance relationships can go really bad or it can be okay. I’ve never heard of a long distance relationship being very good, like, ‘Oh, I love being in a long distance relationship,’ unless you’re cheating on someone.”

On if if he thinks Mike will break up with Tina: “Well, let’s put it this way. They’ve been together for two years. She’s maybe the top dog at school. And Mike is with hundreds of girls and maybe three guys in the ballet school. So I don’t know. There’s temptation, like in the real world. There’s always temptation. Hopefully nothing bad will happen, but at the end of the day, for drama’s sake, hopefully something will.”

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